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Stunning Fiji deserves to be on your bucket list. Check out our previous articles to see why we love this Pacific paradise!
  • When people dream of paradise islands, Bali and Fiji are the kinds of places they’re thinking of. Soft sands, warm waters, sunny skies, peaceful vibes, and tropical wildlife define these two incredible destinations. They’re the perfect places to escape to when you want to leave regular […]

  • When you think of Fiji, you likely think of a wild, untamed tropical island home to snakes, spiders, and other dangerous animals that you need to be worried about. And it is true that Fiji has at least 45 different spider species, but none of them […]

  • If you’re looking for a place full of beauty capable of providing you with equal amounts of adventure, relaxation and great food, then Fiji may be the perfect place. This country comprises of over 300 islands and has lagoons perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling, white […]

  • Located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, halfway between Vanuatu and Tonga, Fiji is a stunning archipelago consisting of 332 islands and 522 islets. It’s also a world famous scuba diving destination, and no wonder. The majority of Fiji’s islands have volcanic origin (which is important as […]

  • Fiji is well-known for its stunning scenery and natural views that were formed as a result of volcanic activity millions of years ago. Because of that scenery, and the incredible beaches here, it’s no surprise Fiji is a popular tourist destination! Maybe you’re planning a trip […]

  • As a child, there were always a few places that seemed impossibly far away. The Cook Islands and Fiji – two paradise destinations in the Pacific Ocean – were exactly that. Luckily, these islands can be reached by adventurous travelers. But as both are quite different, […]

  • As a child, there were always a few places that seemed impossibly far away. Fiji and Tahiti – two paradise islands in the Pacific Ocean – were exactly that. Luckily, these island groups can be reached by intrepid tourists. However both are more different than many […]

  • When it comes to tropical island paradises, you can’t get much better than Fiji or the Maldives. However due to their remote nature, visiting either is costly and the airplane journey long. Yet other than their stunning beaches, these islands are very different. Which is why […]

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