Wandering our World is headed by a former globe-trotting freelance journalist who worked and lived around the world. Now based in Mauritius, Wandering our World employs a team of food and travel experts from every corner of the globe to write on topics and destinations that they know intimately.

The result? Despite our website being just three years old, we are trusted by over 150,000 people per month – a number that is growing. Visitors are primarily from the United States (55%), United Kingdom (20%) and Canada (10%), and are individuals looking to plan their next holiday and/or get vacation ideas.

With almost 90% of our website traffic coming from organic search, Wandering our World has strong search engine value. Our articles don’t get lost, they find themselves at the forefront.

Why is that important? Well many travel sites bring in the majority of their traffic from social media “influencer” type posts. The social media post goes online and drives traffic to the article for a day or two, and then that traffic disappears.

However at Wandering our World we know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – it’s how we make a living. Our posts about destinations (or your brand if we work together) will not only be written expertly, but will also be crafted with SEO in mind. The result? An article that gets steady traffic year after year, rather than traffic for just for a few days before getting dumped in the internet trash bin. Our process is slow and steady, but it’s one that works.

On top of that, the average time a visitor spends on a page of ours is nearly six minutes – that’s an astonishing time compared to other travel sites which can average around two minutes. That just shows that Wandering our World not only pulls visitors in, but keeps them engaged thanks to our relevant, quality content.


Who Do We Work With?

We very rarely run sponsored articles on Wandering our World, but if you are a company doing great and interesting things, we are happy to hear from you.

We are also open to working with organizations that want to show us directly why they deserve to be featured on Wandering our World.

Maybe you own a campground, restaurant, or hotel doing great things and want to be seen. Or you’re part of a tourism board hoping to attract more visitors and boost the local economy. If you’ve got something to show off then get in contact.