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  • Aside from being a center for European politics, Belgium is famed for its chocolate, Belgian waffles, beer and the stunning and varied architecture on display within its historic cities. When it comes to choosing which city to visit — Ghent or Antwerp — there’s plenty to […]

  • Belgium has some beautiful big cities to visit, with Antwerp and Brussels leading the way. The former is one of the biggest ports on the planet, while the latter is Belgium’s capital city, and they both have lots of interesting things to see and do. There […]

  • Belgium has a beautiful selection of historic cities to explore and enjoy, with Bruges and Ghent ranking among the prettiest and most picturesque places to visit. But, if you only have enough time to see one of these cities, which should you choose? Well, a lot […]

  • If you’re thinking of visiting Belgium and wondering where to stay, the cities of Brussels and Bruges might be at the top of your list. However, if you’ve only got time to visit one of these two places, which should you choose? Well, it may not […]

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