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Shortlisted: Ten Restaurants In Maidstone That Locals Love!

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Sitting on the banks of the River Medway and with large green spaces and beautiful parks, it’s little surprise we enjoy visiting the pretty historic town of Maidstone. Luckily, after exploring the town and working up an appetite, there’s plenty of restaurants in Maidstone to enjoy!

As we know this place so well, we have picked out what we believe are the ten best restaurants in Maidstone for food and dining experiences.

So whether you’ve been to the region before, or are a new visitor, we know one of these places will be right up your street. Bon appetit!

Chef cooking
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The Ten Best Restaurants In Maidstone: Food Worth Waiting For!

Restaurants in Maidstone offer a range of cuisines, from fine dining French restaurants to traditional English pubs serving hand-made pub classics. The town has a diverse range of international restaurants to choose from, catering to all tastes and offering the best of global cuisine.

Restaurants with outdoor seating are often the most sought after, so if you want a lovely view of the river or park while you dine, be sure to book early.

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1. Buenos Aires Nights Steakhouse

At Buenos Aires Nights, they pride themselves on providing an unforgettable dining experience. Their head chef and managing director are both from Buenos Aires, Argentina, so you can be sure that the best of South American cuisine is on offer. It may be laid back here, but this place still feels elegant and the service and food are excellent.

Argentinean cuisine is influenced by Spanish and Italian cooking techniques too, and features the best quality ingredients available in Argentina, so you know the food here is going to be special.

Whether you’re enjoying one of their delicious steaks – which they’re famous for – or sampling some of the uniquely Argentinian wine selection, you’re guaranteed an evening to remember at Buenos Aires Nights.

The philosophy of Buenos Aires Nights is that “steak perfection takes time”. So sit down, enjoy a glass of wine and soak in the casual dining atmosphere, while waiting for that perfect steak.

The restaurant has an inviting ambience with its original art and photographs. While the front terrace is a perfect place to relax and take in the sights.

They have amazing steaks, of course, but the menu also includes an array of small dishes, risottos and salads. The restaurant caters for dietary requirements and has great gluten-free options too.

Address: 63 High St, Maidstone ME14 1SR

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2. La Villetta

A cosy Italian cottage is the perfect place to experience authentic, traditional cuisine. The dishes are usually prepared by la nonna (grandma), and this is exactly where Angelo, La Villetta’s Head Chef, found his passion for cooking. You’re sure to love the delicious specials that this charming restaurant has to offer.

In La Villetta’s little cottage in Maidstone, they serve traditional Italian cuisine that will transport you to the heart of Italy itself. Their dishes are cooked from scratch with passion, and they have some delicious specials you won’t want to miss.

Go and visit them, and you’ll taste the difference that fresh, homemade Italian food can make. They are famous locally, in particular, for their seafood dishes.

This restaurant sources its products from Kent and the surrounding region, delivered daily by some of the best suppliers in the area. Italian products are imported from Italy, sourced for their typicality.

The restaurant is unique in that it provides a dreamy ambience and serves delicious cuisine. Some of the specials you should try are Spaghetti alle vongole and the Ravioli friarielli e caciotta. This place is easily one of the best restaurants in Maidstone.

Address: 8 Pudding Ln, Maidstone ME14 1LN, United Kingdom

Italian food with seafood
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3. La Taberna

From Italy to Spain! La Taberna is a dream come true for those who love Spanish cuisine. Their focus is on providing top quality tapas and wine, paired with a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

La Taberna’s goal is to make sure that their guests feel like friends, and that they have a great time when they visit them.

This exquisite tapas restaurant is situated in a wonderful Medieval building, but there’s a real Mediterranean warmth and charm here. All of which creates a perfect atmosphere for friends to gather and enjoy superb cuisine while sharing dishes. Their unique specials are sure to tantalize your taste buds, as is their exciting tapas menu.

The restaurant is always bustling with energy, and the aroma of their delicious food fills the air. You can have amazing tapas, paella, and of course sangria and churros. And if you’re lucky you may end up dining when there’s live music or flamenco dancing!

If you’re looking for a tapas experience and social dining at it’s best, this will be one of the best restaurants in Maidstone for you!

Address: Corpus Christi Hall, 51 Earl St, Maidstone ME14 1JP

Spanish tapas
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4. Madisons Restaurant Bar & Cocktail Lounge

Offering an eclectic mix of modern British cuisine with a twist, Madisons is definitely a place you should try. With its central location on Gabriels Hill, opposite the famous Golden Boot, it’s perfect for any occasion and is one of the liveliest restaurants in Maidstone.

The soft music and dimmed lights of Madisons create the perfect ambience for pre-dinner drinks. Offering both classic and contemporary cocktails, the mix of old and new is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a unique drinking experience.

Their heated roof terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal too. After all who doesn’t like al fresco dining? The modern British cuisine on offer is inspired by nearby London’s growing and exciting gastronomic scene, so you can be sure of a tasty meal, and maybe one you’ve never tried before. Even better, they often have live entertainment in the evenings.

Some of the highlights on the menu include steaks, seafood, pork belly, salads, fish and sashimi. And if you’re looking for a drink, the bar is fully stocked with a range of drinks to suit your taste.

Address: 28-32 Gabriel’s Hill, Maidstone ME15 6JG, United Kingdom

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5. Wagamama

Wagamama is an Asian-inspired and Japanese cuisine chain restaurant that is popular throughout the UK. Chances are you may have already been to one before!

Well, Wagamama is popular for a reason – the food is always good.

There are all kinds of rice and noodle dishes on the menu, as well as fresh salads and shareable sides. There are also desserts, fresh juices, wine, hot drinks, sake and Asian beers. So if you’re looking for a delicious dining experience, be sure to drop in.

And if you’re in the mood for Ramen, Teppanyaki, or some other Japanese favourites, you’re sure to find something to your taste here. Their menus are updated seasonally, so there’s usually something new to try!

Address: 19 Earl St, Maidstone ME14 1PL, United Kingdom

Asian food display
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6. Notorious BRG Maidstone

This environmentally-friendly burger restaurant is making big waves in the Maidstone restaurant scene.

They know burgers cause environmental issues, so they make a conscious effort to serve food that is good for the planet. All of their beef is grass-fed and red tractor assured, they source all of their produce locally, and their chicken is free-range. They also use eco-friendly consumables to help minimize their impact on the environment.

They also believe in promoting a healthy and enjoyable working life for their team. That’s why they’ve introduced the four-day working week! This allows their awesome team to have more time to spend with their families and loved ones and enjoy their free time outside of work.

They have some amazing burgers and fries and they’re always happy to accommodate dietary needs. If you like a side of greens to go with your meal, they’ve got plenty!

Their whole menu is available in a vegan version as well, which is pretty amazing. The food containers, cutlery, and even the bags that the food is served in are made out of recycled materials.

So if you’re looking for delicious burgers but want to be eco-friendly at the same time, this is one of the best restaurants in Maidstone to try out.

Address: Lockmeadow Complex, 1 Barker Rd, Maidstone ME16 8SF

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7. Wildwood

Wildwood strives to serve delicious food in an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. And we think they’ve achieved that!

The restaurant serves European and international dishes and have a wide variety available – so there should be something for everyone.

They have a great selection of pizza and pasta, grilled items and seasonal specials. All of their food is made with simple ingredients and is deliciously fresh.

Whether you’re grabbing a light bite or cocktails with colleagues, having lunch with your little ones or celebrating a special event, they’ll make sure that you have a wonderful time. With the staff’s attention to detail and warm hospitality, you’re sure to love it.

Address: 37-41 Earl St, Maidstone ME14 1PF

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8. Gem of Kent – Turkish Restaurant

The team at Gem of Kent are proud to introduce their guests to delicious and healthy homemade East Mediterranean foods, as well as some of the finest Turkish and Kurdish dishes around. Of course you can’t serve Turkish food and also not have hookah (shisha) – and you can enjoy one on their outside terrace!

Their cuisine is based on fresh, seasonal ingredients and they are constantly sourcing new flavours and ideas so they can bring you a unique food experience you’ll find no where else!

They welcome guests with a spacious interior adorned with tapestries and gorgeous interior decor. Turkish entrees and meze platters are prepared here with care, making it the perfect spot for an intimate dinner or gathering with friends.

This family-run lively restaurant has been in the industry for over 20 years and is well loved by locals. The food is exquisite and varied, with something to suit everyone’s palate. But they often have unique specials which are not to be missed too!

What do we recommend? Well, definitely try the Mediterranean style lamb. They have an amazing wine collection too, which is carefully curated so it goes well with the food. 

Address: 62 High St, Maidstone ME14 1SR, United Kingdom

Selection of Turkish dishes
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9. Vesuvius

At Vesuvius, you can enjoy authentic Neapolitan cuisine in a cosy and relaxed setting. The dishes are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and the menu features a variety of specials that are worth trying. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic pasta dish or something a little more adventurous, Vesuvius will have something to satisfy your appetite.

This restaurant has a wide variety of recipes that will quickly become family favourites. The dishes are slow-cooked and their talented chefs take great care in preparing each dish, making sure they’re done in a way that honours a sense of history and culture.

You definitely have to try their specials – they’re absolutely delicious and will transport you to the sun-drenched streets of Naples. 

The fish and seafood dishes are particularly loved – no surprise as the seafood is delivered fresh daily from the coast.

And if you’re lucky you may end up at Vesuvius when they have live music – perfect!

Address: 26 Lower Stone St, Maidstone ME15 6LX, United Kingdom

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10. Namaste Nepalese Cuisine

Namaste Restaurant serves delicious classic Nepalese cuisine. That includes tasty dumplings and curries, made with fresh ingredients and spices that give each dish a unique flavour.

So if you’re looking to try Nepalese food for the first time (it will be worth it), this place is a haven to experience the exotic and wonderful flavours of Nepalese cuisine. Here, diners can enjoy a contemporary and modern setting while tasting authentic dishes made from spices and herbs brought in from all across Nepal.

The restaurant is unique in that it offers an opportunity to taste a variety of Nepalese dishes, many of which are not found elsewhere. Additionally, the restaurant offers specials that are not to be missed. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxed dinner with friends or family.

Definitely one of our favourite restaurants in Maidstone for the opportunity to try a lesser-known – yet extremely tasty – world cuisine.

Address: 112 Week St, Maidstone ME14 1RH

Indian food
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The Best Restaurants In Maidstone: Our Final Thoughts

There’s a variety of restaurants in Maidstone that serve delicious, authentic cuisine from all around the world. Whether you’re in the mood for Italian, Turkish, Nepalese, or something else entirely, you’ll be able to find something great here.

Our list of favourite restaurants in Maidstone provides just a sampling of what’s available – there are many more restaurants waiting to be explored! So get out there and start tasting some amazing food.

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