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Shortlist: 12 Restaurants In Amherstburg (Canada) That Locals Love!

The town of Amherstburg has it all: historic buildings, a friendly family-orientated community and some great tourist sites.

But the restaurants in Amherstburg have also started to make a name for themselves too, creating culinary delights from Greek-inspired cuisine to hearty pub fare.

We’re not going to show you every eatery that is out there (like some websites that say ‘best restaurant’ but include every restaurant in the area!), but instead share with you our 12 favorite Amherstburg restaurants. So you have a choice for whatever mood you’re in. Enjoy!

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1. Riccardo’s Italian Restaurant

If your perfect start to the day includes dining surrounded by lush greenery facing views of nature then this is the place for you! What makes this restaurant special is the beautiful wooden patio facing the Detroit River, making a glass of wine on a Friday evening here the perfect way to start your weekend.

Situated on Dalhousie Street, the indoors is lovely too as Riccardo’s Italian Restaurant is filled with comfortable seating, an art wall, and warm lighting. The lunch and dinner menu consists of many delicious Italian classics including varieties of salads, antipasti and pasta. We recommend trying the Seafood Pasta, ‘Death by Chocolate’ dessert and their creamy espresso which is not to be missed!

Our tip: Too much to choose from? Use the “create your own pasta” option and have a dish tailored to you!

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2. The Salty Dog

Also situated on Dalhousie Street is The Salty Dog, with its rustic brick walls and simple seating lined with beach umbrellas creating a beach-themed interior.

With lunch and dinner options, the menu here has pastas, burgers, tacos alongside a wide range of tasty wood fire pizzas. The Lobster Mac and Lobster Ravioli are worth trying too. What’s great about The Salty Dog is how each customer gets to see the process of pizza coming to life from the large wooden oven up front, making your time here even more interesting and worthwhile!

Our tip: Get a personalized cocktail with ingredients of your preference – just ask the bartender.

3. Speck’s Restaurant

With a history of serving guests for 50 years, Speck’s Restaurant is a mom-and-pop restaurant that offers fresh food, great prices, and a homey atmosphere.

It has both indoor and outdoor seating to suit your preference, and a range of affordable tasty meals that have customers coming back for more. Some of the popular items include the broccoli and cheese soup, and the soft pancakes.

What’s great about this restaurant is the various rooms they have which can be used according to your preference when dining in, allowing much more privacy if you want to dine in peace with family and friends. Not a fan of indoor dining? Pick an outdoor picnic table or seat under the warm sun and indulge in some classic American food!

Our tip: Gluten-free bread is available at no extra charge.

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4. Burger 67

Burger 67 isn’t your average burger joint. The chic décor, laid-back atmosphere, and stylish interior with art hanging from the wall, along with a simple bar up front, gives this place the feel of a bar you’d meet friends in rather than a place to grab a burger.

They offer a separate menu for both adults and kids which have a range of appetizers, salads, and burgers. What is admirable about this eatery is the range of vegan and vegetarian options that are available, along with the ‘Make it your way’ option which allows you to create something in line with your preferences.

In our opinion this is the best place for burgers in town which is why it easily makes our list of best restaurants in Amherstburg.

Our tip: Visit on a Thursday to a grab a free portion of chicken wings after your first order!

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5. Lord Amherst Pub

If there is one restaurant that represents the historic nature of Amherstburg, it would be Lord Amherst Pub. Decorated with wooden floorboards and barstool seating this classic pub with it’s vast drink selection is perfect for an evening meal.

Another interesting take from this pub is the menu which is filled with typical pub fare, but done exceptionally well. The Steak & Guinness Pie and the Chicken Tenders are amongst our recommendations. Another popular favourite is the Tacos which are 2 soft flour tortillas with romaine, cheddar & mozzarella, Pico de Gallo, slaw and you get to choose among panko crusted cod, chipotle BBQ chicken or sauteed shrimp.

We highly recommend visiting this pub during holidays and festivities such as St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas as they often create eye catching cocktails to fit the seasons and holidays.

Our tip: The nacho appetizer comes as a ‘mountain’ of house-made wonton chips with delicious toppings. It’s good enough for two!

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6. Butter Chicken Roti

Having started with a passion and a vision to bring the best Indian flavors to the heart of Ontario, Butter Chicken Roti has done just that on Sandwich Street in Amherstburg. Indian themed graffiti art covers the wooden walls, and flanks the comfortable seating. This eatery is famous for its (you guessed it!) Butter Chicken Roti – which is an absolute must try!

The Indian cuisine you can try here spans several roti wraps separated into vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Some of our favorites include the Tikka Masala Roti and the Mutter Paneer Roti – both of which will give you an authentic taste of India.

Indian cuisine has a reputation for the variety of spices that are used, but this restaurant does offer options to control the levels of spice according to personal preferences. So it’s a great place for newbies to Indian food.

Our tip: The Butter Chicken with rice comes in large portions. Grab a partner and enjoy!

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7. Wolfhead Distillery and Restaurant

If you prefer a dining experience that offers an exploration of more than just food, then this is the place for you! Wolfhead Distillery, known to be the first premium craft distillery in Essex County, is also a restaurant and retail store with a rustic touch.

Expect a trendsetting menu with twists on burgers, meat dishes, and pasta that is ideal for brunch, lunch or dinner. What do we recommend? Well the Goat Cheese Turkey Burger with a glass of coffee whisky is a must-try.

What is inviting about this restaurant is that you also get a glimpse of the distillery equipment that can be found at the back of the restaurant. Fancy finding out more about the spirits they make here and trying a few? Then take the official tour before your dinner, and enjoy talking about what you discovered over food and drinks after!

Our tip: Go on a tour and taste a few drinks before you dine. Then you will know which is your favorite when it comes to ordering at dinner!

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8. The Plant Base

With a mission to be eco-conscious and sustainable, The Plant Base is also widely known as being the first restaurant in Amherstburg to be plant-based.

Located in Richmond Street, this eatery serves wholesome quality food and is decorated with plants providing a calming and peaceful atmosphere. There’s a menu comprising of power bowls, soups, burgers and sandwiches along with several sides and deserts. For us, the Smokey Split Pea Soup alongside the flavor-packed Pad Thai and Pesto Pasta is not to be missed.

If you’re looking for a healthy nutritious meal then this café uses fresh ingredients in every dish and use organic fruit and vegetables in their meals. This is easily one of the best restaurants in Amherstburg for healthy food.

Our tip: Pre-order when visiting with a larger group and avoid the wait.

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9. Artisan Grill

Artisan Grill‘s goal is to introduce a unique variety of tastes and flavors prepared artistically using fresh ingredients, and we believe they’ve achieved that by producing some of the finest meals in town.

Natural creepers decorate the exterior of the building alongside vintage French wrought iron chairs that line the pavement. This restaurant is as pretty as the food is tasty. Expect a menu with a range of breads, bowls, soups, seafood, chicken and meat dishes.

First time visiting? We recommend trying the Mare and Monte, a prawn and scallop dish topped with broccoli and mushrooms in a portion of penne. If you love fish, then we highly recommend their Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl!

It’s the patio just outside filled with beautifully hung floral deco and lush green creepers that really makes this place stand out. It also makes this a great spot to enjoy a Sunday brunch with family and friends when the weather is warm.

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10. Shooters Roadhouse

Shooters Roadhouse is a charming restaurant and one of the best restaurants in Amherstburg to gather together with family and friends. It has spacious parking, outdoor seating lined with beach umbrellas, and a bar inside.

This restaurant has a variety to choose from in terms of meals, including wraps, sandwiches salads, pastas and more. Our favorite? Try the Steak Sandwich alongside the Jalapeno-Shrimp.

There’s trivia nights that take place every Thursday too, adding to the fun. The winning team gets a prize as well, so grab some friends and test yourself! Definitely one of the funnest restaurants in Amherstburg!

Our tip: Low on a budget? Order the Reuben Sandwich, it’s large enough for two people.

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11. Caffeine & Co

What better way to get your day started than with great coffee! Caffeine & Co, located in downtown Amherstburg, offers just that, alongside delicious baked treats.

The menu consists of several bread items such as bagels, sandwiches, and pastries, alongside sweet treats recreated with a local twist. The sunrise bagel, and delicious Crème Brulée Cookie are amongst our favorites. This café is also located close to the Navy Yard Park, which is a great spot for a morning or evening walk.

Our tip: Visiting on a birthday? The Caramel Salt Cheesecake Cupcake makes for the ideal birthday treat!

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12. Gyros & More

From Indian food to Greek cuisine! Gyros & More is a Greek-based restaurant with a mission to serve authentic gyros so you feel as though it’s come from Greece itself. They have years of expertise in putting together Gyros – which is a Greek dish comprised of meat in pita – but they also do some other great Greek dishes too.

Designed with booth seating for easy quick dining, make sure to check out the different deals and specialties that are available as they provide a great opportunity to indulge in Greek meals at a very affordable price. Craving Greek food? You know where to dine. For us, Gyros & More is one of the most affordable restaurants in Amherstburg.

Our tip: Order the Family Pack for the most affordable prices if visiting with family or friends.

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