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8 Restaurants In Gravenhurst That Locals Love For Food & Vibes!

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Gravenhurst is a charming town located in the heart of Ontario’s cottage country! Nestled between two stunning lakes, Lake Muskoka and Gull Lake, Gravenhurst offers visitors the perfect blend of outdoor adventure, small-town charm, and luckily for us, some fantastic restaurants too!

In fact one of the biggest draws for tourists to Gravenhurst is its incredible cuisine. With a thriving food scene that showcases the best of Ontario’s local ingredients, Gravenhurst really is a foodie’s paradise.

No wonder too, as the surrounding region is packed full of unbelievable agriculture, right down to the fish and vegetables that make their way through the numerous cafes, bistros, and restaurants in this small town.

If you’re up for a taste adventure, Gravenhurst has plenty to offer – so join as we show you the best restaurants in town!

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The Best Restaurants In Gravenhurst: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Thong Thai

A taste of something exotic, Thong Thai transports you to the Asian paradise with sultry spices and aromatic flavors that’ll have you begging for more.

Craving something a little bit exotic? Look no further than Thong Thai. This restaurant specializes in Thai cuisine and offers a menu that’s full of exotic flavors and aromas.

From the rich and complex spices to the delicate and nuanced textures, every dish is a journey to a far-off land. And with an atmosphere that’s cozy and intimate, it’s the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

For locals in Gravenhurst, it’s a touch of an exotic paradise, and perhaps this is why it comes so highly recommended.

The staff are a friendly group with a passion for hospitality too. And their welcoming smiles invoke a warm atmosphere, so you’ll quite easily feel right at home.

So visit and settle into the comfy furnishings, then take a moment to breathe in the scenery. It might not have the ocean views of Phuket, but the restaurant owners have done their best to recreate an authentic Thai experience. It’s not much, but it’s certainly a place where you can enjoy a night out.

After all, it’s not the seats and decor that make a restaurant distinguishable from competitors. Instead, it’s what’s on the plates that truly matters. For Thong Thai, the thrill of tasting their meals is something you won’t soon forget.

The fantastic chefs have worked tirelessly to reproduce traditional dishes using locally-sourced ingredients. Of course, this takes ingenuity and creativity, but we’ve easily fallen in love with the menu, and we’re sure you will too!

The elaborate flavors of Pad Thai, Green Curry, and their crispy Spring Rolls have visitors raving and have steered quite a reputation that attracts an audience from further afield.

So if you ever find yourself in Gravenhurst, why not come in and indulge your senses at Thong Thai? It’s an experience that’s worth the journey.

  • Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm Wed-Mon; Closed Tues
  • Location: 2408 ON-11, Gravenhurst
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2. Muskoka Surf and Turf

Nothing feels more homely in Gravenhurst than a good ol’ grill serving some of the region’s best local steak and fish fare!

The Muskoka region is richly diverse with offerings of great agriculture, which, of course, includes an industrious seafood industry. Gravenhurst has taken great advantage of this abundance of fresh ingredients, but no more than Muskoka Surf and Turf!

Initially, this place held fast as one of the best stores in town to find your meat, but they’ve broken out of their mold and decided to start providing Gravenhurst guests and locals with a taste of their own creative cooking.

It may not be fine dining, and the setting is more of a hole-in-the-wall, but we don’t mind much as long as the food is excellent, and in that sense you won’t be disappointed!

Their menu consists of handhelds and light bites from land and sea. The highlight of their delicacies is their unbelievable array of seafood rolls, and the Lobster Roll has been likened to being among the best outside the East Coast. For anyone who knows anything about Lobster Rolls, that’s a pretty big deal!

Those who don’t enjoy the unique flavor of local shellfish might be more inclined to order one of their fresh, homemade hotdogs or burgers.

And we didn’t even mention the steaks! Mouth-watering and succulent, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cut so tender and juicy.

We’re pained to say that vegans and vegetarians might want to look elsewhere for a meal, but for carnivores and seafood fanatics, Muskoka Surf and Turf is a delight.

The pleasant staff, helpful owners, and the quality of their incredible food will have you itching to come back for more! So settle down, grab a plate, and go find your seat to tuck into some of the best land and seafood this side of Gravenhurst.

  • Opening Hours: 11 am to 6:30 pm Tues – Sat; Closed Mon & Sun
  • Location: Town of, 415 Bethune Dr N, Gravenhurst
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3. Only Zoey’s

A cutesy food truck that locals can’t seem to get enough of, with their special Poutine being a hit on their menu, come enjoy this seasonal outdoor food truck and dine under that wonderful Ontario sun.

There’s something about food trucks we can hardly resist. Sure, the frills of indoor dining are great, but food trucks help us reminisce on our college days when we lived off of questionable tacos.

For Gravenhurst, when you mention food trucks, the first name that’ll be thrown your direction is Only Zoey’s!

This comfort food haven has tossed aside the need for a traditional sit-down venue and instead sets up shop on the roadside with a picnic table, 360-degree views, and fresh air filling your lungs.

Of course, the only downside is Only Zoey’s is seasonal, choosing (quite wisely, in our opinion) to close up during the brutal winters. But fret not. They’re out and about in full force during the warmer seasons, so you can duke it out with the swarms of fans for a bite of their Gravenhurst famous fries.

Fries!? All this for some fries!? You bet. The menu is a concise list of easy-going meals that’ll sate any comfort food craving you may have, but on the top of everyone’s must-try list are the fries. And we’re not talking about a simple box of golden spuds. No, this is more than that!

The fries are served topped with cheese curds and brown gravy. For those new to this, it’s called Poutine, and it’s going to be your new favorite craving. Have them as a meal on their own, or pair them with tender Chicken Fingers or a Seafood Platter if you’re extra hungry!

Locals and visitors can’t get enough of Only Zoey’s, and some adore their meals so much that they hire the truck to attend their functions!

It’s owned by a passionate duo who enjoy the idea of creative eating that’s simple, tasty, and wholesome. And so far they’ve done nothing but prove that you don’t need a brick-and-mortar venue to be one of the best restaurants in Gravenhurst.

  • Opening Hours: 11:30 am to 6 pm Mon – Thurs; 11:30 am to 7 pm Fri; 12 pm to 6 pm Sat & Sun
  • Location: 355 Bethune Dr N, Gravenhurst
Homemade Cheesey Poutine French Fries with Gravy and Cheese Curds
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4. Essence of Spice

Indian cuisine is always a fan favorite, but what if you made it comfort food? Essence of Spice specializes in Indian Street foods with authentic flavors and a friendly atmosphere to go with it, you can’t help but fall in love with this exotic restaurant.

You don’t need to brave the likes of airlines and airport security in order to experience something foreign. For locals in Gravenhurst, they’re lucky enough to have the taste of authentic Indian Street food on their doorstep. All they need to do is visit Essence of Spice.

The menu is a feast for the senses, featuring a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, each bursting with flavor and spice. Start your meal with some classic street food favorites like samosas, chaat, or pani pakora, all made fresh to order.

For the main course, try the tandoori chicken tikka or lamb vindaloo, which are cooked to perfection, or go for a rich and creamy butter chicken or lamb korma.

And, of course, we can’t forget to mention their abundant vegetarian and vegan courses, which include Palak Paneer, Aloo Gobhi, and a Dhaba Style Daal.

Even the beverages are beyond your standard pop, with traditional Lassi and Neembu Paani working their way into the hearts of those who taste them.

Essence of Spice is a hidden gem in the heart of Gravenhurst and, by far, one of their best restaurants. Their simple take on decor and interior design puts more emphasis on the delicacies delivered to your table.

There’s no overwhelming sense of decor, but rather an approach that’s cozy and inviting with elegant furnishings and small eye-popping features that are a better choice than some of the garish and kitsch decor we’ve come across before.

The staff are pleasant and welcoming, ushering guests on a “magic carpet ride” through unbelievable Indian cuisine with a guiding hand. So if you ever feel lost, look to the waitrons to be your guru. They know the perfect meal to recommend and will happily help newcomers have the best experience possible.

  • Opening Hours: 11:30 am to 9 pm Tues – Sun; Closed Mon
  • Location: 260 Muskoka Rd S, Gravenhurst
Assorted curries on table
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5. Well Fed Inc.

Healthy food, and a historical venue? Nothing says sustainable and tasty quite like Well Fed Inc., dive into the local community, and grab a bit of some true Canadian cuisine at this cute little rustic barn.

For those who appreciate simple, honest food made with the freshest ingredients, Well Fed Inc. is one of the must-visit restaurants in Gravenhurst. Owned by a charming couple who decided to take a run-down century-old barn and transform it into a place for food and fun.

This transition caught the attention of locals, and it wasn’t long after the original bakery opened that people would flock to the site for a taste of their food. Now lovingly redubbed Well Fed Inc., it’s a small-town cafe you won’t soon forget.

They pride themselves on a clean, sustainable kitchen that produces homely foods rooted in tradition. They’ve elevated the classic Canadian grub and turned it into something irresistible. From the farm-fresh produce to the expertly prepared proteins, every bite is a celebration of the bounty of the land.

This restaurant offers a menu rooted in tradition, featuring classic dishes that are elevated to new heights with a focus on quality and flavor. From the farm-fresh produce to the expertly prepared proteins, every bite is a celebration of the bounty of the land.

It’s all about creating comfort foods that embody the charm and tradition of the Muskoka region. The passionate chefs and bakers have created an unparalleled cafe experience.

Their menu mainly consists of sandwiches, salads, and a variety of freshly baked goodies that’ll have your stomach growling at the thought. And yes, we know there’s nothing extraordinary about an Egg Salad sandwich, but when there’s this much heart and soul put into the dish, you’d swear it just tastes better!

Sit down and relax with storefront views of the busy street, and if you’re so inclined, ask the servers if you can sit outside. We’re sure they’d be happy to oblige.

Whether you’re a busybody and in a rush or looking for a quaint venue to waste away an afternoon, be sure to visit Well Fed Inc. It’s definitely one of the best restaurants in Gravenhurst.

  • Opening Hours: 10 am to 4 pm Mon – Fri; Closed Sat & Sun
  • Location: 150 Hotchkiss St, Gravenhurst
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6. Sawdust City Brewing

Take a dive into Gravenhurst’s most well-rated restaurant and bar, and indulge in local cuisine and brews with friends and family in a fun, dynamic setting that’s sure to keep the party flowing.

If you’re 19 and older, we’d like to introduce you to the Sawdust City Brewing experience. Gravenhurst might be a small town, but they have big-city ideas, and their local brewery packs a punch in ways you’d never expect!

Of course, when you think brewhouse, you’re not particularly interested in the food, but Sawdust City is here to change your entire perspective! Beers, ales, and ciders aside, you can’t enjoy a sweet libation without something to nibble on, and trust us, their kitchen has you sorted.

We expected nothing less from their menu than elaborate pub grub, and that’s what we were given! However, Burgers, Stuffed Jalapenos, and some surprisingly creative salads lay in store for anyone ready to whet their whistle and take full advantage of Gravenhurst’s risque side.

Much like their brews, the ingredients are locally sourced, creating tempting treats like the Sawdust Burger, an absolute must, and the Reuben sandwich that are close to home but unique enough to beat your usual local.

The atmosphere is rustic and cozy, with wooden furnishings and warm lighting that invite you to sit and stay awhile. Not to mention the upbeat and charismatic staff whose antics behind the bar and on the floor can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

You can choose to sit in the Saloon or venture to the great outdoors and take up a spot on the patio enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

There’s a reason Sawdust City Brewing is one of the top recommended restaurants in Gravenhurst. People can’t get enough!

Just keep a keen eye on their website and socials as there’s plenty happening here. Live music? Check. Trivia Nights? Check and so much more!

  • Opening Hours: 11 am to 9 pm Sun – Thurs; 11 am to 11 pm Fri & Sat
  • Location: 397 Muskoka Rd N, Gravenhurst
Beer and burger display
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7. Pizza One Muskoka

Gravenhurst’s favorite pizzeria and comfort-food one-stop-shop. You won’t be able to resist the stone-fired pizzas, wings and the fun, upbeat atmosphere offered here.

And, of course, no town is ever complete without a little shop selling the world’s favorite comfort food. We’re talking about pizza here, folks, and Pizza One Muskoka is the place to go in Gravenhurst.

Now it may not look like much from the outside, but this little gray kitchen holds a treasure trove of stone-baked goodness. Like it should be.

While you might be a little surprised at how quaint the little venue is, it’s spacious inside and out! That’s right, not only can you cozy up in the wood-fired shop in the colder months, but summers offer an open patio to enjoy a slice under that wonderful Muskokan sun.

This ain’t your usual neighborhood Italian spot, and they don’t try and hide it. The decor is so inherently Canadian you might feel as though you’ve stepped into a ski resort instead. We’re not complaining! What a breath of fresh air!

Their menu also differs because their specialty is crispy-based, cheese-topped pizzas, made like mamma used to make ’em. But joining this on the menu is a little collaboration of other comfort food must-haves like tacos, burritos, and chicken wings!

We doubt you’d be able to resist the urge to tuck right into their food, and whether you’re having a good or a bad day, nothing makes you feel better like a pizza pop.

And to make it better, Pizza One is so reasonable it’s frightening, and with their running specials, you’ll be able to grab a combo for next to nothing.

It’s smiles all around, from the kiddies to the wait staff and anyone who passes through. Pizza One Muskoka is definitely one of the best restaurants in Gravenhurst.

  • Opening Hours: 4 to 8 pm Wed – Sun; Closed Mon & Tues
  • Location: 480 Muskoka Rd S, Gravenhurst
wood fired pizza on table
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8. Relish

Relish is all about neighborhood charm, and offers a uniquely versatile menu that’s elaborate without being overbearing. Enjoy some of the healthier things in life and take a shop around.

Relish started as a passion project that grew into a flourishing town favorite through their hard work and dedication to tantalizing meals.

What was once a quaint roadside cafe has blossomed into a much-beloved part of the Gravenhurst community, with a local store to boot! So if you feel like recreating some of their meals, you know where to find the supplies.

Their slogan is “healthy living made easy,” and we can’t help but agree. Part of our nightmare encounters with healthy food has always been that it’s bland. But if you’ve read the reviews on Relish, you’ll see their meals are anything but!

Their menu is an adventurous dive into Create-Your-Own sandwiches, mouthwatering quesadillas, and soups. There’s more, of course, but these tend to be the highlight of people’s visits. Imagine, if you don’t like the options given, you can use your wits and a bit of culinary flare to create your own menu item and let the kitchen handle the mess of making it.

They specialize in locally-sourced ingredients, some coming straight from their grocery store and all created with homemade passion that makes it so much better than what your Walmart has on offer.

We’re talking artisanal bread baked in-house with gluten-free and vegan options. Farm-to-table cheeses. And an assortment of sauces that’ll have you itching for more!

Their menu, while concise, has the ability to become versatile and comprehensive, catering to all dietary requirements with ease.

And the best part is that it’s healthy and filled with love!

Bring your friends, bring your family, and let the friendly staff usher you to your seat. Take in the surroundings of this rustic little cafe and soak up their unforgettable atmosphere. This is the true gem of Gravenhurst’s community and an absolute must-visit restaurant if you’re ever wandering through town.

  • Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm Wed – Sat; Closed Sun – Tues
  • Location: 240 Muskoka Rd N, Gravenhurst

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