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Shortlist: 11 Exceptional Shem Creek Restaurants That Locals Love!

The waterfront at Shem Creek is famous for its sunset views and is perfect for watching yachts (and the world) go by. It’s also one of our favorite spots to eat in South Carolina because there are some fantastic bars and restaurants located here too.

At Shem Creek you’ll find eateries providing scrumptious award-winning cuisines and dishes alongside an unbeatable waterfront view. It’s bliss. But it’s a bliss we’ve decided to share with you! So below we’ve put together what we believe are the best Shem Creek restaurants for you to try out yourself.

So whether you’re looking for a place to dine while watching dolphins, or want the best oysters South Carolina can offer, grab your fork and dig in, as we take you on a foodie tour of Shem Creek!

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The Best Shem Creek Restaurants For Food, Views & Fun!

1. Saltwater Cowboys

Saltwater Cowboys offers a diverse variety of dishes, but some of our favorites include the Ahi Tuna Poke, Fish Tacos and delicious appetizers like Pickled Fried Okra. The drinks menu is extensive here too, but what they’re really known for is the variety of smoked meats on offer.

However while the food is superb, what we really love about this place is the view. Saltwater Cowboys has one of the best views on the entire Shem Creek, and if you’re sat on the outside terrace it’s sometimes possible to see dolphins in the water as you dine!

As an added bonus, this is a dog friendly restaurant and there’s even a dog menu for your four-legged friend to try out!

Address: 130 Mill Street

Wandering our World recommends: Slow Smoked Brisket


2. Tavern & Table

Tavern & Table is one of the top-rated restaurants in Shem Creek and no wonder. The waterfront deck is a perfect setting for drinks with friends, as well as being cozy and romantic enough for date nights.

Food wise they specialize in Southern specialties like Pimento Cheese, Grits, Steak Fries, Cornbread, Oysters, and even a delicious Bison Burger. The ambiance is welcoming and warm too, thanks mainly to the rustic charm of the interior and friendly staff.

If that doesn’t sound good enough they have a professional babysitter on call in the restaurant who will look after your baby so you can enjoy your meal. Now that’s exceptional service.

Address: 100 Church St

Wandering our World recommends: Bison Burger


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2. Shem Creek Bar and Grill

If you are a seafood lover, then this casual dining restaurant is going to suit you. It has everything to offer from classic Seafood Platters to Shellfish, and delicious Oysters. It’s seafood with a southern twist, and all served in an unpretentious setting.

The ambiance is casual and the restaurant comfortable, and the kid options are varied and very good. The real winner (alongside the oysters) is the view – this waterside Shem Creek restaurant looks out on the waves and is perfect for sunset dining.

Address: 508 Mill St, Mt Pleasant,

Wandering our World recommends: Oysters Rockefeller

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3. Red’s Ice House

Sometimes all you’re craving is a beer and good hearty food. When we have those days, then Red’s Ice House is where we go. They serve good-sized burgers here, lots of delicious locally caught seafood, and many Southern comfort-food classics.

The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, and there’s a real pub vibe as locals fill out the place in the evening on the hunt for exceptional burgers, great beers, conversation, and crispy fried seafood. This is a waterside Shem Creek restaurant too, so you’re able to enjoy a cold beer while overlooking the water.

If you’re looking for a casual dining experience with great food and beer, then this could be the place for you.

Address: 98 Church St

Wandering our World recommends: Palmetto Burger


4. The Shelter Kitchen and Bar

We love this place not just because of the food, but because of the atmosphere and events that are frequently held here – often on their large outside seating area. They also have a late-night special menu that has great drinks and cocktails – perfect for a catch-up with friends or that date night you’ve been promising your better half for weeks!

They serve a variety of classic American dishes but with their own twist, like Bacon Gouda Mac and Cheese, Brisket Sandwich and Pecan Pie Bread Pudding. If you’re wanting something even more local and hearty then they have a variety of Southern classics too. All very affordably priced and set in a friendly setting that’s just a short walk from the water.

A great place for eating good food, watching sports, enjoying music, and having fun with friends.

Address: 202 Coleman Blvd

Wandering our World recommends: BBQ Quesadilla and Tacos


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If you want to have delectable French cuisine when visiting Shem Creek, then NICO is the pick for you. The man behind the diverse menu here is Chef Nico Romo, and he’s designed the menu to be a mix of steak, seafood, luscious gravies, chicken, and oysters.

Our top-rated dishes here include the Parisian Gnocchi, Lobster Rolls, and Mussels Vin Rouge. However what NICO is most famous for is the diverse selection of oysters available – possible the best selection throughout southern Carolina.

NICO doesn’t sit on the water’s edge, but the quality of food on offer here makes it a very worthy edition on our list of best Shem Creek restaurants.

Address: 201 Coleman Blvd

Wandering our World recommends: Le Grand (seafood platter)


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7. Vickery’s Bar & Grill

Back on the water’s edge and you can find Vickery’s Bar & Grill, a laid back eatery with some of the best views on offer as it’s located at the mouth of Shem Creek.

Their Southern-inspired menu is thoughtfully designed with classics like Shrimp and Grits, Crispy Fried Chicken, Lowcountry Boils, Crab Cake Sandwiches, and star of the menu the Seafood Jambalaya.

There’s a great beer selection here too, which makes this the perfect place for lazy days when you just want to watch the world go by while eating good food and sipping a beer. The sunset views from their beach bar are arguably the best in Shem Creek too, and there’s also a play area for kids making it a perfect lunch or dinner spot for families.

Address: 1313 Shrimp Boat Ln

Wandering our World recommends: Seafood Jambalaya


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8. Water’s Edge

When your restaurant sits at the water’s edge, then what’s the best way to let potential customers know? Call your restaurant Water’s Edge, that’s what!

The great thing is that while you will get those gorgeous waterside Shem Creek views here, you will also find some fantastic tasting food too. So this place isn’t a one-trick pony.

Expect Southern staples as well as many locally caught seafood classics. Top that off with a great cocktail and beer selection and you’re sorted for the evening! The views and vibe are fantastic, and if you’re lucky you will have the chance to see dolphins play in the creek as you dine.

Address: 1407 Shrimp Boat Ln

Wandering our World recommends: Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes


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9. Page’s Okra Grill

Want some homely food in Shem Creek? Then Page’s Okra Grill could be for you! From delicious homemade dessert to Southern-style staples like Shrimp and Grits, this place serves up big portions of some of the best American comfort food in Charleston.

This family-owned restaurant follows the authentic taste and flavors of their family recipes, and that care and attention to food has been noticed by the media as well as their customers. That’s why they’ve featured in Southern Living Magazine and the Travel Channel!

It’s best to reserve in advance as this place is often busy, and while it’s not on the waterside, there’s a reason why this is probably the region’s most frequented restaurant!

Address: 302 Coleman Blvd

Wandering our World recommends: Page’s Famous Chicken & Waffle


10. The Pickled Palate

The friendly cafe offers cheap and tasty eats like sandwiches, creamy kinds of pasta, luscious tomato soups, paninis and more, coupled with craft beer. Tasty!

It’s not on the waterfront, but the lovely little outside patio here, combined with the friendly service and very affordable food options, makes this one of our favourite Shem Creek restaurants for a quick bite to eat or tasty lunch. They have daily specials too.

Address: 411 Hibben St

Wandering our World recommends: Reuben Sandwich


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11. Coleman Public House

This restaurant serves American cuisine and Southern classics, and is a friendly pub-style bar and restaurant.

For us, this is the place to go to grab a beer on tap and some appetizers to share with friends. Try their Mac and Cheese, Crispy Fries, BBQ Shrimp and Champagne Grapes to start, and if you want something more substantial then Coleman Public House is known locally for its fantastic Fish and Chips, as well as variety of burgers.

They also offer vegan and gluten free options. Best of all the prices are very reasonable compared to other restaurants in Shem Creek. While not on the water’s edge, the atmosphere and tasty affordable pub-grub here makes this place a must visit. One of our favorite lunch and brunch spots in Shem Creek.

Address: 427 W Coleman Blvd

Wandering our World recommends: Fish and Chips


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