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8 Breathtaking Beaches In Ghana That You’re Going To Love!

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You can’t beat an idyllic beach retreat. Watching the waves veer gently back and forth as you sip a mojito, getting lost in your thoughts and unwinding from life’s troubles. It’s absolute bliss.

Thankfully there’s exceptional beaches around the world for you to enjoy, and we’ll let you into a secret – Ghana’s 560 kilometer coastline has some of them!

Packed with pristine fine sand beaches, Ghana is beginning to grow a reputation as being one of Africa’s top destinations. With the tranquillity of the ocean here, coupled with shade provided from gorgeous swaying palm trees, it’s a beach vacation paradise many people don’t even know about.

If you’re planning to visit this West African country soon, we have compiled a list of the best beaches in Ghana. Each one has something unique that makes it special and worth visiting.

So join us as we take you on a beach tour around Ghana!

Beautiful sunset on a paradise beach, West Africa

1. Labadi Beach

Labadi is the most popular beach in Ghana, and it’s other name – La Pleasure – gives you an idea why!

This beach sits just a few kilometers from the capital of Accra and is a real social hub for locals and tourists alike.

The sand is soft and expansive, but what we really love is the party atmosphere. Expect bonfires and music at night, lots of tasty street food on the beachfront, and an energetic vibe that’s unbeatable. However do watch out for hawkers – they can be quite persistent.

Visitors to Labadi Beach can also enjoy horseback rides as well as live music shows in the evenings. It’s not Ghana’s best beach when it comes to water quality for swimming, and it can get very busy, but what makes this beach special is its atmosphere.

If you visit and decide to stay for more than a few hours then there’s plenty of accommodation options to choose from. His Majestys Hotel and Asa Royal Hotel are two of the best.

2. Ankobra Beach

Situated beside Ankobra River, this 6km stretch of sand is nearly the opposite of busy, brash Labadi. That’s because Ankobra Beach has a much more laid back, relaxed vibe, and is the perfect place for travelers who are looking to have some downtime.

The picturesque background of coconut trees and fine golden sand matches the vibe, and sunbathing here is an excellent way to de-stress.

But don’t lie in the sun all day long! Ankobra is right beside a mangrove forest where it’s possible to go on tours that take you through hiking trails that will bring you to wildlife and bird watching hotspots. This is a beach destination that will keep you busy!

If not pressed for time, then you must take a tour of the local Ankobra community where you can learn to make local handicrafts and jewelry. If staying for more than a day, two Ghana beach resorts that may suit your needs are the luxury Lou Moon Resort or the eco-resort Axim Beach Hotel.

3. Kokrobite Beach

This beach has a solid allegiance to Rastafarian culture, so unsurprisingly Kokrobite Beach is one of the most vibrant Ghana beaches around!

Situated 30 kilometers west of the capital, visitors can enjoy a lush palm tree lined beach with soft clean sand, tropical sea views, reggae music, and a vibrant nightlife.

This is also a popular surfing spot, and if you don’t have your board with you it’s possible to rent them from surf shops here.

There’s some great street food sold on the beachfront too, in particular different kinds of fish that are freshly caught and then smoked on the sand! In all honesty, we didn’t know how good smoked fish could taste before visiting Kokrobite.

If you’re looking for a laid-back atmosphere but with opportunities to turn up the energy if you feel like it, then a few days here might be perfect. Kuvuki Beach Lodge and Sankofa Beach House are two of the the best options for lodging around Kokrobite.

4. Bojo Beach

If you’re looking for a unique Ghana beach experience, then head to Bojo Beach. This stretch of sand is nestled between the sea and a 100m wide freshwater river and can only be reached by boat!

While it’s a little more difficult to reach than other beaches, the result is a beach that is regarded by many Ghanians as being the country’s most pristine and aesthetic. It’s also usually a quiet stretch of coastline too, despite being only 30 kilometers from Accra.

Expect a relaxed atmosphere and stunning ocean and river views. Without a doubt this is one of our favourite beaches in Ghana.

If you’re looking for beach resorts when visiting here, you could stay at Bojo Beach Resort or Jamaica Inn Guest House.

5. Cape Coast and Elmina Beach

One of the perks of visiting this beach is the history lesson you get while basking in the hot Ghanian sun.

That’s because Cape Coast – where the beach is situated – was initially built by the Swedes, temporarily occupied by the Dutch and the Danish, before eventually being developed by the British in 1665.

The whitewashed castle here looks picturesque and is a UNESCO World Heritage building, but it’s past is not so beautiful. It was formerly used as a slaveholding facility, and Cape Coast itself had a significant role in the transatlantic slave trade.

So while the lovely beach here, with its lofty palm trees, are well worth visiting in its own right, we recommend coming here to also learn about the turbulent history of this town and Ghana.

There’s many resorts to choose from, but two of the best are Lemon Beach Resort and Coconut Grove Beach Resort.

6. Busua Beach

This simple and pretty beach is located 40 kilometers west of Takoradi, and is a 5-6 hour drive from Accra.

The expansive stretch of sand here is a lovely getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, and the light coastal breeze coming from the sea is incredibly refreshing.

With fine golden sand and clean waters, Busua Beach is often regarded as one of the cleanest beaches in Ghana, making it perfect for sunbathing and a quick dip in the sea.

This is also a popular surfing spot, so there are rough waves at times.

So whether you are in hot pursuit of relaxation in an effort to catch up with the latest bestselling novel. or you’re just looking to take a dip in the sea, Busua is a worthwhile destination.

If staying here, two good beach resorts are Busua Beach Resort and Busua Paradiso Beach Resort.

7. Cape Three Points

For one of the last legs of our beach tour, we move to the Ghanaian coast’s southernmost point.

Named Cape Three Points due to its location, this peninsula is remote but deserves to be on your bucket list. Why? Well it’s known as the “land nearest nowhere” as it’s almost at 0 latitude, 0 longitude and 0 altitude! That makes it the nearest dry land to both the equator and Prime Meridian (Greenwich Mean Time)

With that the case, it’s little surprise this far-flung peninsular is a hub for adventurous tourists looking for a photo opportunity in a place that’s truly one of a kind.

After all it’s not only one of the most unique beaches in Ghana, but also one of the most unique in the world!

Make sure you visit the pretty Cape Three Points Lighthouse on your visit too. In our opinion the best accommodation here is Escape 3 Points Ecolodge.

8. Ada Beach

Located 100 miles from Acca and sitting on an estuary that flows into the huge River Volta, this pristine beach is a haven for beautiful seabirds and turtles!

It’s also a great base for yachting, watersports and sport fishing – all of which you can do while visiting here and the surrounding area.

It’s the option to do these adventure activities, along with the fantastic flora and fauna here, that makes this one of Ghana’s best beaches.

Ada Beach is also less frequented than other beach resorts in Ghana, and therefore it’s a great place to relax and wander in the sun while avoiding the crowds.

Whether you decide to just sit and watch nature, or to do something more adventurous, we’re sure you will have a memorable time here.

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