8 EPIC Things To Do In Barbados & Just 1 Involves The Beach!

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Beautiful Barbados is one of our favorite destinations in the Caribbean and no wonder – this stunning little island has perfect beaches, a friendly vibe, and some of the best sunsets in the region.

It also makes our list of the cheapest Caribbean islands to visit!

But while this island is a great destination for sunbathing and swimming, there’s many different and unique things to do while on holiday. Here’s our ultimate list:

Promenade at marina of Bridgetown, Barbados.

1. Take A Jeep Safari To See Barbados’ Wild Side

Barbados’ pristine beaches and tranquil waters are one side of the island, but the other side is more rugged, rough and ready.

A jeep safari will take you through lush forest into little-known Barbados, and up into hilly terrain so you can discover some of the best viewpoints across the island and ocean.

You won’t be roughing it though. Island Safari who run the tour will provide food, drink (rum punch – yum), and a knowledgeable guide!

2. Have Fun At The Oistens Fish Fry

Fish Frys are popular events throughout the Caribbean, and Barbados’ best shouldn’t be missed!

A fish fry is a street party which involves freshly caught seafood cooked up and served late into the evening, as locals and tourists mingle.

Head to Oistens, between Welches Beach and Miami Beach on a Friday or Saturday night and enjoy fresh food, great music, and a fun vibe.

Grilled fresh seafood in local market, Mahé - Seychelles Island

3. Have A Flutter At The Garrison Savannah

Situated just outside of the capital Brigetown is the Garrison Savannah – one of the oldest racetracks in the world.

Head down on race day and place your bets! The racetrack is a popular day out for locals, and the sense of excitement that builds is electric.

4. Share Your Lunchtime With Monkeys & Parrots

For something that’s bound to impress adults and kids alike, take a trip to Barbados Wildlife Reserve.

The four-acre forest allows you to walk freely among many of the animals – including beautiful parrots, deer, macaws and turtles.

There’s a roving band of mischievous Barbados green monkeys that make a trip into the reserve everyday around early afternoon.

Why? It’s feeding time at the reserve! Make sure you’re there before 2pm, and you can join them for a lunch date.

A close up shot of a Barbados Green Monkey holding her baby.
iStock.com/Paul ODoherty

5. Dive To The Bottom Of The Ocean

You don’t need to have a scuba license to witness the bottom of the Caribbean – you can take a submarine there instead!

On the Atlantis Submarine you will dive as deep as 150 feet below the surface, as the pilot takes you to some of the best spots to find colorful reef fish. Look out for the old shipwrecks on the seabed.

6: Tour & Taste At Mount Gay Rum Distillery

If you know rum, you will have heard of Mount Gay. It’s one of the most popular rums in the world.

The three centuries old distillery can be found at St Lucy, and does tours so you can discover exactly how your favorite Caribbean drink is made. The best part is, of course, the free samples.

bartender pouring drink

7. Tour Bridgetown Via Food!

If you’ve read any of our guides at Wandering our World, you will know we always have to mention food.

Why? Because food is often a window into the culture, tradition and even history of a region – and it’s tasty!

Taking a food tour of Bridgetown exposes you to all of that, plus you get to try out tasty Bajan dishes.

Our favorite company is Lickrish Food Tours. Their fun and informative tours are packed with tastings, and give you a great insight into the best eateries to visit during your stay.

8: Have A Picnic & Try To Spot Baby Sea Turtles At Foul Bay

The name of this beach may be off-putting, but we promise you it is one of the most beautiful – and secluded – in Barbados.

There are no food vendors or facilities at the long stretch of white powdery sand at Foul Bay, which means it’s one of the least populated beaches on the island.

Take a picnic and settle down on the soft sand for a romantic dinner.

If you go in early evening during the months of July-October you could experience something very special too. This is turtle-hatching season, and you may be lucky enough to see some making their journey to the sea.

Baby turtle swimming in the ocean, being released
iStock.com/Molly-Ann Basterfield

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