7 Restaurants In Chipping Campden That Locals Love For Food & Vibes!

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Chipping Campden, located in the heart of the Cotswolds, is a whimsical town rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Yet even though it’s small, this place has a lot to offer visitors searching for a true experience of English life along its charming streets and scenic countryside.

However, it’s the thriving dining scene and array of restaurants in Chipping Campden that always gets our attention when we’re in town.

With a broad choice of eateries catering to a variety of interests and prices, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you visit.

But to help you out if you’re new to Chipping Campden, here are a few of our favourite restaurants in town. Bon appetit!

Close Up Of Waitress Working In Traditional English Pub Serving Breakfast To Guests

The Best Restaurants In Chipping Campden: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Bistro on the Square

Delicious food served in a cosy environment with professional service and dozens of gin varieties!

When visiting Chipping Campden, you must find time in your schedule to visit Bistro on the Square.

This remarkable restaurant is the perfect location to have one of the best meals in town while also enjoying its extensive drink collection (they have over 70 different varieties of gin!) It’s perfect for treating yourself.

Bistro’s interior is done up in a lovely maroon and black, and the place certainly feels warm and inviting. Plus, with a full-service bar at one end of the lounge and lots of seating options too, there will always be space to accommodate everyone, no matter.

As far as the food is concerned, locals tend to rave about their Prime 8oz Fillet Steak, Thai Spiced King Prawn Linguine, and Grilled Vegetable Carpaccio, among other items.

They also do some fantastic desserts, and we’d recommend ordering the decadent Chocolate and Coconut Tart to finish your meal.

The restaurant is open every single day of the week from 9 am to 10 pm, making it a great place to go to for great food, vibes, and gin!

Address: The Square Upper, High St, Chipping Campden

bartender with gin & tonic
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2. Da Luigi Bistro

Italian classics served in a traditionally decorated space with outdoor seating, perfect for the entire family!

If you like having Italian cuisine that tastes just like it came straight from the streets of Milan, then a visit to Da Luigi Bistro in Chipping Campden will be a great addition to your itinerary when in the area.

Da Luigi Bistro is a cute little spot right in the center of town. And with its indoor and outdoor seating options, you can enjoy a visit here no matter what weather or season you end up stopping by in.

It’s a quaint spot that has amazing food and friendly staff too, and you’ll find an extensive pasta and pizza selection – this is Italian after all!

As for what we recommend, try their Penne Arrabiata Pasta, Pollo al BBQ pizza, Chicken Supreme, or Tiramisu to have some of the most popular dishes that their chef creates. Like we said, they also have a ton of other items on the menu, so you’ll definitely find plenty of options if these don’t suffice.

Da Luigi Bistro is open seven days a week, so drop by whenever you feel like it!

Address: High St, Chipping Campden.

Wine and pizza display
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3. Michael’s Mediterranean Restaurant

Delectable Greek & Mediterranean delicacies served in an iconic building, as old as the town itself! Outdoor seating is available too.

The best part about being in Chipping Campden is its unique selection of restaurants serving up international flavors and cuisines!

One of the best is Michael’s Mediterranean Restaurant, where the unique taste of Mediterranean food is brought to you with an English twist. If you’re someone who likes trying new stuff, then this place is for you.

Located right next to the iconic Woolmarket building, Michael’s is housed in a building that’s been a part of the town’s heritage since 1720! Many of its original features can still be found, even though the restaurant has been renovated and updated many times since.

Back to the food, and their Greek dishes are a big hit amongst locals, so that’s definitely what you should try when you go.

In particular, order their Mezedakia, Moussaka, and Filette Marathona to try what Michael’s are especially known for. indulge in their delicious wares. Then finish the meal off with their homemade Baklava of course!

Michael’s is open every day of the week, from 9:30 am to 10 pm.

Address: High St, Chipping Campden

Mediterranean dishes
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4. Maharaja Indian Restaurant

Authentic Indian dishes served in an upscale and elegant interior with exceptional service. Perfect for date night!

If you’re ever in the mood for some exotic Indian food while you’re in Chipping Campden, then we think the best place in town to enjoy Eastern classics is Maharaja Indian Restaurant. This fine dining establishment will give you an excuse to dress up and look fabulous too!

A part of the historic Volunteer Inn, this eatery will definitely make you feel like you’ve been teleported to India!

With its exquisite terracotta walls, unique décor, and authentic food, a visit here will likely end up becoming a highlight of your trip.

Just make sure you try their Chicken Jalfrezi, Sylheti Shatkora, Seafood Biryani, or Butter Chicken on your first visit here as we guarantee those will make you want to come back to try some more!

Also make sure to discuss any food sensitivities and allergens with your server beforehand. Plus, they also have a mild menu, in case you don’t like things too spicy.

Maharaja is a dinner place and so opens between 6 pm to 10:30 pm every day.

Address: 15 Lower High St, Chipping Campden.

Assorted curries on table
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5. The Bakers Arms

Unique country pub with a homely atmosphere, hearty food, and plenty of drinks! Beer garden and children’s menu available too.

Pubs and bars are aplenty in England, but nothing beats a proper English country pub. That’s exactly what The Bakers Arms is, a quaint little country pub located in a very scenic area of town serving up fantastic traditional British dishes and more.

With a classic, rustic interior, the Bakers Arms has a cheerful vibe too. It’s a popular community hotspot as well, and you’ll always find plenty of patrons lining the bar or sitting outside enjoying the sun during summer.

Whether you come for the food or a pint, you’ll leave happy. Particularly if you try the food which is elevated pub grub.

If we were you, try their Spicy Crab Cakes, Chicken Ham & Leek Pie, or the Homemade Beer-Battered Fish and Chips. There’s a reason those are so popular after all.

Then end the meal with a British classic, a Treacle Tart, and you’ll be sorted! They also have real ale, so make sure to order some to accompany your meal.

The Bakers Arms is closed on Monday and Tuesday but open all other days, mostly from 12-3 pm for lunch and from 5-10 pm for dinner.

Address: Angel Ln, Broad Campden, Chipping Campden.

Fish and chips with beer
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/Daviles

6. Café Huxley

Arguably the best coffee, breakfast and brunch in town! Need we say more? Outdoor seating available.

If you’re like us then you need to know where the best nearest local coffeehouse is, and for Chipping Campden that spot has been taken by the one and only Café Huxley.

Not only is this cafe famous for its coffee, but it’s also a popular breakfast joint, making it an ideal restaurant if you’re looking for a late breakfast or brunch when in town.

Cafe Huxley has a modern yet rustic décor with a great vibe. In fact it even has an actual fireplace that they light in winter, making this place seem like something out of an old English novel when visiting on a wintery December day!

If you come in summer though, you will get to enjoy their amazing outdoor terrace area, so Cafe Huxley is a pretty nice place to settle down with a cuppa during any season.

As for what to have for breakfast or brunch, we’d recommend trying their Granola and Greek Yogurt, Chocolate Croissant, Avocado on Toast, or the Frittata! Order your favorite kind of coffee, then settle back and enjoy a lovely start to the day.

Café Huxley is only closed on Sundays and open for business on all other days, so check them out from 10 am to 5 pm.

Address: Island House, High St, Chipping Campden.

coffee on a table
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7. Victor’s Sandwich Shop

Popular sandwich stop and breakfast spot, great for days when you want something light!

We always like to know of at least one healthy restaurant when visiting a new area, after all, sometimes all you want is to grab something to go which you won’t regret after eating! For those moments, we’d recommend heading over to Victor’s Sandwich Shop.

Victor’s is a family-run shop that’s in another iconic and historic building, the façade of which is perfect for some pictures.

But while photogenic, this eatery is mainly known for its sandwiches and breakfast. And as it opens as early as 7:30am, it’s actually one of the few restaurants in Chipping Campden where you can grab something early morning.

From their sandwiches, we recommend trying their Homemade Coronation Chicken, Roast Chicken sandwich, BLT and Bacon, Brie, and Cranberry, all of which you can get either in a traditional sandwich, a baguette or a wrap.

They also have toasties and ciabatta that you can try as well. Plus, their counter is often lined with other fresh baked goods as well, so make sure you scout them out before finalizing your order.

Although closed on Sunday and Monday, Victor’s is open all other days from 7:30 am to 2 pm.

Address: The Old Bakehouse, Lower High St, Chipping Campden.

That’s it guys, all our favourite restaurants in Chipping Campden. We hope you find your new favourite when visiting. Enjoy!


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