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8 Shortlisted Restaurants In Cirencester That Locals Love!

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Cirencester is a vibrant part of the Cotswolds, which is an area of outstanding natural beauty and benefits from plenty of things to see and do. They’re of a proud heritage here and are home to a number of historic buildings, including the Abbey Church of St Mary and the Roman amphitheater.

Throughout the year, the town comes to life with a variety of events. If you ever find yourself visiting, you can notably join in on the bevy of markets that happen, from a frequent farmers market to a fortnightly vintage market.

Notable restaurants, pubs, and cafes also offer a wide variety of food. You can find anything from traditional British food to international cuisine, as well as a number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Cirencester too.

Luckily we’ve dived headfirst into finding the best restaurants around to make choosing easier when you’re next visiting this gorgeous town.

So as you’ll see next, whether you’re out for a romantic evening or somewhere more casual to rest your feet after a busy day, Cirencester has plenty to offer when it comes to its food scene.

So without dawdling too much, here are the best restaurants in Cirencester. Bon appetit!

The Gloucestershire town of Cirencester

The Eight Best Restaurants in Cirencester: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Amore Mio

Arguably Cirencester’s best Italian restaurant, serving pizza, pasta, and unforgettable counter-style gelato!

Every town has their own version of a little Italy; for Cirencester, the winner we think is Amore Mio. This delightful little Trattoria has become a local favourite since opening and has really kicked up a stir in recent years.

Unlike some competitors, their menu isn’t a rap sheet of every dish known to the Mediterranean coastline. But, frankly, we’re grateful for it! No need to worry about being overwhelmed; Amore Mio offers a concise selection of wonderfully perfected dishes, from Sourdough pizza to pasta dripping in sauce.

Regulars rave about the pizza, and it’s been likened to being the best Cirencester has to offer. We’ll say one thing, it definitely outdoes your local fast food chain! The pizza is perfectly imperfect, topped with appealing dollops of fresh mozzarella and a collection of flavourful toppings. If you’re looking for comfort food, it doesn’t get better than this!

And that’s not even mentioning the pasta, Pesce, and Carne available! With plenty of vegetarian options mixed in for good measure. But we definitely recommend leaving some room for dessert too.

Not only do they offer Cannolos, Tiramisu, and cakes, but they also have a functional gelato stand, offering a collection of tantalising flavours of creamy, rich ice cream.

The venue is a colourful and quaint space; we’d call it overwhelming if it weren’t for the simplistic furnishings. But as small as the restaurant seems, they can pack quite a few patrons inside and offer a lovely outdoor seating area where guests can enjoy the warmer months.

There’s always a welcoming atmosphere, further endowed by the friendly staff and chatty owners who are bound to catch you for a conversation at some point during your visit!

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm to 3 pm, 5 pm to 9 pm Tues – Sat; 12 pm to 3 pm Sun; Closed Mon
  • Location: 1, Brewery Court, Cricklade St, Cirencester
Wine and pizza display
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2. Tierra and Mar

Spanish cuisine finds a unique twist at the beautiful and cosy Tierra and Mar.

Tierra and Mar is a dive into the delightful world of Spanish cuisine. Opened by husband-and-wife owners Brett and Silvia, they’ve created a space to pay homage to the roots of their upbringing in a unique and collaborative way.

Using fresh and wonderful ingredients found in the English countryside and traditional recipes from Spanish shores, Tierra and Mar is a distinctly exotic venue for people who want to get a taste of something new!

They’re renowned for their Tapas, with some reviewers even comparing it to Michelin-starred establishments. While we’re inclined to agree, the proof is in the pudding, and it’s up to you to make your own judgments.

The menus (yes, multiple) can seem a little bit overwhelming. In that case, you might want to consider their degustation menus, which offer you a set menu of a variety of their best dishes.

But rest assured, there’s an abundance of delightful delicacies to choose from, be that vegetarian dishes to a special Sunday menu (it’s not roasts but seems equally as divine).

The restaurant is incredibly welcoming too, with the staff offering an outstanding quality of service. It’s easy to see why locals regard it as one of the best restaurants in Cirencester. You can also rest assured knowing you’re well taken care of once you cross their threshold.

Don’t let external appearances fool you either; while the stoneface building seems cold, the doorway opens into a beautifully cozy interior. Warm wood tones meet oceanic blues.

A fireplace greets you at the entrance, no doubt put to good use in winter, before you meet the bar and the dining hall. There’s a fair amount of seating scattered throughout. Still, due to the fact they’re one of the most popular restaurants in Cirencester, we’d highly recommend booking tables ahead of time.

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm to 2 pm, 6 pm to 8:30 pm Tues – Sat; 12 pm to 2 pm Sun
  • Location: 29 Sheep St, Cirencester
Offering concept with many kinds of tapas
Photo for illustrative purposes only: Ragiboglu

3. Sam and Jak

A vibrant cafe with a bright future that specializes in contemporary British cuisine worthy of a Michelin rating!

Let’s introduce you to the vibrant and fun Sam and Jak in Cirencester. Operated, of course, by Sam and Jak themselves. After finding great success working together in Michelin-guide reviewed Made By Bob, this dynamic duo branched out to create their own catering company in 2018, soon after venturing into another venue known as The Upton Firehouse.

Now, they’ve brought their talents to Cirencester, opening their own independent restaurant, Sam and Jak, which is reminiscent of a colourful cafe.

It’s contemporary from stem to stern, with an appealing and rustic appearance settling throughout the double-storey venue. Cool blues meet warm woods, and friendly faces can often be found occupying the bar and booths.

Unfortunately, there’s no outdoor seating, but you can settle along the cosy window bars, where there’s ample opportunity to watch the bustling street and enjoy the windowed sunlight.

Much like the looks of this place, their menus also hold the same contemporary feel. Open from breakfast to dinner, there’s a plethora of modern British cuisine to be tried, no matter what time of day you choose.

Mornings offer a selection of flavourful breakfasts, where you can find comfort in the offerings of Eggs Benedict, stuffed Scrambles, and, of course, our favourite the Full English.

Moving to lunch and dinner, you can find a compelling selection of high-end dishes with a Sam and Jak twist. From steak tartare to pasta for something heartier, you won’t be disappointed by the options available!

And Sundays also offer guests the opportunity to indulge in a hearty Brunch, where pancakes, croissants, ribeye, and more are served alongside eclectic cocktails from dawn to dusk.

Though they’re new to the scene, they’ve got plenty of tenacity and experience to ensure Sam and Jak earn their way into the hearts of locals and tourists alike. But judging from the sterling reviews so far, they need no help in that aspect.

  • Opening Hours: 8 am to 5 pm Wed; 8 am to 11 pm Wed – Sat; 8 am to 5 pm Sun
  • Location: 2 Cricklade St, Cirencester
English breakfast display
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4. The Falcon Inn

A Countryside Inn with a twist, serving delicious pub grub and specialty menus throughout the seasons in their old-style indoor-outdoor venue.

Inns are an English staple; while other countries have tried to recreate these classic British venues, nobody does it quite like the UK. The Falcon Inn is a traditional country-style inn found in the Poulton area of Cirencester.

They check all the boxes, offering a comfortable, family-friendly establishment that locals absolutely adore for its welcoming atmosphere and excellent pub grub, alongside a selection of pints to whet your whistle!

Nothing gets us going more than the thought of homemade Pub meals though. Classics like Fish & Chips, Onion Soup, and Pies are, in our books, the ultimate comfort foods and tasty no matter where you have them! But The Falcon takes it to the next level.

The expert chefs in the kitchen are responsible for creating versatile menus that grace patrons’ tables throughout the year. They change monthly, using the freshest local and seasonal ingredients to create a mouth-watering menagerie of meals.

In addition to the daily menus, you can visit them on a Sunday for a fantastic Roast in the afternoon.

Throughout the year, the chefs also adapt and create unique menus to feature alongside Holiday Festivities for their special holiday parties.

And the fun doesn’t stop there; they also host special dinner evenings, pizza nights, and more. Just keep an eye on their social media for more details.

The Falcon is a tribute to old-style inns, with a picturesque garden for outdoor dining and a cosy interior with suave antique furniture, moody, romantic lighting, and plenty of quirky decor to keep the imagination going. The staff are warm and welcoming; most have grown up in the area, so it’s not uncommon to find them chatting away with regulars like long-lost friends.

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm to 2 pm, 6 pm to 9 pm Tues – Sat; 12 pm to 2:30 pm Sun; Closed Mon
  • Location:  London Rd, Poulton, Cirencester
Fish and chips with beer
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5. Igloo

An unassuming little restaurant serving global cuisine in a casual setting.

If you’re looking for a nice all-rounder to serve you hearty breakfasts and flavour-packed dinners, look no further than Igloo. Opened by power couple Oliver and Hannah Matchett, who were inspired by their global travels and passion for excellent food.

“We really wanted to show that a fresh ingredient restaurant could be created that does not cost the earth to enjoy but rather the opposite,” the Matchetts are quoted saying. And that’s precisely what they offer, incredible global cuisine made from local, fresh ingredients.

They offer an expansive list of menus to suit every occasion. So whether you’re there for brunch, Sunday roast or just a spot of lunch on a busy day, Igloo’s got you covered.

We love the versatility that comes with global cuisine; so whatever you’re craving, you’re bound to find something to love here. Igloo serves a range from Asian Stirfries and Mexican Nachos all the way through to gut-busting American Burgers. And as overwhelming as it sounds, you’d be surprised at how concise the menus actually are.

The owners can often be found milling about the restaurant, greeting guests, and keeping things in order. The service is impeccable too, and the vibrant, young team creates a refreshing atmosphere that makes the restaurant all the more relaxing.

Cute penguin decals decorate the walls of the otherwise simple and cosy venue. They’ve taken liberties to merge old with new in a restaurant that offers plenty of rustic charm and an encapsulating ambiance that makes you feel right at home.

  • Opening Hours: 9 am to 2:30 pm, 5 pm to 9 pm Mon – Fri; 9 am to 9:30 pm Sat; 10 am to 3 pm Sun
  • Location: 37 Castle St, Cirencester
Top view of home made tasty burgers on wooden table.
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6. Téatro Bar and Restaurant

A beautifully modern hideaway restaurant serving contemporary cuisines and cocktails alongside hosting live music in their indoor-outdoor venue on weekends.

When it comes to hideaway bars and restaurants, we have a nose for sniffing them out. And Cirencester’s best-kept secret is Téatro Bar and Restaurant.

Looking at it from the outside, it’s a very unassuming venue. We’d peg it more for a standard pub at first, but upon crossing their doors you’d be surprised by the snazzy wallpaper, contemporary finishes, and overall atmosphere the place boasts.

Of course, they have to have a charming disposition; they’re based next to the acclaimed national Barn Theatre. So they offer a cosy interior, with walls clad in stunning artwork and modern furnishings that make the entire venue feel elegant and romantic.

Outside, a heated courtyard allows guests to bask in the warmth of Cotswoldian fire pits while enjoying the fresh evening air.

Live music is common, with musicians performing on Fridays and Saturdays, usually making full use of the piano near the bar.

As for the menu, what a show-stopper in itself! Contemporary British cuisine, with some tidbits of global inspiration, adorns the pages of the menus. Their kitchen serves meals from dawn to dusk, with a creative flare that makes the dishes both look incredible and, as we’ve heard, taste impeccable too!

When you’re passing through in the morning, we implore you to stop and enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a stack of American Pancakes. And as evening approaches, if you’re getting ready to attend the theatre, note that Teatro offers a 3-course Pre-theatre dining experience as well.

The menus are all seasonal and change with the ingredients available throughout the year. Fresh and beautifully presented food, incredible service, and dinner with a show? We can’t deny that Teatro is one of the best restaurants in Cirencester.

  • Opening Hours: 8 am to 11 am, 5 pm to 10:30 pm Tues – Thurs; 8 to 11 am, 5 pm to 11:30 pm Fri; 9 am to 11 am, 5 pm to 11:30 pm Sat; 9 am to 11 am Sun; 8 am to 11 am Mon
  • Location: 5 Beeches Rd, Cirencester
Pancakes with banana, walnut and caramel.
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7. Malt & Anchor

A small maritime-themed restaurant that specializes in seafood and local brews. We’re eager to see what the future holds for this award-winning venue.

Now to whisk you away to the shorelines, where the catch of the day is seafood and stellar local beers. Malt & Anchor is an award-winning seafood restaurant in the heart of Cirencester that brings more to the table than your regular Fish & Chips.

This maritime-themed restaurant is an experience in itself. The small yet spacious venue is fully clad to match any seafarer’s wildest dreams. Thick shipping rope clings to the ceiling, while sailing decor clings to the walls. Yet, it’s far from kitschy; it feels rustic and winsome in its own unique way.

The doorway opens up to booths and tables, with a fully stocked bar tucked to the back, ready to fulfill the “Malt” part of their name. Happy servers wander between tables, offering excellent service and a welcoming atmosphere that helps you settle in quickly.

The menu, an attractive arrangement of fresh seafood, is bound to tantalize your tastebuds. The food brings thrilling competition to seaside towns, with many raving about the battered selection paired with mushy peas.

But you’re not just stuck to seafood; in fact, they also offer game-stuffed pies and a choice of sausages from the local butchery. But their most prized dish, from what we can tell, seems to be the battered cod with all the trimmings.

And, of course, their selection of beers is nothing to laugh at, attracting locals and visitors just for a taste of the pristine offerings that local breweries bring to the table.

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm to 2:30 pm, 5 pm to 9 pm Mon – Thurs; 12 pm to 2:30 pm, 5 pm to 9:30 pm Fri; 12 pm to 9:30 pm Sat; 12 pm to 3 pm Sun
  • Location: 4 Castle St, Cirencester
Selection of beer
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8. La Bobina – Spanish Tapas and Wine Bar

A tribute to Spanish tapas and the versatility of wine, you’ll feel transported to foreign shores in Cirencester’s very own La Bobina.

La Bobina is a blossoming series of Spanish restaurants and Wine Bars that’s slowly expanding its reach across the UK. Tapas bars are growing exponentially in popularity, and it’s easy to see why!

La Bobina has, without a doubt, wormed its way into becoming one of the best restaurants in Cirencester, not just because Tapas is trending but because the food is genuinely unforgettable.

The atmosphere is not something easily beat, with the staff taking special care to mimic the beauty of Tudor houses found throughout the Mediterranean region. Wine casks greet you upon entry, and the broody and romantic ambiance immediately sets the pace for an intimate and relaxing evening.

Guests are encouraged to share here; after all, that’s the point of Tapas! Whether you’re on a date with someone special or looking to experience something exotic with friends, this food is bound to cause a stir.

The menus are split into two, with a Feast Menu offering you the choice of three set menus, and an a la carte menu allowing you to choose your own best dishes to try. We like a hands-off approach and would love to see what the chefs produce on a set menu, but if you’re a bit finicky, then a la carte is the way to go.

Remember, although Tapas is traditionally small plates, that doesn’t mean it’s not filling! While La Bobina doesn’t offer anything in the way of main courses, if you’re creative enough, you can pair vegetables with meats and fish and create your own delicious meal with what’s on offer.

And you’ll need to leave space for wine, of course, which they serve in an abundance of reds, whites, pinks, and sparklings.

So if you’re ever stuck on a place to take your friends for a relaxed evening out, look no further than La Bobina. You won’t regret it.

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm to 11 pm Tues – Thurs; 12 pm to 12 am Fri & Sat; Closed Sun
  • Location: 14 Black Jack St, Cirencester GL7 2AA

The Best Restaurants In Cirencester: Final Thoughts

So there you have it. You’re spoiled for choice by the awesome restaurants this bustling town has, but you can always refer back to our helpful guide to help you find the best Cirencester has to offer. Enjoy!

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