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White sandy beach with palm tree and blue sky with white clouds in Saint Kitts, Caribbean.

The 10 Best Beaches In St Kitts That Locals Want All To Themselves!

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If you are like us, then indecisiveness can be a problem. It was certainly a dilemma when we first visited St Kitts and Nevis. Back then we were torn between which beach to see and what hotel beach resort to stay at – and believe us, it was more complex than picking an outfit for dinner!

That’s because the beaches in St Kitts are diverse and unique, and all have something that makes them special.

There’s plenty of beaches to choose from too. From the likes of South Friars Bay which is famed for its exciting water sport activities, to the secluded pristine volcanic sands at Dieppe Bay.

So if you’re planning a holiday to this Caribbean paradise, or you’re currently there, then we’ve got your back when it comes to that all-important beach decision!

Below are what we believe are the best beaches in St Kitts. Each one has something that makes it unique, be that fantastic water for swimming, whale-watching opportunities, or snorkeling in shipwrecks.

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Point of land on St Kitts between caribbean and atlantic ocean

The 10 Best Beaches In St Kitts: Sun, Sea & Sand In Paradise!

1. Banana Bay

At the extreme tip of St Kitts, you will find another secluded and tranquil beach with pristine waters and idyllic sand, all set amongst a picturesque backdrop of swaying coconut trees.

That beach is Banana Bay, and it also has stunning views across the sea to St Kitts’ sister island of Nevis.

The white soft sand here makes it perfect for sunbathing, while the warm shallow water is fantastic for swimming and snorkelling. If you do snorkel then look out for the jumping fish!

Apart from a couple of recent construction projects, this bay remains undeveloped and is one of our favorite places in St Kitts and Nevis to unwind.

Our tip is to take a hammock with you when visiting. You can string it up between some of the palm trees that line the beach and read that novel you’ve been meaning to start for months. Just perfect.

2. Cockleshell Bay

Just around the corner from Banana Bay is the more well-known and developed Cockleshell Bay. This pretty bay is known mainly for it’s soft powdery sand and is a very nice swimming spot too.

The views over to Nevis are well worth the trip here alone, but we also like this beach as it has lots of food options.

There’s some very nice grill places, bars, and restaurants here, all of which have that laid-back Caribbean ambiance that’s famous in the region. Be sure to check out the Reggae Beach Bar at the east end.

Make sure you bring your snorkeling gear too as there’s a good variety of reef fish to see.

When sunbathing you may be approached by locals about whether you want a massage. It’s nothing dodgy! In fact the masseurs are very good.

3. Majors Bay

Despite its crystal-clear waters and idyllic sands, Majors Bay doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves.

It’s located just a few yards from the end of the southeast peninsular, next to where the Sea Bridge ferry takes passengers to Nevis. So it’s a great place to stop on your way to or from St Kitts’ sister island.

Yet despite the ferry being so close, this beach is rarely visited and is usually completely empty once the ferry departs. Meaning you have a paradise Caribbean beach all to yourself.

In fact Majors Bay is often touted by locals as being where they think the next major development in the island will take place. So try and get here before the hotels do!

With the water shallow until around 80m out into sea, this bay is also a superb swimming spot. The changing colors of blue and turquoise in the water here is very beautiful.

4. Sandy Bank Bay

In our mind this is one of the most picturesque beaches in St Kitts. Yet despite that you’ll never find it busy, and almost every tourist that comes to this island won’t visit Sandy Bank Bay.

There’s no restaurants, beach bars, or watersports here. Just soft white sand, warm water that’s perfect for swimming, and some gorgeous views.

The reason it’s not visited much is probably due to the fact it’s on the Atlantic side of St Kitts, and so many assume that the water will not be as calm or warm as the beaches on the Caribbean side. However that’s not the case at all. This bay is protected, secluded and quiet.

If you’re looking for a beach with a romantic feel, or one that feels like you’re on a deserted island all to yourself – this is it!

5. Dieppe Bay Beach

This huge secluded black sand beach has a real Caribbean vibe, and is an exceptional photo opportunity too.

That’s because here you’ll find crystal clear water lapping against striking black volcanic sand, and then dotting the beach are lush green palms. It’s a very beautiful place.

Dieppe Bay Beach was initially formed by volcanic activity, which explains the black sand, and is protected by a significant barrier reef.

It was also the first European settlement camp in the eastern Caribbean and was made into a French colony in 1538, before falling to the Spanish only two weeks later. It’s a place of historical significance as well as great beauty.

It’s also where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic. In fact you can see the waves crash together at the point where both oceans meet at this bay. It’s quite a sight.

However the good thing is that despite that wave action, the Caribbean side of this bay has a protected cove which is much calmer and very good for swimming.

This beach isn’t that well known among tourists so it’s secluded and peaceful. If you do visit, then there’s a wonderful restaurant called Arthur’s that serves locally caught seafood. A must try.

6. North Frigate Bay

This soft sandy beach divides the northern Atlantic with the south Caribbean and is perfect for long secluded beach walks.

This beach is popular for watersports like windsurfing, surfing, and jet skis – which you can rent.

There’s lots of beachfront bars and restaurants to grab a drink or dinner here too, many full with extremely helpful and friendly locals.

Despite being quite a lively beach with lots on offer, this bay and beach is rarely jam-packed, even during the peak tourist season.

The bars are open late, so if you’re looking for a laid-back beach experience with late-night options then this St Kitts beach could be the one for you.

7. South Frigate Bay

South Frigate Bay is just a short walk from North Frigate, and is the place to go for nightlife! There’s a string of beachfront bars and nightclubs here, many that stay open until the early hours, with most situated on an area of the bay called the ‘Strip’.

All of that has made this bay a popular place for locals to unwind in the evening. In fact the best nightlife on the island is probably in this scenic bay, along with some of the best restaurants and food.

So if you’re looking for fun when the sun goes down, then the Strip is the place to be – especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The beach in the bay has some astounding seaside views, but does have some rocks and seaweed strewn around it. But if you’re looking for cocktails in the sun, or late-night food, drinks, and dancing, then visiting South Frigate is a must.

8. South Friars Bay

This pristine and tranquil stretch of coastline is located off the southeast peninsula highway, and is popular with Kittitians looking for a weekend getaway to golden sands and crystal-clear water.

The water here is transparent, warm and shallow making it perfect for swimming. There’s also some of the best snorkelling in St Kitts if you swim out to the coral reefs that sit just off the shoreline.

The sand itself is soft, and the views of the mountains set against the sea makes this place really feel like the paradise it is.

If you fancy a little more action you can rent jet skis at this beach too. There’s a couple of small beach bar/restaurants here as well.

For us, we found it to be a lovely mix of seclusion and 21st century life. Easily one of our favourite beaches in st Kitts.

9. Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is situated at the tip of the southeast peninsula highway and is one of the best St Kitts beaches for sunbathing, beach walks, and boat rides.

If you take one of the boats from here out to sea it’s possible to see dolphins and whales. Or you can pay to get one of the local tour companies to take you to the fantastic offshore reef which is full of colorful reef fish.

As for the beach itself, the sand is soft and there’s a wonderful view out towards the Narrows and Nevis.

You might find some seaweed on the beach here because it’s not a popular resort beach, but honestly we’re happy with some seaweed if it means you have a Caribbean beach all to yourself. And that’s sometimes the case when visiting this pretty place.

10. White House Bay

There’s a few great places to go snorkeling in St Kitts, but White House Bay is in our opinion the best.

The beach is rocky, but it’s a very nice beach for a sunset walk. The views and colors of the sea are quite spectacular here as well. However it’s two shipwrecks just off the beach – a sunken tugboat and an 18th century British ship – that make ths beach a must-visit.

That’s because both wrecks are now home to a variety of sea-life (particularly big starfish and angel fish), making this one an exceptional place to snorkel. This is also one of our favorite places to kayak in St Kitts too.

To get here follow the signs to Salt Plage Restaurant. The restaurant opens around 4pm, and is a nice place for a bite to eat. Before it opens the beach tends to be completely empty.

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