Shortlist: Nine Exceptional Cambria Restaurants That Locals Love!

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A fine dining experience carves a lasting effect on the mind. Do many of your best memories revolve around great meals?

If yes, it means you are a food lover who appreciates good food with an open heart. California holds an important position in the dining culture of the USA, and the quaint pretty seaside village of Cambia certainly holds to that.

Despite its small size, there’s many fantastic restaurants to try in this town, and we know the best ones! So if you’re looking for exceptional food, great coastal views, or both – we’ve got you covered. (Recommended: Breathtaking Castles in California).

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Discover The Best Cambria Restaurants Which Locals Go Back To Again And Again

With its laid-back coastal vibe and historic buildings, Cambria is a destination many return to again and again. However one of the main reasons for that is down to the cozy restaurants and bistros here that are producing some very special food.

Expect farm-fresh ingredients and dishes with a Cambrian and coastal twist. Combine that with the scenic surroundings, and you’ve got a dining experience that’s unique to here.

However deciding where to eat can be an overwhelming task, especially when you don’t know a place. No problems though, as we’re here with our nine favorite Cambria restaurants (CA)!

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The Nine Best Cambria Restaurants For Great Food

1. Indigo Moon

Located in Cambria’s historic east village, you can enjoy well-cooked cuisine in a friendly atmosphere at Indigo Moon. Choosing where to sit in this small restaurant is up to you. Want to sit in a quiet place? Then grab a corner table. Or maybe head to the heated back patio (which is decorated with lovely lights) to have a romantic open-air meal. In fact there’s three outdoor areas at this restaurant to choose from.

They serve classic American dishes here with a twist, and are known locally for serving up delicious seafood dishes using freshly caught produce. Try out the delicious Salmon main or Tempura-battered Fish and Chips for a real taste of Cambria.

We have to give special mention to their Pork Sandwiches, Pork Chops, and extensive range of cheeses and wine on offer too (they started out as a wine and cheese shop). It’s the variety of offer that keeps us coming back for more.

Address: 1980 Main St


2. Sea Chest

The cozy atmosphere at this trendy seaside cottage restaurant has made it a famous stop-over-point for visitors who love fresh seafood. In particular the oyster bar here is a big draw, and it’s possible to sit at the bar and watch as chefs prepare orders.

However the pièce de résistance has to be the outside area which has a fire pit, classy lighting, and spectacular views of the sea. It’s the perfect place for great food and wine.

We recommend trying the Calamari Steak, Sea Bass, Clam Chowder, or the Alaskan Halibut. However the menu here is changed regularly so there’s the chance to enjoy daily and weekly specials.

This place opens only for dinner, but we recommend getting here early as they’re a first-come first-served restaurant. It’s worth it not just for the food, but the stunning sunsets here too.

Address: 6216 Moonstone Beach Dr


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3. Robin’s Restaurant

The sparkling ambiance and finger-licking food at Robin’s Restaurant has been gaining the attention of locals and tourists alike for years.

Back in 1980, this was a popular health food store owned by Robin and Shanny Covey, and they’ve slowly transformed into a quaint full-time restaurant. The fact it’s been around for so long, just shows how good the food is.

Their aim of producing healthy, nutritious food continues to this day in the form of several healthy-eating options on the menu, as well as vegetarian options. There’s some good kid options too.

What this place has really gained a reputation for are the grilled seafood dishes, sandwiches, rolls and curries on offer. The homemade desserts are well worth the trip to Robin’s alone.

There’s alovely outside sitting area too which is perfect for drinks with friends, so you can chat, eat and have fun while enjoying the famous Californian sun!

Address: 4095 Burton Dr


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4. Linn’s Restaurant

Linn’s Restaurant is something of a Cambria institution having originally started out as a fruit stall on Santa Rosa Creek Road. Now located at the corner of Bridge Street and Main Street this restaurant owned by John and Renee Linn continues to win the hearts of locals thanks to their delicious homestyle dishes and desserts.

The olallieberry is the star of the show here and they serve various combinations that bring out the rich sweet and tart flavor of the berry. Be that olallieberry vinaigrette on salad, apple-olallieberry slaw with tri-tip sandwich, and olallieberry syrup on your pancakes. And kids don’t miss out too – they can try the olallieberry lemonade!

We’ve found this Cambria restaurant to be good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For a scrumptious breakfast, order the omelet, fruit muffins, or honey-wheat pancakes. At lunch the salads, soups, and sandwiches are great. While at dinner, you won’t regret ordering traditional American dishes like the Pot Roast, delicious Burgers, Chicken Pot Pie, and Homemade Meatloaf.

Excellent food in a fun atmosphere, and some superb homemade dishes. This is one of the most famous and popular restaurants in Cambria.

Address: 2277 Main Street


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5. JJ’s Pizza

This place is considered by many to be the the best Cambria restaurant to go to if you’re looking for fantastic pizza.

Located in the East Village, JJ’s Italian-American style pizzas are packed with flavor, loads of toppings, and a sumptuous crust. Along with a variety of topping options you can actually build-your-own-pizza here. Pretty neat. There’s other typical fast food dishes too, like sandwiches, burgers, chicken wings, fries and more.

Other than the pizza, popular options here are the Char Burgers, and the Cambria Sandwich which is made up of ham, turkey and a variety of cheese.

If we’ve had along day exploring the region then getting some good food and a beer at JJ’s isoftenour go-to dinner.

Address: 2380 Main St


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6. Firestone Grill

For BBQ, it’s hard to beat this Cambria restaurant. Firestone Grill was started in 1984 as a hamburger stand in Cambria’s West Village but has grown into a popular bar and grill that serves fantastic meat and seafood.

Special mention has to go to the french fries here, which are famous amonglocals – they are very easy to munch on!

There’s many other dishes too that are worth trying, such as tacos, salads, and different types of sandwiches. It also has an excellent kids menu as well, plus a very niceoutside area for soaking up the Central Coast sun.

Address: 603 Main St


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7. The Hidden Kitchen

This is the place to grab a delicious breakfast when in Cambria, and with a lovely patio area you can enjoy that breakfast in the fresh air and (hopefully) sun.

The Hidden Kitchen startedout assmall local stall that became famous for its smoothies, blue cornmeal waffles and 100% gluten free menu. The unique sweet and savory flavor combinations they use have seen their customer base growover the years and the result is this quaint café.

They’re still serving their famous seasonal smoothies and sweet and savory cornmeal waffles, so if you are a foodie, you don’t want to miss this spot. When it comes to Cambria restaurants this is a must try.

Address: 2164 Center St


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8. The Spot

This used to be a ‘hidden gem’ but the food at The Spot has become so well-known in Cambria that it’s now one of the town’s most famous eateries!

This affordable family-owned cafe is famous for its savory and sweet crepes, and is probably our favorite lunch spot in Cambria. The crepes are varied as well, so expect the usual options as well as eclectic items like Nectarine Almond Crepes and Steak and Mushroom Crepe.

Try their fresh squeezed juice as well, it’s delicious. If you’re not getting take out then get a seat on the terrace so you can enjoy the sun and some Cambria scenery.

Address: 1235 Knollwood Cir Ste


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9. Creekside Garden Cafe

This cozy small-town cafe/diner is open for breakfast and lunch, and has a laid-back vibe that we love. But it’s the outside space and fantastic service that always has us returning again and again.

The huge outside patio is perfect for grabbing a drink with family and friends, whist the food here – which is typical cafe fare like burgers and breakfast items – is affordable, tasty and comes in generous-sized portions. The service is excellent too.

Address: 2114 Main St


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