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An Insider’s Guide To Boulder Breweries: Must-Visit Breweries & Craft Beer You Have To Try

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There are thousands of craft breweries in the country, and you’ll find a great deal of them in Colorado. In fact, the ‘Centennial State’ is home to over 400 breweries and some of the most exciting call Boulder home.

Boulder is known for its year-round beer festivals, which have turned the city into an authentic beer lover’s destination. Touring the many breweries that make the city’s beer is also tons of fun, and brewers are creative here, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

Where to start? Well, here are what we believe are the most exciting and best Boulder breweries, along with recommendations for their finest brews.

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The Boulder Breweries You Have To Try

1. Wild Provisions Beer Project

Wild Provisions is all about experimentation. Wild beers, lesser-known techniques and lots of passion come together for a collection of what we call, not-your-everyday beers.

They create lesser-known beer types, and by that we mean barrel fermented wild beer, farmhouse sours, funky Belgian beers and a few more traditional Czech-style lagers.

Wild provisions is open daily, and they offer 5-oz samples, so you need not commit to a single beer style. You can try them all!

Beer to try: Penicillin barrel sour beer. 5% ABV wild fermented and aged in Islay Scotch barrels.

Address: 2209 Central Ave


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2. Sanitas Brewing Company

Brewing enthusiasts Michael Memsic and Chris Coyne are behind Sanitas, an impressive project that’s been around since 2013. Sanitas’ taproom is worth the visit alone — they have indoor and outdoor sitting perfect for conversation, and a fantastic taco menu. Sanitas is what the beer scene in Boulder is all about: community.

As for the beer, the draft list changes often, but you can expect IPAs, Hazy IPAs, a few sour beers and a mean Mexican lager. When it comes to Boulder breweries, this is a must visit.

Beer to try: IPA 3.0. A 7% ABV with 71 IBU, Amarillo and Centennial hops with Munich Malts.

Address: 3550 Frontier Ave Unit A


3. Beyond the Mountain Brewing

At Beyond the Mountain, beer and music become one. This Boulder brewery is really engaged with the city’s live music scene and you can expect gigs in the taproom. The beer coming from Charles Hixon and Morgan Way’s fermentation tanks is also creative and somewhat musical.

The beer styles here are quite varied, from a Mexican Vienna-style lager to a Double IPA influenced by The Jauntee – an East Coast jamband.

Beer to try: Basil Saison Farmhouse Ale. 5.7% ABV 31 IBU, infused with fresh basil and brewed with saison yeast for a spicy palate.

Address: 6035 Longbow Dr Unit 109


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4. Avery Brewing Company

A pioneer brewery in Boulder, Avery has been around since 1993. The beer is fantastic as well — old-world beer style meets innovation and American ingredients for some of the finest beer in the city.

The award-winning Avery Stout is a crowd-pleaser, but so is their IPA; it’s the first IPA brewed in Colorado!

Beer to try: White Rascal. Belgian-style white ale, 5.6% ABV, cloudy, unfiltered with orange peel scents. Made with a 15th-century recipe.

Address: 4910 Nautilus Ct N


5. Vision Quest Brewing Company

Vision Quest is one of the most laid-back and creative breweries in Boulder. You’ll find this one in the Old Pearl District, but don’t expect a massive operation; Vision Quest is a nano-brewery specializing in custom beer made in ultra-small batches.

The taproom is also one of the most dynamic, especially when the brewery puts together a special event, and they often do!

Beer to try: Fire Worm. A lime cheesecake pastry sour livened with roasted habanero peppers.

Address:  2510 47th St Suite A2


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6. Kettle and Spoke Brewery

Kettle and Spoke is a great project specializing in crafting small-batch beer the old-fashioned way. They also turned their taproom and patio into one of the hottest spots for live music and great beer in Boulder.

The beer changes often here, but they always have a great selection on tap. From Peanut Butter Brown Ales to American Stouts, the beer here is great, and enjoying it on site is among the best things to do in the city on weekends. Definitely one of our favorite Boulder breweries.

Beer to try: Fresh Tracks Coffee Stout. 6.0% ABV, nicely charred flavors and a bold palate.

Address: 2500 47th St, 12


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7. Twisted Pine Brewing Company

This brewery is also an OG in Boulder. It opened its doors in 1995 and has a fantastic taproom, the Ale House, which is also one of the first of its kind — do try their pizza! The beer is pretty sophisticated, and there’s both a seasonal menu and year-round brews.

Beer to try: Neo Pils. A 5.6% American Lager made with large amounts of corn adjuncts and fruity New Zealand hops.

Address: 3201 Walnut St


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8. West Flanders Brewing Company

You’ll find this brewery and taproom on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall. The man behind this traditionalist project is brewmaster Brian Lutz, and Mr. Lutz focuses on old-style beers with a twist.

Belgian beers are the highlight here but don’t miss some of the more creative brews, including an Apricot Kettle Sour. The food is also fantastic. Pair your sour beer with a side of poutine fries!

Beer to try: Claret Barrel Aged. A 6% ABV Lager aged in claret barrels for four years!

Address: 1125 Pearl St


9. Westbound & Down Brewing Co.

It’s in Idaho Springs rather than Boulder, but we had to have an honorable mention to this brewery. What started as a weekend project between friends soon became a very successful brewery and brewpub in 2015. Quality here is a given, but there’s also lots of creativity and innovation.

IPAs are the specialty here, but W&D offers pretty neat sours as well. By the way, all beers are unfiltered and bold — they use 100% American ingredients, from grain to hops.

Beer to try: Juice Caboose. A New England IPA dry-hopped with Citra, Galaxy and Strata. Deliciously tropical and palate coating.

Address: 1617 Miner St, Idaho Springs


Photo for illustrative purposes only: Zagyi

And That’s Just a Drop in the Beer Barrel

The above are just a few must-visit breweries in Boulder, Colorado, but there are many others across this region! In fact, the city has one of the fastest-growing craft beer industries in the country, so if you love beer, Boulder is for you.

If you’re looking for a fun destination, either for a long weekend or a well-deserved beer-themed vacation, Colorado is probably your best bet — the weather is nice most of the year, food is awesome, people are friendly, and beer is on another level! What’s your favorite brewery in Boulder?

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