Shortlist: Eight Restaurants In Golden (CO) That Locals Love!

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You’ll find Golden just 12 miles away from Denver -it’s a naturally beautiful, thriving little city with mountain views and an interesting gold rush history. And as you might have expected from such a picturesque location, there are dozens of restaurants in Golden, CO, that offer some amazing food in charming settings. 

So here are our favorite picks – experience everything from New American fine dining and rustic Italian flavors to easygoing burgers and Mexican cuisine. Let’s dig in! 

View of of the city from Lookout Mountain Road also known as the Lariat Loop Scenic Byway

Our Top Eight Best Restaurants in Golden, CO: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Abejas

Locavore eatery serving creative farm-to-table fare in a rustic-chic setting 

Based on a strong locavore policy and sense of community, Abejas dishes out imaginative New American fare using seasonal produce and organic meats.

It’s the go-to choice for locals looking to have dinner in an upscale and trendy setting and savor some intriguing combinations of flavors that taste fresh and look vibrant. Not only are the ingredients and beers sourced from nearby farms, but the dining room itself is made from reclaimed wood and materials from a ranch in Golden.

The result? A gorgeous rustic-chic space with a bar area and an intimate atmosphere that’s fit for anything from casual drinks to celebratory dinners.

Following owners Brandon and Barry’s seasonal restaurant theme, the food here is farm-to-table, and the menu remains concise and changes regularly. Expect very vibrant, gourmet salads and a handful of creative entrees, such as the elegant ratatouille with a lovely gremolata, or a tender pork loin served with charred stone fruit and a unique Skhug couscous.

Everything is artistically presented and can make anyone’s stomach growl with hunger! On Sundays, Abejas hosts brunch, with a short but inclusive menu. Stuff like duck confit hash with poached eggs, a rich pork belly and waffles, and a delightful peach French toast can be the perfect start to any Sunday. 

Don’t forget to check out their stellar cocktails – the rosemary-infused Sloe the Funk Down gin is uniquely tempting!

Oh and, do get a reservation – as one of the most popular restaurants in Golden they stay particularly busy (the food is so darn good – can you blame them?). Find them open Tuesday-Saturday from 5 pm onwards for dinner and brunch (9.30 am – 2 pm) on Sundays. 

Address: 807 13th St, Golden, CO

Chef adding drizzle to fine dining plate
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2. Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza

Long-running pizza parlor with a cheery ambiance, outdoor seating, and an all-day soup/salad and pizza buffet

There are many reasons why the decades-old Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza is an award-winning restaurant in Golden, CO. Choosing to come here is a no-brainer for locals – who wouldn’t want affordable, expertly-made pizzas with generous toppings and super-friendly service?

The atmosphere is delightful too and resembles that of a casual sports bar, with a rustic wood-paneled dining space, dim lighting, and a bar area with TVs.

Since they also offer an all-day buffet, you’ll find a salad/soup bar and a station designated for various pizzas that are restocked promptly. There’s outdoor seating at the cute little shaded front porch for those who’d like to take in Washington avenue and the towering mountains beyond. 

The real deal, of course, is their pizzas. Made with scratch-made ingredients, these wood-fired pizzas are generously topped and have a crispy crust for that ultimate satisfying bite. What’s unique, though, is that you get some honey on the side to drizzle on your pizza, which can take your slice to a whole new level, so definitely try it!

Aside from regular flavors, you can experience some imaginative takes on pizza, such as the Kimchi Kickin that’s loaded with spicy kimchi and a homemade Thai chili sauce. Can’t find the perfect combination of flavors on the menu? Just ask the folks behind the counter exactly what you’re looking for, and they’ll gladly whip it up for you!

We definitely recommend going for their $15/person buffet, though, which includes unlimited salad and sauces, yummy soups such as the ever-so-popular beer cheese soup, and lots of pizza. A deal that’s hard to beat! 

You can also ask for gluten-free crusts, and order juicy burgers and other stuff from the a la carte menu. Oh and, do try their huge and undeniably good bloody marys! They’re open every day from 11 am onwards. 

Address: 1305 Washington Ave, Golden, CO

3. Bridgewater Grill

New American cuisine served in a modern ambiance with outdoor seating on a veranda overlooking Clear Creek and the mountains beyond

Your culinary journey at Golden would be incomplete without visiting Bridgewater Grill and tasting its delectable New American fare.

Located on 11th Street inside The Golden Hotel, this trendy spot offers a stunning view of Clear Creek and the surrounding mountains and trees. Sipping a drink on their first come first serve veranda seating area is truly an unforgettable experience when you can take in this breathtaking view.

Meanwhile, their indoor seating area also packs a punch in terms of ambiance. A chic bar area and upscale furnishings in the dining room with contemporary design and layout add to the atmosphere, and some window seats here also have a view of the mountains. 

As for the food, expect everything from casual stuff like burgers to artsy plates of elegant entrees. Breakfast includes everything from steel-cut oats to decadent Belgian waffles, along with brunch-y picks like eggs Benedict, chicken and biscuits, and some stellar mimosas and bloody marys.

Lunch is mostly all about gourmet burgers, such as the BWG steak burger that comes with a peppercorn-crusted patty and an in-house marinated blue cheese.

Dinner is where you get to experience their entrees, such as the Colorado filet featuring truffled hollandaise and red wine demi-glace.

And on Wednesdays, you can get your hands on a truly luxurious 3-course prime rib-eye dinner. Don’t forget to check out their cocktails and the very exotic wine list – one of the best wine lists amongst restaurants in Golden, CO.

Although reservations aren’t necessary, you should definitely get one if you plan to dine on a weekend as this is easily one of the most popular weekend restaurants in Golden, CO.

They’re open every day from 8 am till dinner, and happy hours are from 3 pm – 6 pm from Monday-Friday, with stuff like prime rib sliders, bison meatballs, and many draft beers up for grabs. 

Address: 800 11th St, Golden, CO

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4. Bella Colibri

Rustic Italian eatery with a patio serving innovative dishes in an upscale and romantic atmosphere 

Date night in Golden, CO calls for a visit to Bella Colibri. This quintessential Italian eatery was established in 2019 inside a historic building as a fine dining addition to the city’s food scene. And sure enough, the food and atmosphere tick all the boxes of what you’d expect from a bougie place like this.

Stepping inside, you’ll find yourself in a narrow passageway that leads up to the small and intimate, 19th-century dining room. Exposed brick walls, candlelight chandeliers, and a small, cozy bar make the ambiance very quaint, while the limited tables keep the atmosphere quiet and romantic.

You can also book the ‘chef’s table’, where you can interact with the chefs and watch them meticulously prepare and plate your meal, or settle on their patio under pretty string lights.

It all comes down to the food, of course, and that’s where this place really shines. With a modern twist on rustic Italian flavors, the chefs here offer fine dining at its absolute best. Everything is plated delicately with painstaking care, and it’s all packed with high-end ingredients and flavors you may not have experienced before.

Start with their burrata – a unique combination of tomatoes, figs, persimmons, and chili jam. Move on to the very elegant and innovative mains, such as the porcini mushrooms with hazelnuts and currants, or the rich lasagna incorporated with ricotta and mascarpone.

Try the housemade pasta too – duck confit on trofie pasta and pheasant piccata served with spinach tagliatelle are some examples of what you can indulge in. They’ve also got an excellent wine list featuring Italian wines. 

Bella Colibri is open Wednesday-Saturday from 5 pm onwards – reservations are highly recommended! 

Address: 812 12th St, Golden, CO

Italian pastas with different kinds of sauce
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5. D’deli 

Counter-serve deli serving gourmet sandwiches in a humble setting with outdoor seating

Everyone enjoys a good sandwich. But at D’deli, sandwiches are taken to a whole new level – to the point you crave them and can’t stop raving about them!

Established in 1975, this counter-serve sandwich spot is family-owned and heavily focuses on local produce, so everything they make tastes fresh and is scratch-made, including the bread.

The venue itself is pretty low-key – a small dining space furnished with a handful of tables and homely decor, along with some sidewalk seating under umbrellas. The cherry on top? The super-friendly folks behind the counter – they’ll cater to all your needs and help you navigate through the tons of ingredients they stuff their sandwiches with. 

And these aren’t your average deli sandwiches either – they’re piled high with unlikely combinations of ingredients that somehow work wonders on the taste buds. If you’re willing to try something new, get the Maui Waui, which comes packed with ham, veggies, pineapple, jalapenos, and homemade teriyaki sauce. Weird? A little. But is it worth it? Certainly, and locals agree!

Colorado favorites like smoked corned elk with goat cheese, greens, and a unique mix of chutneys and sauces are also up for grabs. Familiar flavors like the Buffalo Rueben or the French Dip can also be savored, and you can order any of the sandwiches to be served as a salad (removing the bread and throwing in a bed of greens) or a wrap.

All the sandwiches are served inside freshly baked white bread or an Italian baguette and are enormous enough to satisfy the biggest of appetites. 

Open every day from 11 am – 5 pm, this is one of the best restaurants in Golden for lunch and is a must-try when you’re craving a quick but satisfying lunch. 

Address: 1207 Washington Ave, Golden, CO 

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6. Bob’s Atomic Burgers

Build-your-own-burgers served in a casual setting with outdoor seating offering views of the mountains 

There’s hardly a day in the week when Bob’s Atomic Burgers isn’t busy. Bustling with people seeking out their atomically tasty burgers, this casual burger joint is located off the beaten path from across Coors Brewery.

It’s one of those local restaurants in Golden, CO that can make you forget all about chains with their various fresh-tasting, juicy, and oh-so-satisfying burgers.

The venue itself is pretty casual with eclectic decor, and there’s not much seating inside, but there are plenty of tables outside under umbrellas with a stunning view of the Rocky mountains!

To make things a little more fun, they let you take control of your burger by letting you decide exactly what you want. Walk in, grab a bag where they’ve got all the options listed down, and choose your toppings, burger type, and any add-ons. Then get in line to hand over your list to the cashier and choose your sides.

Find a table (preferably with a mountain view) and wait till they bring those juicy burgers to you. It might take some time for your turn, but once you bite into those towering savory delights, you’ll realize it’s worth all the wait. Choose from a typical hamburger, a sandwich, or a vegetarian quinoa or black bean burger – all of which are ground in-house.

The add-ons include guac, onion strings, fried egg, and more, while the different kinds of cheeses really give you room to explore and build your dream burger. Don’t forget to try the sweet potato fries – they’re considered some of the best in town! 

Drop in any day from 11 am onwards and find out for yourself what’s all the rage about. 

Address: 1310 Ford St, Golden, CO

Burgers on board display
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7. Ali Baba Grill

Long-standing eatery serving Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine in an authentically eastern setting 

Few restaurants have an everlasting impact that gets people driving miles to experience their food again, but Ali Baba Grill is definitely one of them.

Not only is their food authentic and good enough to impress the harshest of critics, but the ambiance is truly unforgettable. It looks very unassuming from the outside with its strip mall location but stepping inside transports you to a whole new world – as if you’re dining in a quaint restaurant in Istanbul.

The front room is painted with eastern designs and feels pretty nice, but the dining room at the back is where it really gets magical. Tapestries hanging from the ceiling, a fountain in the middle of the room, traditional lanterns, and intricate designs on the walls make for a stunning atmosphere. They’ve also got outdoor seating if you wish to dine alfresco. 

Since owners Fiyahd and Mahmoud have Mediterranean roots themselves and possess impressive culinary skills, they’ve ensured everything tastes authentic and is packed with flavor. Try the Labneh – pita topped with kefir cheese and herbs – or veggies wrapped in grape leaves as appetizers before moving on to the delectable mains. Perfectly grilled kabobs, chicken and lamb curries, and a fragrant chicken kabsa (baked chicken on flavored rice) are some of the notable picks. 

Gyros, shawarmas, and lots of vegetarian pizzas also grace the menu. And although they don’t serve alcohol, they do have Turkish coffee and fresh juices. Needless to say, pretty much everything on the list is drool-worthy and manages to wow the guests – the reason behind the over two decades of success of Ali Baba Grill.

Drop in any day from 11 am onwards. No reservations are needed – the place is huge and has plenty of seating! 

Address: 109 N Rubey Dr, Golden, CO 

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8. Bonfire Burritos 

Casual joint serving specialty burritos and tacos in an open-air venue with outdoor seating

When a group of friends took ownership of their childhood lunch spot in 2013, the very popular Bonfire Burritos came into existence. They started inside a small food truck, but because of their raging success owing to the irresistible burritos, they’ve now expanded into a brick-and-mortar location which has quickly become one of the most popular restaurants in Golden, CO.

The open-air venue lets you walk up and order at the counter, pick up your meal and settle on one of their outdoor seats, which are shaded and weather-protected when needed.

Although their burritos are heavily influenced by Coloradian flavors, they’re actually pretty spicy, so if you’re not used to it, we suggest getting them mild. The Chupacabra breakfast burrito is their most sought-after flavor, stuffed with eggs, chorizo, hash browns, green chili, and all the cheesy creamy goodness one could imagine. You can get pretty much all the burrito combinations in the form of a 6-inch GF breakfast taco too.

Once breakfast (served till 11 am, and all day long on Sundays) is over, it’s time for the rich lunch burritos. Stuffed with house-smoked pork and carne asada, the Classic is one of the most popular picks here – definitely try it! You can also get any burrito in the form of a bowl or a taco, and there are vegetarian options for both breakfast and lunch. 

Check out their draft beers and cocktails too – the Pink Lady is an all-time favorite! Drop by any day 7 am – 3 pm, and expect a line – the place is insanely popular and busy, but dishes out orders fast enough. Happy hours last from 1 – 3 pm, Monday-Thursday! 

Address: 2221 Ford St, Golden, CO

Many types of tacos on the table.
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The Best Restaurants In Golden, CO: Our Final Thoughts 

There are dozens of great restaurants in Golden, CO, but our top eight picks are some of the ones that are considered the best and most reliable among locals. Give them a try, and thank us later! 


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