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Shortlist: Eight Restaurants In Alvarado (TX) That Locals Love!

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A small town in Texas with big flavors and a bustling dining scene, Alvarado has a huge range of dining options to choose from thanks to the impressive range of friendly and inventive restaurants here.

Whether you’re a BBQ lover, a fan of Mexican or Chinese cuisine, want some healthy shakes and meal alternatives, or just a reliable neighborhood bar to chill and unwind in, you’ll find them all and then some in Alvarado. Making it a truly unique town to explore and experience.

Plus, we did all the homework for you, so you don’t have to worry about looking up where to eat when you’re already in the car and in a hurry.

All you have to do is scroll through our list of favorite restaurants in Alvarado, find the place that suits your current mood, and just drive to great food. Sounds easy, right!

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The Best Restaurants In Alvarado, TX: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Benny’s Italian Mexican Restaurant

A restaurant that serves two cuisines in one space! A novel idea executed brilliantly with a great atmosphere and lovely staff.

Benny’s Italian Mexican Restaurant is a unique combination of flavors: Italian and Mexican under the same roof!

While this may seem odd at first, the concept really works and you can tell how because of how busy it usually is and how many patrons frequent it daily. So, if you’re in the mood for either cuisine while you’re in town, you know where to drop by.

The restaurant itself is a great space, with bright mango-colored walls, black and red seating, and numerous thematic wall art. There’s a lot to see and admire in the place, making it an interesting and comfortable environment to dine in. They also have hanging plants and other greenery in every corner, which brings life and freshness to the place.

As far as the food goes, they have an expansive menu that has multiple sections full of goodies. So, from the Italian side, locals highly recommend trying their Spaghetti and Marinara sauce or their home-baked Lasagna. Their Chicken entrees are also a hit with many people, so you can look into those as well.

From the Mexican side, their Enchiladas and Quesadillas are exceptionally popular. Full of flavor and spice, so if that tickles your fancy, we’d encourage you to order those!

Benny’s Italian Mexican Restaurant is closed on Mondays. They are open Tuesday to Thursday from 11 am to 9 pm. On Friday, they open from 11 am to 9:30 pm, On Saturday they open again from 11 am to 9 pm, and on Sunday they close an hour earlier so from 11 am to 8 pm. Make sure you plan your visit accordingly.

Address: 1014 U.S. 67, Alvarado, TX

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2. Texas Teriyaki

An Asian-inspired restaurant with an American twist, huge servings, a lively environment, and professional staff!

If you’re looking for Asian food but a unique take on traditional Asian flavors, then you will really enjoy trying out the food at Texas Teriyaki.

It’s a perfect blend of American and Asian food with rich flavors, that everyone should experiment with at least once in their lives. So, even if you’re trying something like this for the first time, we guarantee that you’ll absolutely love the place and keep coming back for more.

This superhero-themed restaurant has a quirky interior full of awesome wall art and unique decorations. It’s a small-ish place that can get crowded just because of the quality of food that they serve – after all, everyone wants some! So, make sure you go early on during the day to avoid having to wait.

Their service is wonderful though, so even if you do have to wait, you won’t mind it, because of how courteous and kind the staff and atmosphere is. They also have some outdoor seating to enjoy on days when the sun’s out and you want to bask in the warmth!

Their most highly requested menu items include their teriyaki, Yakisoba, stir fry, and their house specials. So, anything you order from these sections is going to be absolutely mind-blowing.

Apart from this they also have some typical snacking options like Fish and Chips and Chicken strips that you can order if you just want something to nibble from. Also, they have a great kid’s menu as well, that’s full of things your little ones will love.

Texas Teriyaki is closed on Sunday, but apart from that, it’s open daily from 10:30 am to 7 pm, making it a great lunch place or a good option for an early dinner when you’ve been out all day and want to eat quickly and call it a day.

Address: 200 US-67, Alvarado, TX

3. Massey’s BBQ

Classic Texas-style BBQ served in a cozy environment with an option to eat alfresco!

It wouldn’t be Texas without us covering some amazing BBQ joints that make your mouth water and stomach rumble!

Starring as one of the most coveted BBQ restaurants in Alvarado is Massey’s BBQ. A locally owned and family-operated barbecue eatery that serves some true Texas-style barbecue full of flavors, spice, aroma, and love.

The place has a unique vibe about it, with the interior being a cross between a diner and a café, with the best of both worlds. Done up in a range of colors and textures, it’s a really nice atmosphere to sit back and relax. With green seating and red tables, as well as a black and white checkered floor, its quirky décor adds to its charm!

Plus, they have a fantastic outdoor eating area that’s covered too, so it’s not as susceptible to the weather, making it nice to enjoy all year round!

If you’re a meat lover, then this will be heaven for you! Their sandwiches, meat by the pound, and desserts are known throughout the town, making them one of the most in-demand and go-to places in the state. Plus, they also make a variety of sides to compliment the meat, and they serve some amazing, iced tea as well. With so many options to choose from, it’s best to come back and try something different each time.

Massey’s BBQ is closed on Sundays. They are open every other day apart from that from 11 am to 8 pm. So, there can be no excuses to not go and enjoy the best Texas-style BBQ you’ve ever had. Whether you go with friends or family, it’s bound to be a great time.

Address: 201 N Pkwy Dr, Alvarado, TX.

Full rack of BBQ grilled pork spare ribs on a marble board
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4. Lin’s China

Authentic Chinese cuisine served in a traditionally decorated restaurant with kind staff and amazing food!

Chinese cuisine always turns an evening out into a night of culinary excellence. Whether you’re a fan of their soups or their entrees, the flavor that’s packed into everything a Chinese restaurant serves makes it a consistent and reliable dining option no matter where you go. So, if you’re in the mood for your usual Chinese food fix, look no further than Lin’s China.

Locally operated, Lin’s China is a great family-friendly spot with courteous staff, friendly owners, and a lovely interior.

The minute you step inside you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to China, that’s how nice the interior looks from the inside. Many traditional Chinese ornaments and decorations add character and interest to the place, making it a great environment to enjoy your food in.

Their Chop Suey, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Combination platter, and Chefs special are all super popular menu items that the locals always get. So, if you want to live like the locals for one day, these are the things you must try here.

They also serve a variety of seafood dishes that you can also experiment with if you’re in the mood to try something new. Everything is made fresh with high-quality ingredients so no matter what you order, it’s bound to be delicious!

Lin’s China is closed on Sunday. They reopen on Monday all the way through Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm. Making them a popular lunch or dinner destination, depending on your schedule.

Address: 200 Village Park Dr, Alvarado, TX.

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5. The Spot Alvarado

A smoothie and tea café that makes protein shakes and other amazing meal replacement drinks with delicious flavors and knowledgeable staff.  

The Spot is a smoothie and tea place that sells some amazing milkshakes, protein shakes, and yogurt bowls that will make a great pitstop for when you want a healthy snack without worrying too much about the calories.

Their food can even be eaten as a meal replacement, so if you’re looking to shake things up and have a non-traditional meal, The Spot should definitely be the place to wind up at.

The interior of the space is bright and warm, with huge windows and doors letting in a ton of light. Quirky seating and decorations make the place feel comfortable to sit in. The brightly colored walls behind the counter add a pop of color to the décor as well. All in all, it’s the perfect place to grab your meal on the go!

Their shakes have all sorts of flavors, from chocolate, vanilla, and peanut butter to coffee and fruit-based ones. So, any flavor combination that you enjoy, they can probably create.

Plus, their tea menu is also very comprehensive, full of flavored teas that are bound to make mealtime exciting again. So, drop in and try some, you definitely won’t regret it!

The Spot is closed on Sunday. They are open from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 4:30 pm. On Saturdays, they are open from 9 am to 3 pm. So, it’s a place to go to early on during the day, so make sure you drop in accordingly and don’t leave it too late. 

Address: 933 N Cummings Dr, Alvarado, TX

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6. Route 67 Bar and Grill

Typical neighborhood pub and bar with pool tables, live music, and awesome food!

A place that you can go to enjoy the nightlife that Alvarado has is Route 67 Bar and Grill, which is a fun neighborhood bar that has an awesome ambiance, great food, and numerous activities to have fun with.

This is definitely a place to go with friends or even on date night to enjoy each other’s company in. Plus, it’s usually full of locals, making it a great place to make some new friends in, if you’re new to town.

With guitars and neon lights used as wall decorations, the place has a very eclectic vibe to it. It also has pool tables, dart boards, arcade-style gaming machines, and a great outdoor seating area where they sometimes have live music! Everything about the place is fun, loud, and energetic, making it a party whenever you go.

One of the most famous things that they serve on their menu is their burgers. Their Route 67 Burger is super famous in town and very popular, so make sure you try that. They also have wings and tacos that are known for being good too. Apart from this their desserts are exceptional too, so make sure you save some space for those!

Route 67 Bar and Grill is closed on Sundays and Mondays. They are open from Tuesday to Thursday 11 am to 12 am. On Friday and Saturday, they are open till much later at night, from 11 am to 2 am. So, you can drop in over the weekend to enjoy a drink at night and partake in the festivities.

Address: 1380 US-67, Alvarado, TX

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7. The Daily Special Café

A family-owned café specializing in breakfast and other American favorites, open every single day of the week!

Another reliable option for great food in town is The Daily Special Café. Not only are they one of the best breakfast restaurants in Alvarado, but they also have other great lunch selections that the entire family can enjoy.

The interior of the place is cozy and warm. With red walls and numerous interesting knick-knacks serving as wall art, there’s a lot to take in. The floor is also in thematic colors, with a red and blue check pattern, adding another level of whimsy to the place. It really does look like a very homey restaurant and it’s always clean, with the staff making an extra effort to maintain how it looks no matter how busy it gets.

As the name suggests, they have many daily specials that you can choose from, or you can have their breakfast, sandwiches, plates, or sides. Whatever you choose will be made fresh from scratch with locally sourced ingredients, making each bite a little piece of heaven. So, relax and unwind while the staff dotes over you and brings you some of the best food you’ll eat in town. Sounds great, no?

The Daily Special Café is open every day of the week! So, you can’t come up with an excuse not to go. They are open from 6:30 am to 9 pm, every day, apart from Sunday when they are open from 6:30 am to 3 pm.

Address: 1058 US-67, Alvarado, TX

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8. Taqueria Torres

Traditional Mexican cuisine served in a cozy atmosphere with exceptional service and an all-day breakfast option!

One of the best Mexican restaurants in Alvarado, Taqueria Torres is known for its flavors and service. So, if you’re a big fan of Mexican cuisine, you’ll love their recipes, their large serving sizes, and their atmosphere. Every time you visit, the standard will remain the same, and that is huge for a locally operated restaurant.

The restaurant has plenty of seating in an open seating plan, that seems to always have space no matter how crowded it gets – and as one of the best restaurants in Alvarado, TX, it can get busy!

The walls are covered with thematic wall art and Texas-inspired decorations. It’s a great place to see a blend of Mexico and Texas, with their food reflecting the same relationship.

Filled with local patrons and regulars ordering their ‘usuals,’ this eatery has truly become one of the neighborhood’s icons.

Their most popular dishes are their all-day breakfast options, so no matter what time you go, you can always have breakfast, which if you’re like us and love breakfast is a huge blessing in disguise.

They also have a variety of seafood and taco options that people enjoy. Plus, they have a separate kids’ menu and many desserts to choose from. You’ll end up being full to the brim and on cloud nine once you’re finished with your meal.

Taqueria Torres is another restaurant that’s open seven days a week, from 8 am to 9 pm, so you can show up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, whatever time you want or have in your schedule. Reliable, convenient, and easy on the pocket – no wonder it’s one of our favorite restaurants in Alvarado!

Address: 307 US-67, Alvarado, TX.

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The Best Restaurants In Alvarado, TX: Final Thoughts

That’s all, folks! Our round-up of some of the best restaurants in Alvarado, TX.

So, whether you’re thinking of moving to the region, visiting over for the holidays, or just passing through, we hope you experience culinary excellence in all the spots we mentioned!

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