Top Picks: The Best Restaurants In Vallehermoso, La Gomera

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Vallehermoso may be a small place, but it’s full of character. And thankfully, full of good wholesome food as well. Something that is especially important when walking and hiking this incredible Canary Island paradise.

So where to eat in Vallehermoso? Well to help you out, below are a few of our recommendations of good restaurants in Vallehermoso that are worth a try. These places all have that special La Gomera atmosphere, and all let you eat like a local.

Vallehermoso restaurants use a lot of locally sourced food and it’s all decently priced. In essence it’s a great place to enjoy La Gomera cuisine.

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1. Zumeria Iballa

Our favourite place to eat and grab a drink in Vallehermoso is this typical La Gomeran bar and restaurant right in the center of the town. Don’t expect fancy food here – it’s all hearty grub, simple but delicious.

It’s cheap and quick, and all served amongst a friendly atmosphere and local charm. If you sit outside in the evening you can enjoy a drink and listen out for the incredible whistled language of Silbo Gomero. Being right on the town square, you’re bound to hear it.

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2. Bodegon Restaurante Agana

Want something a little more upmarket? Well this Vallehermoso restaurant just off the main square serves Spanish classics and tapas, and does great local seafood, as well as delicacies like rabbit.

Cosy and full of local charm, the service is attentive and the atmosphere relaxed. You will see Vallhermoso characters wander in and out as they talk to staff and patrons, all adding to the atmosphere of the place. Nice for an evening meal, but also a great place for breakfast after an early morning hike.

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3. Tasca Restaurante El Carraca

Struggling for where to eat in Vallehermoso? Well this place has a bit of everything! A safe option for lunch or dinner, they do simple quick dishes (such as sandwiches and burgers) as well as bigger meals often using local meat like goat, rabbit, and locally caught seafood.

Staff are friendly, and the food has that home-cooked feel to it that makes great restaurants stand out. It’s also good place for desert and a late-night drinks as you soak in that La Gomeran evening atmosphere. Enjoy the little outside area and watch the world go by. One of the best restaurants in Vallehermoso.

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4. Bar Restaurante Casa Conrado

A cosy Vallehermoso restaurant with outside seating, this place is great for tapas, but there’s also a wide selection of meat, vegetarian, and seafood dishes, as well as appetizers and main meals.

They sell local palm syrup – it’s cheap and delicious, and definitely worth bringing home. Well worth a visit, and just like most restaurants in Vallehermoso, the staff are pleasant and the atmosphere relaxed and friendly.

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5. Lucia Cosas de Verdad

More of a coffee bar than restaurant, we still had to include this quaint place. Situated on the square, this espresso bar does great coffee and amazing desserts – a perfect place to wind down after a day sightseeing or walking La Gomera.

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