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60 Budget-Friendly & Fun Things To Do In Hereford (UK)!

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Hereford is a small cathedral city in England, known for cider and the famous Hereford cattle! This city isn’t exactly a famous tourist city, but if you’re looking for something to do, we’ve compiled 60 of the best things to do in Hereford.

We’ve even split those into different sections to make it easy for you to find the right activities.

So let’s get started!


  1. Things To Do In Hereford For Free
  2. Things To Do In Hereford With Your Kids
  3. Things To Do In Hereford On A Rainy Day
  4. Things To Do In Hereford: Outdoor Adventures
  5. Things To Do In Hereford: Browse & Shop
  6. Things To Do In Hereford: Drinks and Nightlife
  7. Things To Do In Hereford: Food

Things To Do In Hereford For Free: Fun On A Budget

1. Be Mesmerised By Hereford Cathedral’s Architecture

Dating back to the 8th century, Hereford Cathedral is a magnificent feat of architecture standing as tall as 165 ft. The grounds are open to the public and there’s an outdoor area where visitors can sit. There’s also a coffee shop called the Cathedral Café tucked away to the side of the cathedral and gardens.

Entry to the church is free but you have to pay to enter the Mappa Mundi and the Chained Library – more on those later!

2. Visit A Museum Of Archaeology And Art

Just a one-minute walk from the Cathedral is Hereford Museum and Art Gallery. It’s a modest museum housed in a Victorian Gothic building.

You can find all sorts of things here, from archaeological artifacts like primordial rocks to historical artifacts like a cannonball that was shot into the Hereford City Wall during The Civil War!

On the other hand, the art section is filled with fine and decorative art. Another top feature of the museum is a beehive where you can see and hear the bees.

3. See A Medieval Hospital Museum

St John Medieval Museum and Coningsby Hospital is a museum complex filled with almshouses and a chapel.

Not to be confused with the “hospital” buildings we know now, the Coningsby Hospital was built by the Hospitallers as charitable housing for those who need it. A knowledgeable guide will give you a tour of the grounds and all its history.

Entry is free, but the museum is only open two days a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11 am to 3 pm in April through October. 

4. Get A Taste Of The 17th Century

The Black and White House Museum – also called the Old House – is a Jacobean timber-framed house at the center of the city. Here, visitors can learn about both the house’s and the city’s history.

Find rare, period furniture and items such as their collection of English oak furniture, baby walkers, four-poster bed, and rare wall paintings.

Entry is free if you bring your student ID or if you’re under 16 years old.

5. Discover The History Of Water Supplies At Waterworks Museum

Another fun museum in Hereford you can visit is the Waterworks Museum. The museum holds a collection of water treatment and distribution devices through the ages, from turbines and pumps to engines.

It’s especially perfect for engineering enthusiasts and historians, but anyone can enjoy this place including children. It’s got interactive exhibits where visitors can operate pumps, get water from a well, have a hand at water filtering, and more!

6. Learn All About Cider

If a museum about water supplies doesn’t make the city cool enough, there’s another unique museum called Hereford Cider Museum Trust!

You will get an interactive experience of how fruits are milled, pressed, and turned into juice. They also own collections of cider mills, presses, bottles, vintage ads, and a rare English lead crystal cider flutes collection.

Shallow depth of field (selective focus) image with a man pouring craft beer from a dispenser into a glass.

7. Check Out The Apple Store Gallery

No, we don’t mean a store for the phone brand. The Apple Store Gallery in Hereford is an art gallery.

This gallery offers more than just paintings, with exhibits of poetry, music, art & craft, and various workshops. The artworks are constantly rotated so there are always fresh pieces ready for visitors to admire.

8. Visit A Beautiful Monastery On A Hill

Sitting at the top of a hill overlooking the city is a Benedictine monastery named Belmont Abbey. It’s a great place to look around, bask in the scenic view of the city, and admire the buildings. As a monastery, it’s got a tranquil ambiance great for reflecting and getting away from the city.

9. Relax At The City’s Iconic Park

Just a 5-minute walk from Hereford Cathedral, you will find a public park near River Wye commonly referred to as Castle Green. It’s a popular place to spend the afternoon just chilling, picnicking, or taking a stroll.

The centerpiece of the park is a monument built in honour of Admiral Nelson, the victor of Trafalgar. The park itself is actually located on the former grounds of Hereford Castle – which eventually decayed and was demolished in the 1600s – making it a historic site.

Healthy vegetarian picnic with a delicious spread of fresh fruit and bakery products on green grass. Siiankovskaia

10. Play Make Belief In A Pirate Ship Playground

There are plenty of parks in Hereford, but one stands out amongst others when it comes to children’s playgrounds.

The Aylestone Park playground is shaped like a pirate ship with suspended wooden steps and slides. Take your kid to play in a cool playground and promote their imaginative mind for free!

11. Visit The Ruins Of A Priory

Tour Blackfriars Hereford, a site of several points of interest located near the city’s Old Market. Marvel at the hauntingly beautiful ruins of Blackfriars Priory, walk around the beautiful Rose Gardens, and take a look at the Blackfriars Preaching Cross. 

12. Get A Breath Of Fresh Air In A Flower Field

Just outside of Hereford there’s a beautiful park called Breinton Springs. It’s a vast open space next to the enchanting River Wye comprising of a car park, cider orchard, woodland, and floodplain.

In spring, the park turns into a beautiful flower field straight out of a movie scene. All in all, it’s a great place to enjoy nature and block out the world’s noise.

13. Cross Victoria Bridge

Crossing over River Wye, Victoria Bridge is a suspension bridge built in 1898 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. It’s been classified as a Grade II historic construction, preserved by the government. Walk along the 110 feet long bridge and enjoy a beautiful view of the river.

14. Watch The Sunset At Bishop’s Meadow

Bishop’s Meadow is a park on the banks of River Wye right at the heart of the city. It’s a picturesque serene nature reserve, and when the sun sets the light illuminates the park in the most enchanting way.

15. Look For A Place To Picnic

When looking for free things to do in a new place, a picnic is always a fun option. One of the most popular picnic spots in the city is Aylestone Park.

16. Take A Walk Through The City Centre

Walk around the Cathedral district, and you will find many small alleyways. Here you will find cute buildings, little shops, cafes, and historic pubs.

17. Take A Dip In The River

Just a little outside of Hereford lies a Lammas meadow called Lugg Meadow. Lugg River flows through the meadow and it’s apparently a spot used for wild swimming. Just be careful and ask for advice from a local.

In this nature reserve, you can also watch birds and spot insects. All in all, it’s a very well-preserved nature area with big trees lining the river. You might also find sheep or cattle grazing in the area.

18. Explore Credenhill Woods

For another serene nature site, go to the beautiful Credenhill Woods forest. The hills are pretty steep so wear your comfortable shoes.

Feet sneakers walking on fall leaves Outdoor Autumn season

Things To Do In Hereford With Your Kids

19. Play In A Softplay Heaven

If you’d like to rest while letting your kids play on their own, take them to Play Planet. It’s a family-owned soft play park at Widemarsh St.

They have plenty of features, including various types of slides, spider webs, tunnels, trampolines, a climbing wall, a mirror maze, and of course, ball pits. There’s also a cafe area for parents to sit around and sip a coffee while waiting for their children.

20. Or Play In An Inflatable Theme Park

Remember how excited you used to get as a kid when you saw bouncy castles? Flip Out is a chain of indoor inflatable arenas, and there’s a chain in Hereford!

Take your kids to play and jump around in a massive bouncy park. It’s a quick way to drain their energy even after only half an hour of playing.

21. Watch An Interactive Show At A Children’s Theatrical Venue

Do your children love Elsa? Or Encanto? Or the Grinch? Then Enchanted Kingdom Hereford is the perfect activity for them. It’s a unique intimate theatrical venue with interactive shows specially targeted at children.

Each show is about 45 minutes long followed by a meet and greet with the cast. It’s also a great alternative if you can’t afford Disneyland.

22. Play Around In An Interactive Museum

From history and archeology to science and art, The Museum Resource and Learning Centre has it all. They also have a costume exhibition from the Victorian era and an ancient flint sword head exhibit. 

If you want to get the full experience of the museum, it’s better to book ahead. Some exhibits are only available through books such as the veritable Treasure Trove.

23. Do Indoor Rock Climbing

The Green Spider Indoor Climbing is a vast indoor rock climbing space at Building 420 Ramsden Road. Filling out a 1500 square meters space, they offer more than 200 rope routes and over 60 boulder problems.

The place has courses for both adults and children, experts and newbies. Don’t worry about trying out because the staff will teach you everything you need to know.

24. Ride Model Trains And See Engineering Models

In 1962, the Hereford Society of Model Engineers was formed with the goal of building a miniature railway. The place now holds all kinds of model engineering, such as steam locomotives, traction engines, hot air engines, and clocks.

Note that it’s a club, so it’s not always open to the public. For details of when they’re open to the public, visit their website. 

25. Try Making Ceramic Pottery

Take your significant other and have your own “Ghost” movie moment at Manic Ceramics. Jokes aside, it’s a great opportunity to try something new.

Both children and adults are welcome here, and the owner will help you out until you’re satisfied with your work.

26. Go On A Treasure Hunt

Running out of fun things to do with the family? Set out on this exciting treasure hunt held by Huntfun. Huntfun is a leader in the production of treasure hunts in the UK, and they have a chain in Hereford.

Go to their Huntfun Hereford site to see the available treasure hunt packages and guide on how to do the hunt.

27. Golden Valley Llamas

There aren’t many animals more popular in pop culture than llamas. At Golden Valley Llamas, you can pet and groom these fluffy, unassuming-looking creatures. If you want, you can also walk with the llama up a hill by leading them with a rope. On the way, you will get to see gorgeous views and take pictures with the fluffy animal.

The owner strives for visitors to have an exclusive experience, therefore groups are not mixed. So, don’t forget to make an appointment beforehand!

llama staring at the camera Su

Things To Do In Hereford On A Rainy Day

28. Learn About British Military History

Herefordshire Light Infantry was an infantry regiment of the British Army back during the world wars. You can learn all about the regiment’s history at the Herefordshire Regimental Museum.

Here you will find plenty of interesting artifacts and memorabilia from the infantry regiment. Check out their website to book your visit and see their special events and monthly feature.

29. See One Of The Largest Medieval Maps Of The World

In the complex of Hereford Cathedral, there’s a Mappa Mundi – or a medieval European map of the world. It’s a different attraction from the cathedral as visitors need to pay to enter unlike the rest of the cathedral grounds.

The map is roughly sized 1.59 x 1.34 meters (5’2” by 4’4”), constructed on a single sheet of calfskin. It is believed to have been made in the 1300s.

30. Visit The Cathedral’s Chained Library

Another special exhibit in the Hereford Cathedral complex is the Chained Library. It contains a vast collection of medieval books and manuscripts dating back to the 8th century, with one of the most notable one being the Hereford Gospels.

As the name suggests, the books in this library are chained, so as to allow them to be taken and read, but not removed from the bookcase.

31. Knock Down Some Pins

Looking for a fun activity to do with your friends? The bowling alley is always a great choice! Go down to MFA Bowl Hereford and play a bowling match in a place with a rustic interior.

The alley is also open for corporate events, children’s party services, parties, and even weddings.

32. Have A Spa Day

Kick back and relax in a spa resort just off of Hereford Racecourse. At Holmer Park Spa & Health Club, you can enjoy a day of getting pampered in a peaceful little place. The spa has a large pool, sunloungers, jacuzzis, lunch, and many other facilities.

Women relaxing and drinking tea in robes during wellness weekend

33. Catch A Movie At ODEON Hereford

When it comes to an indoor activity, you can’t miss watching a movie. ODEON Hereford is a strategic cinema near the Old Market playing blockbuster movies.

34. Play In A Neon-Lit Game Venue

If we’ve covered an outdoor, multi-activity game venue, next we’re going to talk about a hip, neon indoor game venue. Matrix Hereford offers arcades, laser tag, mini golf, axe throwing, mini golf, ping pong, virtual reality, and soft play experience.

35. Spend The Day At A Leisure Center

Halo Leisure is a huge leisure center with tons of activities, including swimming, sauna & spa, gym, golf, and many more. You don’t have to be a member to book a session.

Blue foam board for teaching swimming by the pool Thumvisead

Things To Do In Hereford: Outdoor Adventures

36. Go Fishing, Boating, And Swimming In A Nature Reserve

Spreading over 10 acres of land, The Weir Garden is a National Trust along River Wye. Filled with all sorts of colorful flowers, visitors can enjoy a day of walking around the grounds.

You can also find a greenhouse, a rustic hut and boat side, a bird hide, and the magnificent wall retaining the garden.

37. Go Canoeing At the Wye River

Rent a canoe and float on River Wye with your loved one. The river is a calm one with no strong current so the trip will be more for the scenery and not so much as a water sport.

Many agents rent out canoes on River Wye, one of them being Hereford Canoe Hire.

Paddling the kayak

38. Get A Private Rock Climbing Lesson

If indoor climbing isn’t enough for you, there’s another rock climbing site in the city – other than Green Spider Indoor Climbing – that has an outdoor climbing course.

Located at 123 Bullingham Ln, Hereford Climbing offers a true rock climbing experience up cliffs overlooking the beautiful Wye Valley. However, they also offer an indoor climbing course for beginners. 

39. Play Games Inspired By Vikings

The Viking Games is a unique game venue where you can play a variant of Nordic/ Viking-inspired games and activities. Axe throwing, archery, bullrings, kubb, molkky, stige, paintball, and laser clay shooting, this place has enough activities to last you a whole day. The crews are very friendly and accommodating, so no need to sweat about trying out. 

40. Watch A Movie In An Outdoor Cinema

Bored of going to the same-old movie theater? At Roman Rd, there’s an outdoor cinema playing all kinds of genres, from the good ol’ Grease to Halloween specials. Check out updates and upcoming movies on their website or Facebook page.

41. See A Magnificent Medieval Fortress

There’s another castle you have to see in the Herefordshire area. Although it’s about 20 miles from Hereford’s city center, we think you must see it because this one will take your breath away.

Located on Hay-On-Wye, Hay Castle is a 17th-century medieval fortress. Other than admiring the architecture, visitors are welcome to browse their collection of books, have a snack at the cafe, or picnic on the castle grounds.

Things To Do In Hereford: Browse & Shop

42. Check Out The Markets At Hereford High Town

Near the city center, there’s an area commonly referred to as High Town. It’s often bustling with markets, from clothes and crafts to food. If you come during the holidays, you will find many Christmas markets lined up in the area.

43. Walk Around Old Market Hereford

Get a sense of the town by strolling around the Old Market Hereford area. Eat some good food, buy little trinkets, and meet unique characters in the city.

44. Shop At Maylord Orchards

For those looking to shop in a proper shopping center, Maylord Orchards is a great option for you. From big brands to indie shops, this center has it all.

45. Eat Tons Of Food At Hereford Indie Food Festival

Hereford Indie Food Festival is an annual event of food, music, produce, and makers. You’re lucky if you happen to be in Hereford at the same time as the festival because they always have the best food and atmosphere.

46. Check Out A Cute Little Florist

If you’re into flowers (because who isn’t, right?), check out The Beehive Florist for various plants, flowers, and bouquets.

47. Browse For Books At Richard Booth’s Bookshop

Richard Booth’s Bookshop is an icon of Hay-on-Wye, a city 20 miles west of the heart of Hereford.

Although it’s not exactly in Hereford, if you’re a book nerd we totally recommend going the 30-minute drive to reach this building full of character. Within the 3 stories of the building, they sell both new and used books.

Someone's hand grabbing an old looking book from a bookshelf

Things To Do In Hereford: Drinks and Nightlife

48. Have A Drink With A River View 

At The Left Bank Village, visitors can have a drink while getting a beautiful view of River Wye. It does get cold outside during winter so make sure to dress in layers.

They serve really good cocktails with a great variety. The place is also open for bookings if you want to hold an event here, including birthdays, reunions, and even weddings. They also have a speakeasy bar with live music and comedy.

49. Play Nightclub

Located just a few minutes walk from the cathedral, Play Nightclub is a nightclub near the city center. It’s popular with the locals, especially youngsters. All in all, it’s a nightclub, so it’s a great option if you’re looking to throw your inhibitions away and have fun.

50. Dance The Night Away At Hereford’s Only 80’s Bar

Another great nightlife venue in Hereford is Rubix Bar. Great music, great dance floor, great drinks, great venue, and great service!

51. Try Out A New Drink At Hereford Beer House

Hereford Beer House is not just another bar. True to their name, they really specialize in having a good range of beers, both local and international. The staff are really knowledgeable too and will readily help you out.

In a place like this, we totally recommend you to try out a drink you’ve never had before. And of course, since we’re talking about Hereford, they also serve cider.

52. Go To A Pub In The Heart Of The City

Located very close to the Cathedral, The Lichfield Vaults is a wood-panelled pub. They serve plenty of drinks from beers to ales.

53. Have Drinks And Play Pool

Another popular pub in Hereford is The Barrels. It’s a hub for drinking local brewery ales and playing pool tables.

beer with food Zigic

Things To Do In Hereford: Food

54. Dine In A Clear Dome

The Bush Inn Herefordshire is a gorgeous dining venue. Their indoor dining area is filled with beautiful flower walls while the outside area has a picnicky theme.

But the best, most fascinating part of the place is their dining domes, which offer a unique experience of eating inside a clear, igloo-like structure.

55. Eat At A Local’s Favourite Italian Restaurant

We feel that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say that Mediterrane is Hereford’s favorite restaurant. They serve the best home-cooked Mediterranean food, with great service and reasonable prices.

By maximizing garlic, olive, and wine, and adding flavors of sun-dried fruits, basil, oregano, and paprika, your taste buds are in for an explosive, authentic, Mediterranean delish.

56. Have A Valentine Special Candle-lit Dinner At Castle House

The restaurant at Castle House hotel is famously known for being an intimate restaurant. If you’re going to be in town in February, book a Valentine’s Day special candle-lit dinner with a delicious 5-course tasting menu.

If you’re in town during the holidays, they also have a Christmas special. Even if you’re visiting on regular days, it’s a great restaurant for a high-end meal.

57. Grab The Best Burger In Town

In search of some tasty fast food? Beefy Boys serves the best burger in town. With thick fillings, greasy buns, and generous side dishes, these beefy burgers are the best solution to your hunger.

Not only the burgers, but their other menus are also to die for. From the chicken wings, bacon, fries, and jalapeno peppers, to milkshakes, everything comes in hefty amounts and tastes incredible.

58. Order An Award Winning Lunch

For a more affordable comfort food option, The Bookshop is a favorite amongst locals. With tasty foods from English breakfast to steak and a cozy interior, it’s a great place for brunch and lunch. 

59. Get Some Turkish Food At The Istanbul Restaurant

For a different, flavourful meal with more spices, order some Turkish food at the Istanbul Restaurant, just 0.4 miles north of Castle Green.

Some of their best-selling menus are chicken shawarma, Lamb shish wrap, rice pudding, and special tea. All the meals are so authentic and the prices are pretty affordable for such hearty meals.

60. Grab A Bite While Browsing For Flowers

If you’re looking for a place to eat with a flair, try going to Radway Bridge Garden Centre. It’s actually a garden/florist but they have a cafe on their site that’s very popular. Whether you’re ordering a simple afternoon tea or a cake, it’s nice to stop by to admire the plants and have a light meal.

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