20+ Fun Reasons To Go To Cabo San Lucas Now: Get Ready To Book Those Flights!

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Does basking in the sunshine and enjoying the warm breeze of the ocean sound enticing to you? Does gorgeous weather, stunning scenery, exotic resorts, gourmet seaside restaurants, and vibrant nightlife sound like fun too? These are just some of the reasons to go to Cabo San Lucas – one of the most sought-after vacation spots in Mexico. 

However that’s just touching the surface, as there are many more exciting reasons people book flights to this wonderful beach destination.

You can also enjoy sport fishing here and other exciting water sports activities to get that adrenaline rush. The golf courses are world-class too, and a popular tourist attraction even amongst elite Hollywood celebrities.

And if you want to walk in the footsteps of celebrities as well, but are still not completely convinced, then you’re in the right place.

We love this Mexican city, and so right here we share with you some of the best reasons to go to Cabo San Lucas.

So read on to find out just how exciting a place Cabo is! 

Scenic panoramic aerial view of Los Cabos landmark tourist destination Arch of Cabo San Lucas
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20+ Reasons To Go To Cabo San Lucas: A Holiday Of A Lifetime

1. An Incredible Location

Located on the southernmost tip of Mexico’s Baja California Sur Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas has the Pacific Ocean on one shore and the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) on the other.

A 20-mile stretch of highway (Tourist Corridor) connects Cabo San Lucas with the neighboring village of San Jose Del Cabo. And along that corridor you’ll find glamorous resorts, trendy bars, and shops – it’s a chic and exciting place to be.

Once a quaint fishing town, Cabo San Lucas became a hotspot when the international airport opened back in 1977. Since then, its seaside location and fun atmosphere has made it a must-go vacation for millions.

2. The Amazing Weather

An average of 360 days of sunshine per year makes Cabo San Lucas a hotspot for tourists throughout the year, including during winter. It is heaven for all the sunshine lovers out there!

The sun-kissed beaches and the calm teal-like waters will leave you feeling in love with this town. The average temperature across the year is even a lovely 75 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes Cabo a real tropical paradise. 

That said, the weather can get a little stormy during August and November as that’s when Pacific cyclones occasionally come inland. 

However storms haven’t deterred tourists from visiting this place once they’ve quickly blown over.

Aerial view of downtown Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

3. The Golden Sandy Beaches

Of course the beaches were going to make our list of reasons to go to Cabo San Lucas – that was a no brainer!

The warm weather in Cabo is just perfect for enjoying a carefree beach day. Something you can easily do at the many stunning beaches lining the coastline.

The beaches at Cabo San Lucas are all pristine and unique, providing different fun activities. But two of our favorites include:

Medano Beach

The most famous beach in Cabo San Lucas is Playa El Medano which stretches for two miles. You can see many tourists and locals sunbathing and engaging in fun watersports activities there. Although the turquoise water is mesmerizing on its own.

Lover’s Beach

Playa Del Amor, commonly called Lover’s Beach, is one of the most charming beaches in Cabo. Nestled amongst the granite rock formation at Land’s End, the beach is relatively secluded and so isn’t that easy to access. In fact you may even need to travel via water taxi to reach this beach – but it’s so worth it once you arrive at this stunning beach!

Apart from these two beaches, the Tourist Corridor is home to many picturesque stretches of sand like the Chileno and Santa Maria, where you can indulge in different water sports and enjoy the dazzling scenery.

Sea of Cortex, tropical beaches and mountains in Los Cabos, Mexico
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4. Scenic Beauty

Talking of dazzling scenery, if you’re a nature lover Cabo San Lucas is the perfect paradise to soak in the wonders of nature. The beautiful landscape, the warm weather, and the stunning coastline make this place a magical destination in Mexico.

And if you thought of Cabo San Lucas as only a coastal zone, you’re wrong! Cabo has famous desert hills that are known for their photogenic cacti.

In fact the diversity in nature, and the sea-desert ecosystem here, is what attracts tourists from around the world to visit Cabo. And we think it’s sure to make you fall in love with Cabo too!

5. Sport Fishing

Cabo San Lucas is known for its water sports activities, and sport fishing is one of the major attractions. The region, referred to often as the ‘Striped Marlin Capital of the World’, is home to tuna, marlin, mahi-mahi, dorado, and many more species.

In fact, Cabo hosts the world’s richest fishing tournament, the Bisbee Black and Blue, which is held in October. Want to try your luck and win three million dollars? That’s how much you can win!

Or, just head out into the sea and get the thrilling experience of catching some big fish. You may even get a chance to play with the hungry sea lions that will be eying your prize! 

Check out Baja Adventures for one of the best fabulous deep sea fishing adventure.

A fishing charter boat leaves very early in the morning from the Florida Keys

6. Golf

Cabo is an ideal spot for all golf lovers.

Over the past three decades, Cabo San Lucas has risen to a world-class golfing destination attracting even elite golfers who want to spend their vacation here. Interestingly, some of the golf courses at Cabo San Lucas are designed by the famous Tiger Woods and Tom Weiskopf. 

Teeing off at a premium golf course overlooking the spectacular ocean is enough reason for many golf lovers to flock to this place.

7. Whale Watching

Winter is usually the perfect time to visit Cabo San Lucas as the region has warm winter days! But that’s not the only reason tourists flock here in winter.

Magnificent gray and humpback whales migrate to Cabo from Alaska during winter, so a visit to Cabo may just turn into a whale watching adventure. You may even see juveniles breaching the waves which really is an incredible sight to behold.

And for a closer look at these huge creatures, you can rent a boat or join a catamaran cruise that will take you out for an unforgettable sail.

If you are lucky, you might even get to pet a friendly mamma whale! That’s surely one of the best reasons to go to Cabo San Lucas!

A humpback whale mother and calf swim close to the surface in blue water
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7. Incredible Art 

Strolling the San Jose Del Art Walk is a serene experience where you can learn about and appreciate Mexican folk art.

After a day full of adventures and exploring, spending the evening relaxing and perusing through the artwork here is the perfect way to end a day.

6. Resorts & Spas

If you are on the lookout for a therapeutic retreat with stunning seaside views, Cabo San Lucas is the perfect spot for you.

Pamper yourself in the first-class spas here that offer you some of the best health and wellness retreats in Mexico. 

Some of these exotic spas even provide soothing massages for dogs and dog yoga classes.

The elite resorts are also fabulous spots to enjoy a romantic getaway. Indeed Esperanza, Auberge Resorts Collection in Cabo has to be one of the top five-star hotels in the world. The exceptional service, landscaped grounds, beachfront infinity pool, spa, and even free yoga sessions – all set right beside the sea and beach – make this place an unbelievable Cabo getaway. 

So if you’re looking for luxury, then the fantastic resorts and spas in the city has to be one of the best reasons to go to Cabo San Lucas.

Women relaxing and drinking tea in robes during wellness weekend

8. Enticing Seafood

Are you a seafood lover? Then stop drooling and head over to Cabo for an incredible mouth-watering seafood experience!

Being a fishing paradise, the restaurants of Cabo San Lucas have an expansive array of seafood for you to enjoy.

If you do visit Cabo then check out Las Mariscadas, which sits close to the marina. This seafood restaurant is a favorite with locals and is known for having some of the freshest and best seafood in the city. If you’re a foodie, then the seafood here is definitely one of the best reasons to go to Cabo San Lucas!

9. Kiteboarding & Windsurfing

With the El Norte wind blowing down the Sea of Cortez, Cabo becomes a kiteboarding and windsurfing paradise during winter.

There is even an annual competition, Lord of the Wind, in January for windsurfing. 

10. Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

The Sea of Cortez was nicknamed the ‘Aquarium of the World’ by oceanographer Jacques Cousteau in the past, and rightly so. 

You can see the oldest and largest living coral reef in North America in Cabo, and spot various marine life in their natural habitat. 

There are numerous scuba diving and snorkeling centers in Cabo San Lucas, so there’s plenty of chances to learn and get out into the water. And with the warm water and clear visibility, Cabo San Lucas really is an excellent spot to engage in these activities. 

October and November are the perfect months for these activities as the weather tends to be warm and the sea relatively calm.

Young man in snorkelling mask diving underwater

11. Vibrant Nightlife

One of the main attractions of Cabo San Lucas is the pulsating nightlife. In fact, during spring break there is such an impressive nightlife scene here that it even rivals Cancun!

That’s because Cabo has an array of nightclubs to enjoy a carefree night where you can party into dawn. Some nightclubs even have live music where you can dance the night away.

And if you want to party a little harder, do visit the famous Cabo Wabo, founded by Sammy Hagar, where the party never seems ends! Don’t forget to try out some of their in-house drinks.

There’s plenty of fun party boats where you cruise the sparkling Sea of Cortez with a margarita too!

12. El Arco

Arco de San Lucas, commonly called El Arco, is an eternal symbol of Cabo’s enchanting beauty. This iconic granite rock formation stands where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez at the tip of the Baja Peninsula known as Land’s End.

El Arco is an astounding site that is admired by both locals and tourists alike. A glass bottom boat tour – where you can also watch out for marine life below – is the best way to reach the arch and get immersed in nature’s artistry.

In our opinion, an evening sipping your favorite cocktail at one of the many resorts facing the arch, whilst enjoying the beautiful golden sunset and the stunning blue water, is a memory you will cherish for a lifetime.

Cabo San Lucas from a drone
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13. Fantastic Hiking

Beaches and resorts are not the only attractions in Cabo San Lucas. This town offers hiking adventures too! All the more reason to pack your bags and head towards this pretty coastal city.

Hike up Mount Solmar to see Cabo San Lucas’ breathtaking sunrise and sunset with a clear view of Downtown and the beaches.

Or take a hike to the top of the Pedregal hills that line up behind the town of Cabo. There you’ll get a breathtaking view of the majestic Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other, with the marina directly below. No wonder hiking is on our list of the best reasons to go to Cabo San Lucas!

14. Cabo Pulmo Marine Reserve

On the eastern coast of Baja California is the Cabo Pulmo Marine Reserve, where you can find beautiful coral reefs and tropical marine animals. There are many diving and snorkeling opportunities here so it’s easy to enjoy this underwater treasure.

The best time to go diving tends to be between October and November. But to see humpback and sperm whales, visit between December and April. 

15. Boat Trips

You cannot call a holiday to Cabo San Lucas epic if you skip the boat trips to Land’s End!

Cruising on a catamaran is one of the significant attractions of this town.

Many of the local cruises take you along the stunning expanse of the blue waters where tourists can enjoy the serene beauty of Land’s End and take Instagram-worthy pictures against the golden sun. It’s the perfect backdrop.

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16. Incredible Food

Mexican food is one of the most loved cuisines around the world. And Cabo San Lucas has some drool-worthy food that will make your visit all the more awesome!

From fine-dining restaurants to small hole-in-the-wall taco joints, there is an array of options to choose from here. Each has its own special magic touch and you’ll quickly discover the Cabo food scene is truly spectacular.

It’s Mexico, so of course you must try some tacos! You’ll find plenty delicious taco choices in Cabo and they’re very inexpensive too. Why not enjoy them with a margarita while soaking in the beauty of the sea?

17. Paddle Boarding

Are you a water sports enthusiast? If so, then stand-up paddle boarding is a fantastic sport for a full-body workout, while also giving you a water-side view of Cabo’s surroundings.

This city is a great place to take up this sport, and newbies can start learning in the calm waters at Medano Beach during the mornings.

If you’re experienced, it is a magical experience to paddle from Medano Beach to Land’s End and enjoy the beautiful golden sunrise or sunset. Paddling around the granite rock formations is a surreal experience.

18. Swim With Dolphins

While you can see dolphins in their natural habitat when out on a catamaran trip, there is also the opportunity to see them up close and swim with them.

Dolphin centers in Cabo allow tourists to interact with dolphins and enjoy spending time with them in the water.

two jumping bottle nose dolphins

19. Watch Sea Turtles Hatch

Watch and be part of an eco-adventure in Cabo San Lucas!

If you visit between September to December you can be part of a spectacular phenomenon at Pedregal Beach, where sea turtles hatch and enter the Sea of Cortez. Experts will be there to explain the incredible journey of these baby turtles and help you guide them into the sea.

You will also earn a Certificate of Adoption for helping these hatchlings. Besides, the feeling you will get while guiding these little ones to the sea will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Plan your visit during these months to be a part of this cute and memorable adventure! In our opinion, this is easily one of the best reasons to go to Cabo San Lucas.

20. Zipline & Off-Road Adventures

Are you an adrenaline junkie? 

Cabo San Lucas has no shortage of adventurous activities. From ziplining and bungee jumping to ATV off-road touring, there’s plenty of extreme fun here.

Numerous companies exist in Cabo that offer zipline adventures, and we say – go for it! Ziplining across Cabo presents an opportunity to immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of Cabo from above, while also having some incredible memories to share back home.

Check out Wild Canyon Adventures in particular as they even offer a unique moon ziplining adventure. 

If you get bored of the endless ocean, then why not ride ATVs across the desert amongst the cacti. You’ll enjoy a change in scenery, while experiencing another side of Cabo that not all tourists see.

Of course always be cautious, listen to the instructors, and wear comfortable clothing and sneakers when trying out these activities.

21. Pirates & Hidden Treasure

Did you know that Cabo San Lucas was once a treasure trove? There was even an abundance of pearls discovered here. In fact pirates used to roam the place as they could hide their ships easily amongst the rock formations and hunt for hidden gems. 

There is even a pirate tour offered to tourists in Cabo.

So let that be another exciting added incentive to visit this marvelous place! 

22. The Sand Falls Of Cabo

Have you ever witnessed a sand fall? Well, you can at Cabo San Lucas, where under the waves you’ll see sand cascading 120 feet down into the bottom of the bay.

This natural wonder occurs due to the friction between the North America and Pacific tectonic plates, alongside the mixing of warm water from the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.

There are diving tours arranged where you can marvel at this natural phenomenon and get a glimpse of the dazzling marine ecosystem. If you’re a diver, then this has to be one of the top reasons to go to Cabo San Lucas!


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