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Perfect white sand beaches, exceptional snorkelling, resident flamingoes, and a nightlife in the capital of Oranjestad that can rival much bigger cities, it’s little surprise Aruba impresses tourists year after year. While the likes of the Bahamas and Jamaica tend to get all the crowds, little Aruba packs a big punch. This island is small but mighty, and while it may not be the best destination if you like hiking - the biggest peak is just 189m high! - if you’re looking for sun, sea, sand and some fun, Aruba is hard to beat. And with locals that tend to speak four languages - English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento - expect a multicultural island with a varied and delicious cuisine scene. Couple that with the fact Aruba gets less rain than almost all other Caribbean countries - an average of around 15 inches per year - and you can just about guarantee a sun-drenched vacation when visiting. Read more about Aruba from our previous posts below.

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