Shortlist: 12 Brunch & Breakfast Spots In Laguna Beach (CA) That Locals Love!

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California’s stunning Laguna Beach is known for its laid-back vibe, culture, year-round nice weather and long stretches of sand. But it’s also starting to build up a reputation as a town with a fine cuisine culture.

We have to agree! Which is why brunch and breakfast in Laguna Beach is alwaysonour listof must-dos when in the region.

No matter what your plans are when visiting, Laguna Beach has a variety of eateries that are worth dropping into for breakfastor brunch.

As we know this place well we wanted to share with you our own list of the very best places for brunch and breakfast in Laguna Beach. Enjoy!

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1. Orange Inn

If your ideal morning includes grabbing breakfast near a beach and enjoying freshly made delicious baked treats, we’ve got the perfect place for you! Orange Inn is a petite yet cozy eatery that is filled with friendly staff, pleasant smiles, and of course, the welcoming aroma of freshly made breakfast goodies.

Established in 1931, almost a century back, this eatery is home to a range of tasty baked goods including soft blueberry muffins and almond croissants. We recommend you try the various selections of cereal bowls, breakfast burritos, and house plates so you can enjoy a morning energy boost. They also offer a collection of t-shirts and bags that could come in handy if you have plans on visiting the beach.

The Orange Inn is a do-not-miss breakfast in Laguna Beach spot if you want to enjoy breakfast Californian style!

Our tip: In a rush and have no time to dine in? Place your order over the phone and take advantage of Orange Inn’s curb-side pick-up.

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2. Splashes Restaurant

For those of you looking for breakfast dining with a view then Splashes Restaurant – part of the Surf and Sand Resort – is perfect. This restaurant has great seaside dining, but also a breakfast menu that includes lots of morning options alongside a good selection of fresh juices.

We suggest you try their very buttermilk pancakes, and the egg white frittata. What is also very inviting about this restaurant is the choice of seating available. You can choose to either sit inside and enjoy the music and ambiance, or get a palm-shaded patio seat and enjoy your breakfast to the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shore. What a way to start the morning!

Our tip: Too much to choose from? Order the Splashes Breakfast which includes eggs, potatoes, toast, and a choice of meat.

3. The Pantry Laguna Beach

With a history spanning from a former pottery shack to a famous tourist attraction, The Pantry Laguna Beach is a fine eatery with an interesting past and a serene view of the ocean.

Stopping by for a quick breakfast? There’s a delicious array of dessert and bakery items you can grab to go. Or if you’re planning to dine-in and unwind, the breakfast menu offers a wide selection from toasts, burritos, vegetable scrambles, breakfast parfaits, and more. For us, we recommend the Avo Toast with a chai tea latte to get your day started on the right foot.

What also makes The Pantry unique is the bagged snacks they have available which are great to grab for a morning hike or beach walk, or simply to give your kids while you’re waiting for an order. A great Laguna Beach brunch and breakfast spot for family gatherings and memory-making.

Our tip: Cold outside? Let your server know and ask for a seat near the fire.

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4. Penguin Café

Established in the 1940s as a malt shop (which is still served to this day) Penguin Café is the oldest family-run business in Laguna Beach and is well known for its old-fashioned homemade food with a local modern twist!

If you are on a morning stroll along the beach and are craving grandma-style homemade food, make your way here pronto. They have a variety of traditional breakfast dishes, sandwiches, and specialties on offer.

The chessboard-styled floor, open tables, and booth seating gives it an old school diner feel, and the view overlooking the sea will make your breakfast in Laguna Beach special. What we like about this Californian café, aside from the friendly staff, is the spacious parking available.

Our tip: You can order vegan options for very reasonable prices.

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5. Anastasia Café

Hidden inside Ocean Avenue is Laguna Beach’s best breakfast secret, Anastasia Café. This establishment has been around for over two decades and will easily become your go-to if you’re looking for California/French cuisine to start your day.

Designed with a wide arch of long glass windows and outdoor seating with beach umbrellas, Anastasia Café’s chic interior made up of brick walls and comfortable seating makes this one of our favorite places to chill in the morning.

What’s the highlight of this café? The outstanding breakfast menu of course! The menu comprises an assortment of omelets, waffles, and pancakes, freshly made for dine-in and take-out orders. For us, the ‘Fisherman’s Feast’ and ‘Caramel Toast’ are a must-try!

Our tip: Ask your server for the daily special. It’s often delicious and very reasonably priced.

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6. Café Heidelberg

Located in the beautiful Laguna Hills, not too far from the beach, Café Heidelberg is a classic bistro and coffee bar.With a lovely patio filled with comfortable seating alongside a well-lit interior, Café Heidelberg is great for breakfast, brunch and conversation with friends.

The breakfast menu comprises of a wide variety of coffees, waffles, and pancakes along with a range of tasty side dishes. If you’re planning a visit here then definitely get a patio seat and order the Egg Benedict paired with fresh potatoes – nothing beats the Cali breeze while enjoying that for brunch!

There’s also disabled access to the café which gives this place even more plus points.

Our tip: The easiest parking spot is probably by the meter at the cafe’s side door.  

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7. Harvest

Harvest, located in The Ranch at Laguna Beach is a restaurant/bar and elegant eatery that truly celebrates Californian enology, brewing, and of course, organic farming. There’s a breathtaking patio view overlooking the Aliso Canyon and a tranquil golf course, so eating here is a lovely serene way to start the day.

Harvest’s menu changes with the seasons so you know you’re getting fresh ingredients. For breakfast expect sweet and savory breakfast bowls, pastry baskets and bagels with a delicious range of sides. Planning to dine in? We highly recommend the Bagel and House Smoked Salmon with a side of fresh fruit and berries. For a Laguna Beach brunch that combo can’t be beaten.

What makes this restaurant a highlight is not only the valet parking available here (it’s always nice to feel fancy!), but also the many ingredients they use that come direct from their very own half-acre garden. Fresh and homegrown to your table – what more could you ask for!

Our tip: The best seat in the restaurant is the corner booth overlooking the canyon.

Bagel with salmon
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8. Laguna Coffee Company

Laguna Coffee Company is a café formed by a mother-daughter team with a vision to “have locals bond, over a great cup of coffee.” You can see this vision coming together almost every day by the line of waiting customers keen to get their order!

They have a delicious assortment of rye baked goods on display, while the breakfast menu is all-encompassing with many different types of toasts, bagels and more. The Salmon Bagel and Iced Chai Tea Latte are amongst our personal recommendations.

However, what really makes Laguna Coffee Co unique is their wonderful freshly ground coffee. So if you’re a coffee lover, this is one of the best Laguna Beach breakfast spots to get out of bed for.

Our tip: Low on budget but craving coffee in quantity? Order their drip coffee for just $2!

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9. Kitchen in the Canyon

Kitchen in the Canyon is a lovely local spot hidden in the beautiful Laguna Canyon that is great for a breakfast visit if you’re up early hiking or on a road trip. With patio seating outside, alongside elegant deco inside, it’s a nice stop to relax and start your day right.

They offer a breakfast menu that is ready to delight with several breakfast plates and bowls, salads, sandwiches, omelets and a long list of beverages – we suggest you try the beautifully presented Lavender Latte.

What we really like about Kitchen in the Canyon is the live entertainment they often have here. Imagine a Sunday morning with soothing live music, great weather, and canyon views, while indulging in your favorite breakfast.

Our tip: Here on a holiday? Visit the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park across the road right after your breakfast.

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10. Nick’s Laguna Beach

Featuring classic American comfort food and a mission to operate in the spirit of excellence, Nick’s Laguna Beach is a well-refined and friendly restaurant producing quality food and excellent service.

With an interior dressed in warm tones, brick walls, and wood-trimmed booths, this is a great Laguna Beach breakfast and brunch spot thanks to their range of delicious waffles, burritos, and salads to choose from.

If you’re visiting Laguna Beach for the first time we urge you to try their very own, Fried Chicken Waffle – it’s sort of famous here. What we also like about Nick’s Laguna Beach is the exhibition kitchen – so you can see all the cooking action take place from the comfort of your seat!

Our tip: Stop by on a Wednesday morning if you want to avoid crowds.

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11. Moulin

Inspired by the brasserie-style restaurants that sprung up around Paris in the early 1900s; Moulin is a café and bakery located in Forrest Avenue, Laguna Beach, serving hearty French meals in a casual setting.

With an interior filled with French-themed posters and quotes alongside appetizing baked goods and pastries, we guarantee this is a Laguna Beach breakfast spot you will return to!

The breakfast menu has a good selection of crepes, Parisian sandwiches, salads and more. Hungry? Don’t worry, the service here is super-fast.

Our tip: Many customers? Order online and have them serve it to you while still dining in.

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12. Lost Pier Café

Lost Pier Café is a beachfront café where you can watch the waves. It’s also famous for its seafood. Sitting right on the beach, this cafe has breakfast items such as beignets, pastries and a variety of seafood items.

The delicious beignets with a warm cup of hot chocolate can’t be missed if you’re up early when there’s a cold ocean breeze blowing in. It may not be healthy but you know it’s going to be good.

Our tip: Cold outside and didn’t bring a blanket? Talk to your server and ask about their portable fire pit rental.


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