Shortlisted: 7 Spots For Breakfast In Glenwood Springs That Locals Love!

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Glenwood Springs, Colorado is a place of mountains, rivers, turquoise waters and beautiful scenery. But it’s also a city with numerous mouthwatering dishes to try out. This beautiful city is mainly famous for its hot springs, but it also has a burgeoning restaurant scene, and in particular there are several fantastic spots to grab breakfast here.

And if you’re reading this, we’re guessing you are on the hunt for the best breakfast Glenwood Springs has to offer!

Luckily we know Glenwood Springs well. So right here we share with you seven fantastic places to start your day in Colorado’s best city. Bon appetit!

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The Best Breakfast In Glenwood Springs: Food Worth Waking Up For!

1. Sweet Coloradough

Although small, this funky doughnut shop is a must visit if you’re in Glenwood Springs.

Open from 6am-2pm every day except Tuesday, Sweet Coloradough is the city’s go-to place for exceptional pastries, muffins, good coffee, tasty breakfast sandwiches and their famous custom doughnuts.

Those handcrafted doughnuts may just be the best in the state and are understandably the main draw. They come in a huge array of flavors, but if you’re feeling adventurous then ask for bacon to be added to your doughnut – it may sound strange, but this invention by Sweet Coloradough is well worth trying out.

And if you like the sound of that, then why not go for the ‘Baby Daddy’ – bacon, cheese and egg on a donut that’s smothered with gravy. Bacon or not, we think you’ll find a doughnut perfect for you here.

Incredibly, the super kind owners will even be happy to curate a customized breakfast sandwich for you if you like based on your preferences. It’s that attention to detail and customer-orientated service that makes Sweet Coloradough really stand out.

Can it get any better? Well they also have gluten free donuts, some of the best coffee in town, and the outside patio with mountain views is one fantastic place to start your day. They’re even known for making alcohol-infused dishes – all we can say is go visit and see this quirky place for yourself.

Simply put, everything about this place is a 10/10. And in our opinion, this is the best place in Glenwood Springs for donuts and breakfast sandwiches.

Address: 2430 S Glen Ave, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, United States 

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2. Daily Bread

What better way to eat your “daily bread” than at the Daily Bread itself! This breakfast restaurant is laid-back and friendly, and has a wonderful outdoor patio area where you can start you day under the morning sun while people watching.

One of the best parts about Daily Bread’s menu is that they cater to people with all types of dietary restrictions, and so they have several vegan and gluten-free options. Which is why you’ll find dishes like the veggie skillet, veggie burrito, tofu scramble, and gluten-free toast all available. That’s a big plus point as dining out for breakfast tends to be difficult for both vegans and those with celiac disease.

As for what we recommend, the stuffed French toast (made with baguettes) is utterly fantastic. Another favourite is the French toast with two eggs and an omelette. The huevos rancheros with green pork chilli is also worth a special mention.

In fact, for all those ‘eggetarians’ out there, there’s a fantastic variety of omelets for you to try here. The spinach omelette, Scandinavian omelet and pol mex omelet, are highlights. 

Alongside the friendly, kind staff, this restaurant is also LGBTQ friendly and has gender-neutral toilets. It’s a place where everyone is welcome and treated equally. 

Open at 7:30am or 8am daily, except on Monday when they’re closed, we think Daily Bread easily deserves its spot on our list of the best places for breakfast In Glenwood Springs. 

Address: 729 Grand Ave, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, United States 

3. 19th Street Diner 

Although time travel isn’t possible, you can still relive the past in this 50s/60s style diner! The aesthetic and vibes are funky, the service is terrific, everyone is welcome, and the food is some of the best on offer in town.

This diner has been around since 1986 and oozes charm. While other restaurants came and went, 19th Street Diner has continued to pick up regulars year after year, and that’s testament to the food they serve and the friendly atmosphere they’ve created.

19th Street also happens to be one of the few places in Glenwood Springs that serves all-day breakfast, so even though they open at 7am you don’t need to be an early riser to enjoy the classics on their morning menu.

As for what we recommend, the Western omelet or the deep-fried French toast are both great options, but honestly it’s hard to go wrong with any of their breakfast items.

This little diner also caters to individuals with dietary restrictions, has free WiFi, great coffee, and we’ve found the prices to be very affordable. No wonder 19th Street is a mainstay of the Glenwood Springs breakfast scene.

Address: 1908 Grand Ave, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, United States 

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4. Rosi’s Little Bavarian Restaurant

Who wouldn’t want to delve into breakfast while enjoying mesmerizing views of the Rocky Mountains? That’s exactly what you’ll get at this old-fashioned cottage/chalet-style restaurant. However, not only are the views fantastic, but so is the quality and variety of food on offer.

Fancy a German, Mexican or American breakfast? They’ve got all of that and more here, which is why this place is one of Glenwood Springs’ most popular morning hangouts.

If you’re craving something Mexican, then try their excellent Chiles Rellenos. Or if you want a more classic American breakfast item then the Eggs Benedict they do is one of the best in town. 

However, Rosi’s is a Bavarian restaurant, so you have to sample their German dishes! And the schnitzel and jaegerschnitzel are two of the best. They come in generous portion sizes too.

In fact one of our favorite things about this place is the hearty portions – they often seem big enough to feed two people! Rosi’s may be a little restaurant, but there’s certainly nothing little about their portion sizes.

Another great thing about this place is the service. The staff are super sweet, thoughtful and attentive. It’s a cliche, but Rosi’s does feel a bit like a home away from home.

And as an added bonus there is also a wheelchair-accessible entrance, seating, and toilet. Which is highly thoughtful and considerate.

Opening at 7am, and just two blocks from the hot springs, there’s few better places for breakfast in Glenwood Springs than Rosi’s.

Address: 141 W 6th St, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, United States

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5. Bluebird Cafe 

Bluebird Cafe is the perfect blend of retro and modern all wrapped up in a cute laid-back coffee house.

The breakfast menu is inventive, and while it isn’t huge, you’ll find protein packed ‘Protein Plates’, several dishes that can be made gluten free, plenty of plant-based options, as well as belly-busting burritos.

Their breakfast quiches are particularly well known in the area, and as they’re made from almond flour, those with gluten intolerances can indulge too. But whether you can tolerate gluten or not, the quiches Bluebird Cafe create, are in our opinion, the best in the city.

Of course as this is a coffee house you’ll find many different types of fair trade coffee and tea here, and plenty of alternative milk options as well. And if you’re like us and need to load up on coffee in the morning, just go for their ‘bottomless mug’ option.

Everything about this indie cafe is spot on. The excellent service, cosy decor, WiFi, fair-trade coffee, and just overall good vibes. We think Bluebird is probably the best place for gluten free breakfast options in Glenwood Springs too.

Address: 730 Grand Ave #3402, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, United States

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6. Village Inn 

This place may be a chain restaurant but Village Inn certainly do a great breakfast and the staff clearly take pride in the food they create and serve. They also claim to have some of the best pie in America, and while we can’t be sure of that, we do think they have the best pie in Glenwood Springs.

Open as early as 6am, this is the perfect Glenwood Springs breakfast spot for early birds. Luckily they have a very good breakfast menu that spans all the classics, alongside a huge variety of other dishes. You’ll get strawberry crepes (with fresh strawberries) to French toast with plenty of toppings, pot roast, country-fried steak, and much more. You can even order a burger for breakfast if you wake up especially hungry!

Worth a special mention is their pie menu. Pretty much every pie you can think of is there, and at the time of writing, you can even get a free slice with an adult main course if you sign up to their email list.

Other plus points include the braille menu – which we’ve found to be a rarity in restaurants – and the free WiFi.

Address: 102 W 6th St, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, United States

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7. Tony’s Bakery

What better place to have a delicious breakfast than at a small family run bakery?

Tony’s Bakery is a diner style bakery which is known locally as having some of the most delicious pastries and cookies in Glenwood Springs. However they also have an impressive selection of other breakfast items including sandwiches and tamales.

If it’s your first time visiting, then we recommend trying either their Cheese Danish, Cheese and Guava pastry, or one of the tasty filled croissants. Tony’s has a range of Mexican breakfast items too, and if any seem unfamiliar to you the owners will be happy to explain what they are.

This little bakery sits close to McDonalds, but if we’re honest, if you end up choosing to go there instead of Tony’s we think you’re missing out. This family run bakery is well worth supporting.

Address: 3110 Blake Ave B, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, United States 

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The Best Breakfast In Glenwood Springs: Our Final Thoughts

No matter what you’re craving, or whether you have dietary requirements, the Glenwood Springs breakfast scene is diverse enough to have something that will suit you.

Our seven favorite Glenwood Springs breakfast spots offer up delicious breakfast sandwiches, unbeatable fairtrade coffee, tasty French toast and some of the best doughnuts in Colorado.

Simply put, when it comes to breakfast in Glenwood Springs it’s hard to start the day disappointed!


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