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Shortlist: 12 Exceptional Tybee Island Restaurants That Locals Love

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Just 18 miles from Savannah is a barrier island that’s bound to capture your heart with its laid-back vibe and natural beauty. Tybee Island’s population of just over 3,000 gives it the perfect small beach town feel while offering numerous activities for you and your family to explore.

On top of that the cuisine culture here is quite special, despite how small the island is, and as a result a selection of excellent Tybee Island restaurants have cropped up.

That makes the miles of beaches on Tybee the perfect setting for a relaxing adventure, and the array of cuisine the perfect accompaniment. Plus if you are looking for a restaurant with a view, you don’t need to look far in Tybee Island. Only a few miles long, nearly every restaurant on the island is on the beach!

No matter your plans, this island has a variety of restaurants, all with different atmospheres. As we know the island well we wanted to share with you our own list of the very best restaurants in Tybee Island. So, book your hotel, kick back, and enjoy this hospitable and charming island!

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1. Bubba Gumbo’s

It would be easy to pass by Bubba Gumbo’s, mistaking it as a part of the Tybee Island Marina. This gem, however, has some of the best seafood on the island, hidden behind a laid-back atmosphere.

With more than half of its seating located outside, you are unlikely to want to dine indoors, especially considering the incredible weather ane views in Tybee Island. Its prime location on the water means you can quite literally dine on the day’s fresh catch, all while watching the sea views.

The covered outdoor bar is another great option if you aren’t too hungry, and as things cool down at night, try enjoying a drink with your date by their rustic fire pit.

1 Old US Hwy 80

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2. CoCo’s Sunset Grille

The name is no fabrication, as CoCo’s Sunset Grille offers amazing views of the sunset over the river each evening if you time your meal correctly. This spot overlooking Lazaretto Creek has it all—great seafood, friendly service, and, of course, those views over the water.

Coco’s tends toward traditional seafood, so you can’t go wrong. The fried shrimp and snow crab are staples for your average seafood lover. If you want something more flavorful, opt for the buffalo shrimp, bourbon-glazed salmon, or tuna tacos. The waterfront atmosphere is perfect for a refreshing cocktail, and CoCo’s will deliver with their variety of tropical drinks.

Definitely one of the best Tybee Island restaurants for sunset views and seafood.

1 Old US Hwy 80

3. Sting Ray’s Seafood

Sting Ray’s may have a laid-back atmosphere, but they take their seafood seriously. This restaurant is a favorite among locals, thanks mainly to the food and their proximity to Butler Avenue Beach.

We have many favorite dishes here, but we recommend the buffalo shrimp and the soft-shell crab sandwich. If you want more variety from your dish, the Sting Ray’s Platter is a great option, featuring a bundle of seafood items: blue and snow crab, Jonah crab claws, crawfish, mussels, and steamed shrimp.

Many guests at Sting Ray’s like to wash down their meal with one of their famous margaritas while live music plays in the background. So if you’re looking for good music and great food, this could be the best Tybee restaurant for you.

1403 Butler Avenue

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4. Fannie’s on the Beach

When you walk by Fannie’s after a day of sun and surf, you will see the words “Time to Eat!” written on their building. We recommend you take their advice and stop for an oceanside bite!

This eclectic spot boasts a fantastic beach location and is always good for a great time. Some popular dishes are the Coconut Shrimp with pina colada sauce or the Shrimp Po Boy. Surprisingly, their pizza is another popular menu item.

No matter what you choose, kick back and enjoy a drink after a long day of beach-going! Definitely one of the best Tybee Island restaurants when it comes to sea views.

1613 Strand Avenue

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5. Sundae Café

This café works as a casual restaurant during the day and a romantic excursion after dark. Another restaurant boasting proximity to the beach, the Sundae Café has several lunch options, from seafood to Mexican, to classic American food. That eclectic menu is perfect if you have a group that can’t decide on one type of cuisine. Some popular daytime dishes are Spicy Tuna Tacos and Fried Oysters.

By night, the café takes on a new and more elegant feel. Try the Seafood Cheesecake, which mixes shrimp, crab, and smoked gouda, all held inside a flaky garlic butter crust. If you have room for more after your entrée, check out the desserts in the glass case by the host stand. The key lime and Peanut Butter pies are sure to make your mouth water, even after a satisfying meal. If you’ve spent a whole day exploring the island then you deserve a treat!

304 First Street

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6. Huc-A-Poos Bites

Pizza is not a food that the island is necessarily known for, but Huc-A-Poos packs a unique punch that draws in many locals.

This colorful restaurant has rather creative options for its pizzas. One of their offerings is a menu item called the Shep Surprise, where your toppings are at the liberty of the chef. Make sure your group isn’t picky if you take the chance!

We also love the Omnivore, which is a pizza with both meat and veggie toppings. If your group has either vegans or vegetarians, Huc-A-Poos is a suitable option too as they have options for both.

Don’t forget to grab a bucket of beer and talk to some of the other customers while you visit. Huc-A-Poos guests are known to be friendly, and it’s a place where you can easily make conversation over a drink.

1213 E. Hwy 80

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7. The Crab Shack

With a lively atmosphere, a beautiful view of the creek, and heavy seafood platters, The Crab Shack draws quite a crowd on Tybee Island. This local spot touts the motto “Where the elite eat in their bare feet.” The restaurant is rather casual, as the slogan suggests, but it adds to the charm. They offer indoor and outdoor seating and a calming island vibe.

Their low country boil is one of the menu favorites, which features a mix of shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn. In our opinion The Crab Shack has some of the freshest seafood on the island, particularly the oysters and crab, so it’s definitely one of the best Tybee Island restaurants when it comes to seafood dishes.

They have things other than seafood too. The barbeque pork and chicken are delicious, though you may get some dirty looks for skipping the seafood at The Crab Shack!

40 Estill Hammock Road

Seafood and wine
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8. The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is always busy, and for good reason. This classic breakfast spot has been serving traditional and experimental breakfast food every day since 1976. It is undeniably a great place to gather.

Their traditional dishes – eggs, homemade sausage, waffles, omelets, and grits are sure to satiate your appetite right when you wake up. But, if you want to try something new, some of the creative options, like Helen’s Solidarity, offers a large plate of potatoes, Polish sausage, scrambled eggs, onions, green peppers, and cheese!

They serve their breakfast all day and offer standard lunch options if you prefer a midday meal, but keep in mind that they only remain open until 1 p.m. each day. Probably our favorite Tybee Island restaurant for breakfast and brunch.

1500 Butler Avenue

Delicious breakfast on a light table
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9. A-J’s Dockside Restaurant

Overlooking the island’s Back River, A-J’s is another favorite spot among locals for a sunset meal. Many people even attend by boat, docking, and dining at A-J’s whenever they please and enjoying a tasty meal.

A-J’s is spacious with its indoor and outdoor seating. While A-J’s is another restaurant focusing on seafood dishes like deviled mussels, crabs and mahi-mahi, they offer things like burgers and wings for those who prefer something other than seafood.

Something unique about A-J’s is that the Tybee Island B-Squad often gathers there. Dedicated to locating a nuclear missile supposedly lost off the Tybee coast since 1958, this group is persistent in its effort to solve this mystery. Maybe you’ll meet them and get to hear some quirky island stories!

1315 Chatham Avenue

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10. Chamacos Tacos and Surf

This homespun taco shop and surf joint in Tybee Island is great for any visitor looking for a tasty and authentic Mexican meal. The small menu certainly offers a variety of flavors, constantly rotating and offering far more than typical tacos.

Chamacos has some of the best breakfasts on the island too, featuring amazing tacos, huevos rancheros, and huevos divorciados served with fresh fruit and hashbrowns. In contrast, the Pinche Chowder honors the Tybee Island seafood culture, combining Mexican cuisine with local shrimp, roasted poblanos, all served with a cheese tortilla. That’s a collaboration we can get behind!

1311 Butler Avenue

shrimp tacos
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11. North Beach Bar and Grill

Serving up a variety of Caribbean-influenced dishes, this beloved restaurant boasts an incredible location right by Tybee’s North Beach.

Their menu includes many options, with some of our favorites being the fish tacos, jerk chicken, and conch fritters. For less adventurous diners, they have American fare available as well.

North Beach is an upbeat dining spot, offering live music each weekend and occasionally during the week too. The music perfectly accompanies their views of the ocean and the lovely Tybee Lighthouse. If you are also looking for a tasty tropical beverage, this is the perfect spot to stop for a late-night drink.

There’s no doubt in our mind that North Beach is one of the best Tybee Island restaurants, particularly due to the views, music, and of course, the food.

33 Meddin Drive

beer with food
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12. The Tybee Bakery Featuring Café Miss Korea

This restaurant is a bit of an outlier on the island with its mix of foods, offering Korean BBQ staples and baked goods made from scratch. They have quite the variety, offering a range of dishes from house-made kimchi to key lime pies!

But beware, the hours are not always reliable. You may need to call the number on their Facebook page to find when they’re open. Luckily, its convenient placement on Highway 80 outside of Savannah makes it the perfect drive-by spot. If you don’t want to sit inside, try some of their delicious Bibimbap or pastries to-go and eat them on the beach!

1204 US-80

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