8 Restaurants In Waterton That Locals Love For Food, Views & Vibes!

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The very serene Waterton Park is a national treasure that attracts tons of tourists every year. If you plan on exploring this pretty location too, you’ll need to fuel up while doing so, and thankfully there are some incredible restaurants here.

So to help you pick the right places, here’s a few of our favorite restaurants in Waterton, offering everything from sloppy burgers to steaks and wines, alongside sweeping mountain views on pet-friendly patios. Enjoy! 

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Our Top Eight Restaurants In Waterton: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Red Rock Trattoria

Elevated traditional Italian fare and fine wines served in an intimate and modern space. Gluten free options available too. 

As one of the very few restaurants in Waterton that remains open all year round, Red Rock Trattoria is a busy hot spot for people looking to unwind after a day of exploring.

It’s located inside the Waterton Glacier Suites, so expect elevated Italian food and a classy yet relaxed vibe that’s great for anything from romantic dinner dates to casual family gatherings.

This bright space features luxurious seating, cozy fireplaces, modern art on its walls, and a stunning view of the town from its large windows.

Despite all the frills, the place has just as much substance as style, and its meticulously prepared food remains the main draw.

Expect scratch-made fare that highlights fresh produce infused with authentic Italian flavors that can airlift you to the streets of Naples.

While everything on the menu looks and tastes spot on, we highly recommend their creamy bison lasagna made with homemade sheets – a must-try house favorite.

The short rib ragu or the chicken parmesan with grana Padano cheese are familiar flavors elevated to their level best. There are gluten-free options available, as well as some fine local and Italian wines.

It’s a concise menu, but every dish comes out looking like a slice of heaven, prepared with attention to detail, and totally worth the splurge.

Find them open every day from 5 pm onwards, and do remember to make reservations!

Address: 107 Wind Flower Ave Box # 51, Waterton Park, AB

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2. Zum’s Eatery 

Quirky place serving fried foods, burgers, breakfast and entrees in a cozy setting with a patio facing the lake!

Zum’s Eatery is the perfect example of a restaurant that has character. Adorned with various knick-knacks such as license plates and funky colorful decor hanging off its walls, this place doesn’t just offer some of the best breakfast and fried chicken in town, but also a unique cozy atmosphere.

It’s located right off the lake, so sitting on their cute patio with the cool summer breeze wafting through is a nice idea too.

The restaurant only operates from May through September, so get your hands on their delectable food while you can.

Breakfast comes with hearty traditional platters alongside omelets and stacks of fluffy hot cakes. They’ve also got breakfast bowls with cubed hash browns, sausages, and lots of other stuff topped with eggs.

As for lunch, there’s plenty of homemade stuff like chili, pulled pork poutine, juicy burgers, and wraps. And while that’s all worth tucking into, you have to try their city-wide famous, perfectly seasoned crispy fried chicken.

Dinner comes with similar stuff with the addition of pizzas and homestyle entrees like ginger-glazed salmon. 

Of course, the menu has lots of beers and some margaritas to complement all that great food.

Visit them any day from 8 am onwards during summer, and do check out the attached gift shop while you’re there!

Address: 116 Waterton Ave, Waterton Park, AB

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3. Lakeside Chophouse 

Upscale chophouse with an eclectic menu and a patio offering lakeside and mountain views

Experience Waterton in all its natural glory by dining at Lakeside Chophouse – sister to Red Rock Trattoria.

Known for its beautifully done steaks, this upmarket eatery may be the most elegant pitstop here for everything from breakfast to dinner, though its vibe remains casual and relaxed.

Stone walls, sleek tables, and a big bright bar grace the classy interior, where large windows offer spectacular views of the lake and the mountains beyond.

The spacious patio is just as trendy, with heaters and lush greenery surrounding it during the summers. 

Featuring an eclectic menu where steaks take center stage, their food is what keeps the place alive and humming with activity from dawn to dusk.

Breakfast here comes with loaded bowls like the sauerkraut and smoked bison bowl, avocado toasts with sunny side eggs, and lots of fresh smoothies.

As for lunch and dinner, the mains range from cauliflower steak and butter chicken to lobster and prawn linguine and slow-braised short ribs.

And if you’re here for the steaks, then you’re in for a treat – these 32-day aged cuts of Alberta Angus Reserve beef are tender, juicy, and grilled to absolute perfection.

Throw in steak enhancers like some butter-poached lobster tail or blue cheese, and a glass of their fantastic wines for the complete experience. 

Find them open every day from 7 am onwards. We highly recommend reservations for dinner, as they’re a popular choice among restaurants in Waterton.

Address: 111 Waterton Avenue, Suite 101 – Box # 38, Waterton Park, AB

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4. Wieners of Waterton 

Sizable hot dogs, fries, and innovative homemade sauces served for takeout with a few outdoor tables 

After a day of hiking and biking, some cheesy and loaded hot dogs sound like a great idea, especially if you get them from Wieners of Waterton.

This 2010-established restaurant has cemented itself as a staple among locals and regular visitors, offering sizable and sloppy hot dogs and ultra-crispy fries. It’s a great choice for a quick grab-and-go as it’s mainly geared towards takeouts, though you can certainly settle on the picnic tables at the storefront.

Made with homemade sauces and loaded to the brim, just savoring one of these bad boys is a full meal, so make sure you’re hungry before coming here.

Try the ¼ lb Nathan – a Coney Island dog – or the handmade smoked sausage dog. Both are all-time favorites and sell lightning-fast.

Customize your picks with stuff like homemade sauerkraut, banana peppers, or some creamy coleslaw, and top ’em off with their sauces and relish. Boom – you’ve got yourself a hot dog you’ll remember. 

Don’t forget to get a side of their poutine or regular fries, alongside some creative dipping sauces like curry ketchup, peppercorn ranch, and wasabi ginger.

If your mouth’s already watering, swing by their place from 11 am onwards between May – October for a satisfying and filling meal on the go. 

Address: 301 Wind Flower Ave, Waterton Park, AB 

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5. Pizza of Waterton

Long-running casual restaurant serving thick crust pizzas and breakfast with a spacious patio and live entertainment

There’s nothing a slice of ooey gooey pizza can’t fix, so if that’s what you’re after, head towards Pizza of Waterton.

For over two decades, they’ve served the town with some amazing thick-crust pizzas that many claim are worth driving miles for. And since they share the venue with the neighboring Pearl’s Cafe, you can come here for anything from hearty breakfast platters to pizzas or lasagna for lunch/dinner.

Settle inside their no-frills casual dining space, the lively bar, or outside on the elaborate patio where there are plenty of tables and sunshine. The occasional trivia and open mic nights really add to the bright atmosphere too. 

For breakfast here, you can opt for anything from their special ham and cheese stuffed French toast, eggs benedict, or a roasted salsa-filled Hungry Hiker breakfast wrap.

Lunch and dinner are where their pizzas steal the show, sprinkled with fresh toppings and baked so that the inside of the crust is fluffy and the outside beautifully crisp.

Try the Big Bertha that’s loaded with various types of meat with a BBQ sauce base, or the Peace Park smothered in a creamy BBQ ranch sauce.

Oh and, their lasagnas and Italian sammies are no less impressive either! Find this local gem open every day from 7 am – 10 pm during summer.

Address: 305 Wind Flower Ave, Waterton Park, AB 

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6. Waffleton

Sweet and savory waffles served for lunch and breakfast in a casual atmosphere with patio seats

Waffles for lunch? As strange as that might sound, Waffleton and their tasty and creative waffles are among the top restaurants in Waterton for breakfast and lunch.

It’s a casual little place just a block away from the lake, where you order at the counter and then wait for these delights to be brought out to you. And although it’s nothing fancy, there’s plenty of seating inside their bright and clean dining area, with some shaded tables at the storefront.

Chef Dan – the mastermind behind these innovative creations- takes waffles to the next evolutionary level, so expect a cross between a brioche waffle and an egg benedict that has the locals hooked. Top it with some extra hash browns for that ‘oomph’ factor.

Of course, you can also savor sweet ones like a strawberry cream cheese rhubarb-topped Alberta Cheesecake waffle, or a classic waffle drenched in Canadian maple syrup.

As far as lunch goes, there’s stuff like the Hot Hawaiian with pulled pork, candied jalapenos, slaw, and pineapples, or the country ham and pulled pork piled Cubano.

Since they use only fresh produce and scratch-made ingredients, you’ll be swooning in delight with just a bite of these waffles.

Check them out between Wednesday-Monday, 8 am – 3 pm during summer to find out why everyone’s always raving about this fantastic little local place.

Address: 301 Wind Flower Ave, Waterton Park, AB 

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7. Thirsty Bear 

Gastropub featuring burgers and craft beers in a wood-paneled interior and a roomy patio with live music 

You know what’s better than burgers and beers? Burgers and beers that come with a side of live entertainment and a lively atmosphere!

That’s exactly what you get at the Thirsty Bear – a historic (and Waterton’s only) gastropub.

This age-old establishment hosts a fine-tuned menu of elevated fast food in a charming and roomy wood-paneled dining area, where you’ll also find a long bar with TVs.

Their patio is just as rustic and pretty, with cute potted plants surrounding it with the mountains as the backdrop. All that, alongside the regular live music, easily makes it one of the liveliest restaurants in Waterton. 

Start your meal with one of their dozen appetizers that range from Korean lettuce wraps to roasted garlic yam fries.

Next, pick from one of the gourmet burgers built from scratch-made ingredients – we highly recommend trying the 18 hours braised Beef Brisket Portobello Melt and the hearty North Fork Bison burger topped with a sunny-side-up egg.

There are vegetarian picks available too, alongside 12 craft beers on tap and a homemade apple pie with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream. We won’t blame you if you drool at just the sight of it.

They operate daily during summer from 11 am onwards to as late as 2 am so you can experience this charming town’s nightlife at its best.

Address: 111 Waterton Ave, Waterton Park, AB 

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8. Trappers Mountain Grill

Smoked meats and burgers served in a lodge-like dining space with a patio 

Specializing in smoked meats, Trappers Mountain Grill is one of our favorite family-owned restaurants in Waterton.

You’re also greeted with smiles and friendly owners when you come here, and then presented with some insanely good food.

It’s a casual and easygoing place, and the atmosphere and decor are quite charming, giving off a cozy vibe. The walls here are wood-paneled, the unique chandeliers have antlers for arms, and mounted animal heads surround the interior.

It’s quite a rustic and lodge-like setting, while the cute patio tables are also great for alfresco dining on bright summer days.

With a menu revolving around house-smoked meats and burgers, this place is a BBQ-fanatic’s dream.

But no matter what you plan on ordering as mains, you have to start with their smoked trout and homemade dill sauce – it’s one of their best-selling appetizers.

If you’re in for the BBQ experience, move on to the smoked ribs platter served with smoked wings and slaw, and you’ll be licking your fingers clean. Their burgers are a good option too, especially since they freshly ground the patties before grilling them to perfection. 

They’re open daily from 8 am onwards in summer – don’t forget to grab a chilled beer with your meal and chat with the hospitable owners when they come say hi! 

Address: 106 Waterton Ave, Waterton Park, AB

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The Best Restaurants In Waterton: Our Final Thoughts 

Although there aren’t many of them, the restaurants in Waterton are worth a trip alone with their charming atmospheres and impressive food and service.

Give our favorite picks a try, and you’ll see what we mean!


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