Shortlist: 8 Restaurants In Middleton (WI) That Locals Love!

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It’s no wonder that Wisconsin’s Middleton is known as one of the best neighborhoods to live in. Dotted with pretty little houses, parks, and a thriving downtown area, this idyllic town has got everything to convince you to move here, settle in, or simply visit, including a long list of top-class eateries.

So to help you out if you’re new in town, here’s a list of some of our favorite restaurants in Middleton Wisconsin.

Expect everything from laid-back burgers and live jazz to fancy steaks and exquisite cuisines from around the globe. The restaurant scene in Middleton really is that diverse!

Let’s dig in! 

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Our Eight Favorite Restaurants in Middleton, Wisconsin: Food Worth Waiting For! 

1. Louisianne’s Etc 

New Orleans inspired cuisine served in an intimate, stone-walled ambiance with live jazz 

Louisianne’s Etc is like a slice of New Orleans right in the heart of little Middleton. Serving spectacular Creole and Cajun dishes for over three decades, this thriving restaurant seems quite unassuming from the outside, but its basement location is very intriguing for anyone passing by – like a secret hidden away from the world.

And sure enough, when you step down, you’ll find yourself in the coziest and most charming dining room in town. White linen tablecloths, exposed stone walls, and a candle-lit ambiance make the dining experience very romantic here, while the equally snug bar area offers the perfect spot for post-meal drinks.  

The main reason why Louisianne’s Etc is so unforgettable, though, is its food. With a menu featuring irresistible Cajun and Creole specialties, you’ll be lost for words at just how good it all tastes. Start with something like the savory Crawfish Cheesecake served with warm french bread or the escargots covered in puff pastry so you can dig in to find these exquisite delights inside.

Entrees include everything from a rich maple-cured roasted duck to a spicy Jambalaya which is also available as a vegetarian pick. Decadent desserts and an extensive wine list are also offered, so you’re in for a wonderful fine dining experience unlike anywhere else in the city.

Live jazz and blues every Friday and Saturday adds to the intimate atmosphere, so drop by this place Tuesday-Saturday, 5 pm onwards for a sweet date with your loved one. And reservations aren’t necessary – the very kind staff skillfully manage walk-ins and reserved seats! 

Address: 7464 Hubbard Ave, Middleton, WI

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2. Sofra Family Bistro 

Long-standing eatery serving Albanian and Mediterranean picks alongside American favorites in a casual atmosphere with outdoor seating 

What used to be known as Bavaria Family Restaurant for around two decades turned into Sofra Family Bistro some time ago, with a completely new restaurant concept and a reimagined, Albanian-inspired menu.

But one thing has remained the same about this family-owned place in its 31 years of existence: the quality of food and service.

At Sofra you’ll find classic breakfast dishes alongside Albanian entrees, served in a very relaxed, diner-like atmosphere. Homey decor, casual tables, and floor-to-ceiling windows set the bright and informal vibe inside their dining room, while there’s a whole new area with an open bar downstairs available for parties and events.

Settling down outside on their shaded sidewalk seating is also a good idea, especially if you choose to sip on their strong and creamy authentic Turkish coffee. 

As for the menu, it’s an eclectic collection of American favorites and Mediterranean picks. Everything is served in hearty portions in an unpretentious, simple presentation style.

For breakfast, expect to be blown away by their sausages – a homemade Albanian delight with a city-wide fan following. Benedicts, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, an enticing Mediterranean omelet, and many brunch-like picks also grace the breakfast menu.

Lunch comes with several Mediterranean dishes, such as the quinoa bowl with hummus and olives, beef skewers served with all the Mediterranean trimmings imaginable, and an irresistible, piping hot Albanian Qebap platter. You can’t go wrong with any of the options here – they really know their way around this cuisine! 

Top all that good food with their super friendly and helpful staff, and you’ve got a recipe for success that this place has mastered! Drop by between Tuesday-Sunday, 7 am – 2 pm to experience restaurants in Middleton, Wisconsin at their best.  

Address: 7457 Elmwood Ave, Middleton, WI 

3. 1847 at the Stamm House 

Upscale food served in a 19th-century restored building with a romantic atmosphere and a spacious patio 

With a history dating back to 1847, the very rustic-romantic 1847 at the Stamm House is the quintessential date spot among restaurants in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Serving steaks and classy entrees since its restoration and remodeling in 2015, this place exudes a rustic vibe unlike any other restaurant in the area. Exposed stone walls, a restored ceiling, and homey decor keep the 19th-century historical charm of the building alive, with an atmosphere that’s relaxed yet formal enough.

And if you step upstairs, you’ll come across gorgeous light fixtures with blue shades and a cozy full-service bar. Meanwhile, there’s a roomy outdoor seating area in their courtyard for those who’d like to dine alfresco. 

If all that isn’t dazzling enough, the top-tier quality food here will definitely win you over. Expect vibrant and fresh-looking plates of salads, creamy burrata, and a crispy tomato bruschetta as appetizers that will get the waterworks inside your mouth flowing.

Gourmet handhelds like the shaved prime rib sandwich, the luxurious Farm burger with caramelized onions and a fried egg, and beer-battered fish tacos are big-time crowd-pleasers. Other entrees include crab cakes, lobster ravioli, and a ribeye steak with a rich mushroom gorgonzola truffle cream sauce, all of which are lip-smacking good. Oh and, they have a few vegetarian options as well, like the creamy, perfectly-cooked risotto primavera. 

Considering how busy they stay even on weekdays, we highly recommend a reservation for weekends if you plan to dine here – they’re quite the popular pick among food enthusiasts!

The place is open every day from 4.30 pm onwards, and the happy hour lasts between 4.30-5.30 pm when you can munch on their delicious apps and sip vibrant cocktails at the bar. 

Address: 6625 Century Ave, Middleton, WI 

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4. Dhaba Indian Bistro 

Traditional Indian cuisine served in an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere with a storefront patio 

Although there are many Indian restaurants in Middleton, Wisconsin, we think no one does it better than Dhaba Indian Bistro.

They really bring those authentic, raging flavors of Indian cuisine to the heart of this town in an elegant atmosphere. And unlike other places with a ‘desi’ look, this eatery has contemporary design and decor within their dining space while maintaining the elegant white linen tablecloth ambiance.

While the place may seem upscale, it definitely has an easygoing vibe with pretty affordable price tags on the menu!

Don’t care for indoor dining? Kick back on their fenced-in patio with a view of the busy street. You’re going to love their aromatic food either way!

With a vast menu of Indian savories, meals here are prepared with carefully selected traditional spices and authentic recipes. All of that painstaking attention to detail reflects in their food, which never fails to wow the guests.

Consider their samosa and pakoras for starters, as they’re bound to airlift you to the streets of India where this delectable morsel is readily available at every corner. If you’re in the mood for rice, try their fragrant Biryani, or the Tandoori (grilled) meats to satisfy your inner carnivore.

A plethora of curries are also up for grabs, and we can’t recommend their Butter Chicken enough. Pair it with some garlic naan, and you’ll be on cloud nine! There are plenty of unique and traditional vegetarian picks as well, such as the Matter Paneer (homemade cottage cheese with peas and spices), and the intriguing Vegetable mango entree where all the veggies are cooked in a tangy mango sauce. Simply delightful! 

No matter what you order, you’ll be impressed with the surprisingly affordable yet delicious food served in such a pleasant atmosphere. Talk about having the best of both worlds! Find them open between Tuesday-Sunday, from 11 am onwards. 

Address: 8333 Greenway Blvd #100, Middleton, WI 

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5. Lupe’s Taqueria 

Counter-serve Mexican joint serving build-your-own burritos and tacos in a vibrant setting with a patio

If you’re having one of those days where you’re craving satisfying, fulfilling meals after a night of never-ending drinks, head straight towards Lupe’s Taqueria – don’t even look left and right!

This locally-owned restaurant is perfect for scarfing down burritos and tacos when you’re absolutely ravenous, partly because the atmosphere is so casual and unfussy, but mostly because the portions are humongous.

Order at the counter, grab your meal, then go find a seat inside their vibrant, cheery little dining room with brightly colored chairs and walls. You can even settle down on their outdoor tables to savor their delicious Tex-Mex food without a care in the world.

Their menu is build-your-own, where you get to choose your shell, fillings, toppings, and sides, and that’s pretty much it. It’s like your local chipotle with similar price points – only that the food here tastes fresher and better, and comes in unbelievable portion sizes!

Try their overstuffed burrito that’s big but not so much that it’s uncomfortable to bite into, or their overflowing tacos that are filled with your favorite meats (hint: get the roasted pork!). You can even build your own nacho bowls and salads, and let’s not forget their chips and the most wonderful, hard-to-beat salsa. 

Pair your meals with Jarritos or some horchata, and you’re all set for the day. Simple, comforting, and satisfying – what more could you ask for? Give them a try any day from Monday-Saturday from 11 am onwards, and we bet you’ll be drawn back here for more! 

Address: 6719 Frank Lloyd Wright Ave, Middleton, WI 

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6. K-peppers 

Authentic Korean cuisine served in a casual, contemporary, and cozy ambiance 

It isn’t often that you come across a good Korean restaurant. So when power couple Eric and Rachel Kim moved from Seoul to the States and opened up K-peppers in 2011, they were given a warm welcome and the restaurant had an amazing start.

To this day, K-peppers is known as one of the best restaurants in Middleton, Wisconsin, and even in all of Madison. The food is authentically Korean, the small dining room has a very cozy vibe with its muted colors and contemporary seating and decor, and the folks who work here are very helpful. So if this is your first time trying out Korean cuisine, rest assured you’ll be in good hands! 

With Korean food comes spiciness. A lot of it. In fact, the spiciest level on their menu is labeled as ‘pain’! Don’t let that scare you away, though – if you can’t take the heat, just choose the lowest level as it’s pretty mild.

Start with their bibimbap, which is served with a variety of proteins, and has a vegan-friendly, gluten-free version. Pop open that egg yolk and let it ooze golden, mix it with all the fresh veggies and rice in your bowl, and top it with the homemade gochujang sauce.

When you’ve recovered from that savory delight, turn your attention to their bulgogi rice and noodles. ‘Nick’s Bulgogi’ comes marinated and sauteed to perfection, is served with Napa kimchi and veggies, and has quite a kick of heat to it – an absolute must-try!

The noodles are equally appetizing, such as the sweet potato vermicelli noodles (japchae) with veggies and the protein of your choice. There’s plenty of other stuff, and the kind staff will gladly help you pick out the best dish for your taste buds.

Open from Monday-Saturday, 11 am -1.30 pm for lunch and 5 – 8 pm for dinner, these scratch-made Korean meals are the best spicy food in Madison, and Madison Magazine 2022 agrees! 

Address: 1901 Cayuga St #110, Middleton, W

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7. Villa Dolce 

Cozy Italian restaurant specializing in artisanal pizzas with an upscale yet relaxed ambiance and a patio 

Deciding on a pizza place is no easy feat, especially when downtown Middleton is dotted with countless options. But if you choose Villa Dolce as your restaurant for the night, you’re in for a real treat.

After the success of its sister restaurant Sofra, Villa Dolce was opened in 2006 inside a restored historical building, where locals could relax over exquisite Italian food and drinks. And sure enough, this place took off with huge success and is currently one of the most sought-after, date-night-worthy restaurants in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Although the cozy dining space has an upscale and contemporary design and layout, the atmosphere is quiet and relaxed enough for you to comfortably enjoy your meals. There’s an outdoor seating area as well, and you’ll usually find it packed during breezy summer days.

As for the menu, it’s short, refined and full of Italian favorites. Dinner comes with a wide array of unique pizzas, such as the Picante with soppressata (dry salami), stracciatella, mozzarella, and a honey drizzle over tomato sauce. These elevated toppings and crispy thin crusts are what make their artisanal pizzas so popular.

Entrees such as the juicy beef tenderloin medallions and the rich, drool-worthy wild mushroom ravioli are served on beautiful plates and taste just as good as they look. Everything is fresh, elegant, and prepared with attention to detail – an experience you don’t want to miss out on! 

Of course, there’s their famous Gelato for dessert, and an interesting list of cocktails and wines to complement your meals.

So reserve yourselves a table (or walk in with the potential for a bit of a wait) any day between Monday-Saturday from 5 pm onwards for an intimate meal of Italian delicacies.

Address: 1828 Parmenter St, Middleton, WI

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8. Hubbard Avenue Diner

Retro diner serving American comfort foods and breakfast with a spacious bar seating area 

You won’t be doing this town justice if you come here and forget to visit Hubbard Avenue Diner. Being one of the most popular and busiest restaurants in Middleton, Wisconsin, this place has been around since 1999, dishing out its heavenly, city-wide famous pies and comfort food to Middleton folks.

Settle inside their very classic, retro-style diner, with shiny chrome bar stools and tables and 60s decor with rock n roll music in the background. Order some of their satisfying breakfast and lunch picks, and you’ll understand why this place is all the rage here!

Start your day with hearty portions of their American breakfast favorites served all day. Try the ‘Breakfast Club’ sandwich with egg, avocados, tomatoes, and goat’s cheese on sourdough, or go for one of their enormous omelets, such as the spinach and sun-dried tomato-filled ‘Popeyes’. Cinnamon-swirl bread french toasts, benedicts, and rich Huevos rancheros also grace the menu.

As for lunch and dinner, expect stuff like meatloaf with mashed potatoes, some melt-in-the-mouth oven-roasted turkey with cranberry sauce, and similar heart-warming plates of homey meals. Hefty sandwiches, burgers (including vegetarian ones!), and gourmet salads are also available as lunch picks.

No matter what you get, you’ll never leave hungry or disappointed from Hubbard Avenue. Oh and, of course, don’t forget to end your meal on a sweet note with one of their ever-so-popular pies! 

They’ve got tap beers and cocktails as well, so you’re covered for pretty much everything here. Drop by any day from 7.30 am onwards, but expect a wait – they stay very busy even on weekdays! 

Address: 7445 Hubbard Ave, Middleton, WI 

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The Best Restaurants In Middleton, Wisconsin: Our Final Thoughts

It’s hard to narrow down the list of the best restaurants in Middleton, Wisconsin – the food scene is absolutely bustling here! Our favorite picks offer downright delicious food and equally good service, so give them a try and thank us later!


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