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9 Shortlisted Restaurants In Macclesfield That Locals Love!

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Macclesfield is rich in heritage and culture. Lovingly nicknamed the “Silk Town,” it was once a thriving member of the silk industry, but nowadays Macclesfield is beginning to gain a bit of a reputation for its thriving food and restaurant scene.

While the area is fairly built up, they still uphold their Market Town status and are surrounded by countryside, farmland, and picturesque natural scenery. Not to mention the stunning parks and green districts that allow locals and visitors to get a taste of the scenic life.

Amongst the bustling retail stores and the Picturedome Market (created by the minds that brought you the Altrincham market), there are also plenty of great places to eat and drink in Macclesfield, from Sri Lankan eateries to Spanish Tapas places.

Simply put, the restaurant industry here is booming, and new cafes, bistros, and pubs seem to be popping up every day, all of which can make it feel impossible to choose a place to eat.

But don’t panic yet! We’ve done the research and hard work for you, to bring you our helpful guide on the best restaurants in Macclesfield.

So bring your stretchy trousers, and let’s explore!

Chef cooking in kitchen
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The Nine Best Restaurants in Macclesfield: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Chestergate Bistro

Bistro serving contemporary British cuisine in a simple but fancy venue in the heart of Macclesfield.

Chestergate Bistro is a family-owned and operated restaurant in the heart of Macclesfield (both figuratively and literally!). Opened in 2009, they’ve gathered hoards of avid fans over the years and continue to provide their guests with unwavering hospitality and incredible meals.

Their venue is reminiscent of upmarket restaurants and, frankly, provides an experience that may even rival those offered by London’s Oxford Street.

There’s beauty in the simplicity of the venue. Beautifully deep merlot walls accentuate dark wood finishes. It’s romantic while also offering a wonderfully casual atmosphere that caters well to family dining.

Their menus consist of contemporary British cuisine, made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients daily. In addition, the menus frequently change, so you can expect to regularly be surprised by new and versatile dishes to taste.

Unlike most restaurants in Macclesfield, they do not serve Ala Carte but instead, offer guests the opportunity to choose between 2-courses and 3-courses at a set price. And you’d be surprised at how reasonable the price is!

You can find imaginatively flavourful versions of British classics depending on your craving. Scotch Egg, Duck Breast, and even vegetarian meals! And if you’re looking for a crowd favourite, we beg you to indulge yourself in a cut of pristine steak from here whenever you can.

As one of the best restaurants in Macclesfield, you can expect nothing less than the most impeccable service and food, in which aspect Chestergate Bistro hardly disappoints.

  • Opening Hours: 5:30 pm to 10 pm Tues – Sat; Closed Sun and Mon
  • Location: 66 Chestergate, Macclesfield
Chef adding drizzle to fine dining plate
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2. Plum’s Kitchen

A colourful and friendly cafe in the middle of Macclesfield with a menu packed full of tasty breakfasts and lunches.

If you’re looking for a place to spend slow mornings, Plum’s Kitchen might just be the cafe for you. Opened in 2013 by a dynamic husband-and-wife team, this restaurant has grown in popularity and has quickly become one of the best restaurants in Macclesfield by a long shot.

Visitors to Plum’s Kitchen rave about the quality and the excellent experience they offer. Their food is exemplary, catering to hungry stomachs throughout breakfast and lunch.

The menus change quarterly, offering a dynamic twist in ingredients to suit the seasons, helping them maintain their upstanding reputation for fresh and homely meals.

They wanted to bring comfort through their food, so the meals are a versatile menagerie of flavourful dishes. But, of course, you’ll still be able to find things like the much beloved Full English (served in both a meat-lovers and vegetarian version) alongside more exotic taste sensations like Turkish and Chorizo Eggs.

The menu then becomes a selection of jam-packed (no, not literal jam!) sandwiches and toasties for lunch. From Korean Pork to an assortment of rich and creamy cheeses, you’ll surely find something you’ll love.

And speaking of falling in love, can we just talk about how much we adore the cute venue? It’s colourful and playful, with a vibrant atmosphere to match. It’s alternative, vivid and bound to catch your attention even if you’re simply passing by. Who could ask for more?

  • Opening Hours: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm Tues – Fri; 9 am to 2:30 pm Sat; Closed Sun & Mon
  • Location: 1 Market Pl, Macclesfield
English breakfast display
Photo for illustrative purposes only: Pichitnapakul

3. Elaf Lebanese

A stunning restaurant in the heart of Macclesfield offering an assortment of Middle Eastern delicacies in a relaxed setting. Remember to BYOB!

Transport yourself to the distant shores of the Middle East and elevate your tastebuds with a taste of the exotic served at Elaf Lebanese. They pride themselves on delivering a truly authentic experience to their guests and they certainly deliver.

Although they’ve had their trials and tribulations, since their opening Elaf has skyrocketed to the top of the locals’ list as one of the must-visit restaurants in Macclesfield. But, of course, we can’t blame them; with plane tickets costing an arm and a leg, exotic restaurants offer a welcome escape from the norm to a different country’s cuisine but without lightening your wallet.

The stunning venue is small and comfortable, with deep blue booths and hanging pendant lights hinting at the foreign shores that inspired it. The windows are draped with flowers, and the pops of colour beautifully accentuate what is quite a romantic setting.

Aromatic scents waft throughout the venue from the kitchen, so we can promise you’ll be itching to order the second you take your seat. The staff are devoted and friendly, with broad knowledge of the menu, so if you feel stuck when ordering, you can always ask them for help.

The menu is packed with delicacies and spoils. The chefs meticulously pick their ingredients to best replicate authentic dishes before cooking them over a traditional open flame.

Mezze can offer an easy introduction to the intense variety of flavours, so it’s a wonderful option to start or even create a full sharing meal. As for the mains! What a selection, with guests absolutely drooling over the succulent lamb dishes, which happen to be a speciality here.

Elaf is a BYOB restaurant, which means you can bring your own bottle to the premises and wash down a great meal with your favourite drink afterwards. 

  • Opening Hours: 4 pm to 10 pm Mon – Thurs; 12 pm to 10 pm Fri & Sat; 1 pm to 10 pm Sun
  • Location: 14 – 18 Jordangate, Macclesfield
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4. Maliwan

An unassuming Thai restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and menus packed full of Eastern delicacies.

Maliwan may seem like an unassuming venue to those who are unfamiliar with it, but behind those doors lies a world of intriguing flavour and tantalising treats just waiting to be explored.

The venue itself is basic, with a few decorative splashes hinting at the inspiration behind the cuisine produced by the kitchen. It’s warm, with soft colours and a gentle glow making it seem welcoming and homely. But eating a meal here feels even more relaxing because of the casual and comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff.

Thai cuisine isn’t unusual in any town around the UK. People absolutely love the robust flavours that pair with a decent Pad Thai curry, and Maliwan is no exception to the rule. This has obviously contributed to their success.

But on top of that the chefs are well seasoned in their trade, as is their food. The meals are known for being exceptionally delicious, and make excellent use of the 9 key flavours that make Thai cuisine so unique.

The ingredients are picked out fresh, and each meal is made to order, so no matter what you choose, you can expect one thing; incredible quality.

The menu features a versatile arrangement of meals, so understandably, you’ll feel spoiled for choice. But fear not; that’s when the helpful staff comes in handy with stellar recommendations to make the process easier.

Even then, you can still choose one of the Maliwan Banquets, which are set menus that feature a wide selection of their best meals.

  • Opening Hours: 5 pm to 8:30 pm Wed, Thurs & Sun; 5 pm to 9 pm Fri; 10 am to 9 pm Sat; Closed Mon & Tues
  • Location: 47-49 Sunderland St, Macclesfield
beef pad thai and chicken satay dinner viewed from above
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5. Tempranillo

Drink and dine at this small but trendy Spanish Wine and Tapas bar with a casual and vibrant atmosphere.

With the sudden popularity in Tapas bars around the UK, it’s only fair to celebrate Macclesfield’s very own Tempranillo. Walking down the cobblestone street of Back Wallgate and using a bit of imagination, you can almost picture yourself dipping through the streets of Spain.

The bar juts from the corner of a brick face building, but don’t worry, you’re at the right place. The door opens into a romantic and moody setting. Soft lighting and vivid colours set the scene for an unforgettable evening as the staff usher you to your seats.

A gorgeous cask-inspired bar hints at the menagerie of imported wines on offer, while the quaint and cozy interior sets the mood for an intimate dining experience.

Of course, you can’t just go to a wine bar and not treat yourself to a tasting board. This is where the concept of a Spanish Tapas and Wine Bar seems so ingeniously perfect. While you may at first be disappointed that there are no hefty meals, you can rest assured the selection of tapas is ample enough to build a substantial dinner from.

Their menu is concise and expertly constructed around the selection of imported Spanish wines, beautiful local beers and the full-bodied liqueurs they offer. Flavourful small plates in all their glorious variety dot the menu. With options ranging from vegetarian to meat lovers and everything in between.

And on Sundays, they celebrate Tapas Sundays with a set menu featuring a selection of their best options to pair with that sneaky Sunday wine.

  • Opening Hours: 5:30 pm to 11 pm Tues – Sat
  • Location: 17 Back Wallgate, Macclesfield
Offering concept with many kinds of tapas
Photo for illustrative purposes only: Ragiboglu

6. Ethos Concept Store

A vibrant Vegan cafe with a globally-inspired menu using fresh, organic ingredients to create unbelievably delicious meals.

Veganism is all the rage as far as we’re concerned. So we love to come across new and exciting venues that embrace the meatless ethos and prove how versatile plant-based meals can be. Well, that’s exactly what Ethos Concept Store does.

While the name might confuse you into thinking it’s some avante-garde fashion distributor, the reality is much different. It’s a new-school cafe, brimming with vibrance and life that’s taken off as a hit since their opening.

Looking at their meals, you would really find yourself questioning whether it’s truly meatless, but rest assured, their dishes are 100% vegan!

And what’s better is they truly embrace the versatility of their ingredients, offering a menu that stretches across global cuisines and has something suitable for every taste.

From Asian-style Boa Buns with “Fish” to Mexican Tacos and much more, the menu has a dynamic approach to dining that we’re sure even your carnivorous uncle will fall in love with.

Open from breakfast to dinner, with plenty of to-go options too, alongside vegan coffees and drinks; they’re bound to become your new favourite hangout to fight those morning blues.

The venue is stunning and cosy, with a colourful atmosphere and plenty of cliche neons to go with it. We don’t mind; we love the idea of sitting against a backdrop of plants and cute phrases. It’s small, comfortable, and the perfect setting to waste a day looking up memes on Facebook and Instagram instead of studying.

  • Opening Hours: 9 am to 6 pm Mon – Thurs; 9 am to 9 pm Fri – Sat; 9 am to 4 pm Sun
  • Location: 34 Chestergate, Macclesfield
Buddha bowl
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7. The Salt Bar

A trendy scandi-style restaurant featuring seasonal menus and some interesting cuisines to go along with it.

Now, if you’re looking for something unique, can we interest you in Scandanavian and global cuisine? The Salt Bar is a concept we rarely come across outside its home territory, but we’d be lying if we said it didn’t get us excited to try it.

Opened in 2013, this niche restaurant has undergone its fair share of changes. But they still cling to the original owner’s vision to bring the diverse flavours of seasonal Scandanavian cooking to Macclesfield.

The new owners have undertaken the challenging task of creating a dynamic menu with something for every taste. They’re big supporters of small local industries and get their ingredients from various independent businesses that ensure quality and freshness.

Of course, they have yet to do away with crowd favourites. So you’ll still be able to indulge in their famous Scandanavian meatballs, which they’ve deemed “A permanent fixture”.

But they’ve introduced a seasonal approach too, featuring dishes from around the world in a concise and well-plotted menu. If you feel overwhelmed by the choices, then we recommend a taste of their jam-packed platter, once aptly called a Smorgasbord, or even their Set menu!

Save space for dessert too; you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to tuck into a Blackberry and Ameretto Frangipane.

Their popularity is steadily growing; with a versatile menu, trendy scandi-style venue and some of the town’s friendliest staff, we can’t see a reason not to regard them as one of the best restaurants in Macclesfield.

  • Opening Hours: 11 am to 2 pm, 5:30 pm to 10 pm; Wed – Sat; Closed Sun – Tues
  • Location: 23B Church St, Macclesfield
Swedish meatballs, kottbullar, in a pan topped with fresh parsley.
Photo for illustrative purposes only.

8. KANDY Authentic Sri Lankan Restaurant

Explore the exotic tastes of the Indian Ocean by visiting Macclesfield’s first and only Sri Lankan restaurant.

KANDY Authentic Sri Lankan Restaurant is the first and only restaurant of its kind in Macclesfield. Serving traditional cuisine from the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, they share an exotic taste for life with us humble visitors.

The venue may come as an impressive shock initially, with an overwhelming amount of effort being put into reproducing the stunning beachside venues the Sri Lankan coastline is known for.

The bar, decorated to mimic a thatch-roofed hut, is surrounded by tropical decor to create an interesting, eye-catching feature piece. While the seating area mellows out to something a bit more simplistic. Casual and comfortable, with an incredibly helpful team of staff, what more could you ask for?

As for the food, well, that’s a different story. Sri Lankan cuisine is packed with flavour and is anything but simple. Curries, Hoppers, Rotis and more line the menu, made from locally sourced and fresh ingredients where possible.

There tends to always be an element of spice in Sri Lanken dishes. Still, the excellent chefs are more than happy to adjust this to your liking, allowing you to enjoy the robust flavours of your meal without experiencing too much heat.

There’s something for everybody on the menu too, including vegetarian dishes, so be sure to bring the family along. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity to try KANDY’s authentic Sri Lankan cuisine.

  • Opening Hours: 5:30 pm to 10 pm Mon – Sat; Closed Sun
  • Location: 116 Mill St, Macclesfield
Assorted curries on table
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9. Fiore Mio Italian

A bright, airy Italian restaurant serving a host of goodies in a relaxed and casual dining setting.

No town would be complete without its very own slice of Italy. For Macclesfield, this up-and-coming Italian restaurant, Fiore Mio Italian, is fresh to the scene and ready to help bring unforgettable memories to their local community.

Their venue is large, with rustic decor and furniture creating a charming and cosy atmosphere. For large parties and events, they have their own designated function hall with an open-rafter ceiling that makes the whole place feel whimsical.

The restaurant stretches across two floors, with ample space able to accommodate the swarms of guests that flock here. It could be the appeal of something refreshingly new, or perhaps it’s because the food is that good. Still, Fiore Mio is gaining popularity and is already becoming known as one of the best restaurants in Macclesfield.

Their menu is a menagerie of Italian delicacies, with traditional pasta, risotto and imperfectly perfect pizza and wonderfully succulent Carne and Pesce dishes for heftier mains. 

Guests absolutely love their set menu, which is extremely reasonable and packed with their most incredible dishes. Need more convincing? We don’t. Give this upstart a try!

  • Opening Hours: 5 pm to 10 pm Tues – Sat; 4 pm to 9 pm Sun; Closed Mon
  • Location: 2-5 Pickford St, Macclesfield

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