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8 Restaurants In Hagerstown (MD) That Locals Love For Food & Vibes!

Hagerstown may not be very glamorous, but its small-town vibe is worth exploring. There’s something very charming about taking a walk in Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Park and then heading downtown to savor delicious meals in homey restaurants. 

So to help you choose the right places for dining, we’ve put together a list of what we think are the best restaurants in Hagerstown, MD, where you can experience American favorites, Asian fare, and European delicacies in all their glory. Bon appetit!

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Our Top Eight Restaurants In Hagerstown, MD: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Schmankerl Stube

Quaint venue with a roomy bar and pleasant patio serving authentic Bavarian cuisine and beers

Keeping in line with the town’s German roots, Schmankerl Stube serves rustic Bavarian cuisine in a cozy and casual setting and is one of the town’s hottest spots.

Experience authentic flavors and ambiance at this quaint venue located in the heart of the town, where the servers wear dirndls, the music is traditional, and steins hang from the spacious bar.

Meanwhile, their covered patio is one of the cutest in town, fenced in by vibrant flowers. It’s the perfect Old World setting to chow down their food that showcases traditional Bavarian dishes in their finest form. 

The secret to their superb dishes? Scratch-made fare. Down to the sauces, dressings, and even the mustard, everything is homemade here, so you get fresh and exquisite flavors from even the simplest dishes.

Start with their wurst sampler served with curry sauce, or some broiled escargot to build your appetite. Among the exhaustive list of entrees, we suggest trying the Herzhafter Sauerbraten – an intensely flavored pot roast – and Schmankerl Topf, which is the most tender beef and pork medallions served with hunter sauce.

A meal here is incomplete without chugging a liter-sized glass of Bavarian beer, so definitely try one of their drafts.

And though you might not have much room left after taking down these enormously portioned plates, try some of the homemade desserts too – the flaky and buttery apple strudel being particularly good. Sunday brunch comes with a buffet, where you can sample all of their dishes from 11 am – 2.30 pm. 

Top all that heart-warming food with their personable service, and you’re going to want to become a regular here. Since this place is usually packed with hungry patrons as it’s one of the most popular restaurants in Hagerstown, we recommend you reserve a table before coming. They’re open every day from 11 am onwards.

Address: 58 S Potomac St, Hagerstown, MD

2. Foster’s on the Point 

American entrees and beers served in a warm and inviting atmosphere with live music and a big patio

Refined American food and seriously good cocktails have kept guests coming back for more at Foster’s on the Point, but combining that with an undeniably good atmosphere has truly cemented it as a staple in Hagerstown, MD.

For over five years, this locally-owned eatery has served as a place for friends to catch up over drinks and families to gather together for dinners. The dining room doused in warm colors is casual, laidback, and inviting, with chic decor and an overall pleasant ambiance. There’s a small bar too, as well as one outdoors for summer sipping drinks.

Meanwhile, the patio setting is super spacious and airy, with fences all around and umbrellas on every table. Top that with the local live bands they’ve got regularly, and the atmosphere truly becomes ‘on point’.

Puns aside, their food is really the star of the show, featuring gourmet burgers, salads, and entrees. It’s a short menu, but that’s how you know they put extra effort into each dish.

Get the white wine mussels or steamed shrimp for a light start to your meal, or go for the decadent nachos and crispy wings if you’re just here to sample the long list of craft beers.

Move on to the burgers, or the Southern burger to be precise, which comes topped with roasted red pepper cheese, housemade remoulade, and fried green tomato. It’s juicy, tender, enormous, and everything in between.

From among the entrees, we recommend checking out the ever-so-popular crab cakes, and the blackened pork chop served with a pear slaw and two sides of your choice (tip: get the risotto).

You’ll have a hard time picking out a favorite since everything they serve is pretty darn good. Find them open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 am onwards, and do get reservations for weekend dinners since the place fills up real quick (it’s one of the most popular restaurants in Hagerstown after all!).

Address: 1437 Salem Ave, Hagerstown, MD

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3. Dolce 

Long-running mom-and-pop eatery serving pizzas, Italian, and Eastern European delicacies in a cozy and quaint atmosphere 

With 40 years of experience in the restaurant industry, Julia founded Dolce in 2007, and it has since been the locals’ favorite place for sampling Italian and Romanian delicacies.

And while this is a humble little establishment with an unassuming exterior and a small dining space, it’s big on flavors and commitment to serving quality food.

A laidback and family-friendly atmosphere prevails here, with TVs and quaint decor on the walls, making you feel right at home. Julia treats every one of her guests like family, so dining here is a truly heartwarming experience. 

Building on that homey vibe, the food here is scratch-made and made-to-order, so you’ll always get fresh and piping-hot meals. When you’re done munching on the complimentary rolls served after you’re seated, turn your attention to the comprehensive menu featuring a mix of Italian and European dishes.

If you’re looking for an easy and reliable fix, get their pizza – don’t even think twice. It’s considered the best in town, with a crispy crust that’s not too thick or thin, fresh and high-quality ingredients, and the perfect ratio of sauce to toppings. And their lasagna? It’s second to none.

While highlights from the European dinners include Romanian delicacies like stuffed cabbage – Romania’s national dish – and a wholesome pan-fried pork dish served with polenta.

No matter what you decide on, expect to be blown away by these hearty flavors (thanks to Julia’s exceptional culinary skills) and generous portions. 

And although they don’t serve liquor, you can BYOB to wash all that good stuff down, then finish off with some of the light and airy complimentary donuts. Find them open Monday through Saturday from 11 am onwards. 

Address: 792 Frederick St, Suite A, Hagerstown, MD

wood fired pizza on table
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4. Broad Axe 

Long-standing gastropub serving refined bar eats and entrees with regular live music and a spacious patio 

Good food, beer, and music have always been an unbeatable combo, and Broad Axe offers just that with a side of hospitality and good service.

This place has always been a local watering hole since 1970, but after the change of ownership in 2012, Robert Fouch breathed new life into the pub. Now, you’ll find the place even more alive with music, chatter, and rounds of appreciation for the elevated bar eats.

Settle down in the cozy little dining area surrounded by brick walls and warm lights, or belly up at the bar where you can choose from 18 of their draft beers. We also love that their backside patio is airy and fenced-in for added privacy. When there’s live music, especially with jazz on Thursdays, the atmosphere is super fun to be in.

As for the menu, it’s extensive and eclectic, featuring finger foods, scrumptious burgers, and sammies. But the ideal way to start a meal here is with a flight of beers and a plate of homemade Old Bay kettle chips and catfish nuggets.

Next up are the juicy, tender, and flavor-packed burgers – the ‘Hangover’ with a sunny-side-up egg and bacon or the ‘Chesapeake’ with lump crab meat are some of the interesting picks.

The sandwiches offer broader choices, ranging from fish tacos with mango salsa to fried pork tenderloin and dill pickles inside a kaiser bun – a family favorite recipe. Tip: get it with a side of their thick-cut fries that come in hearty portions.

Specials like meatloaf, honey-glazed salmon, and steak kabobs roll out every other day, presented neatly and infused with spot-on flavors.

Find this vibrant venue open every day from 11 am onwards (noon on Sundays) for chugging beers, devouring piping hot meals, and mingling with the crowds among fun music. 

Address: 28 W Franklin St, Hagerstown, MD

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5. Hummus Mediterranean Grill

Build-your-own Mediterranean bowls and wraps served in a casual and neat little dining area

You’ll know the old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is definitely true when you experience Hummus Mediterranean Grill.

This unassuming eatery located in a small shopping plaza looks low-key from the outside and inside, with a small and simple counter-service dining area. The food, though, is a far cry from basic.

Their exotic Mediterranean flavors have won them awards for being the best vegetarian restaurant in the tri-state area, even though it’s only been about five years since this place opened. The whole concept is based on fresh and fast food, so you can build your own Mediterranean bowls and wraps.

Think of it as like a Chipotle – only fresher, healthier, and more flavorful. And the best part about them? The food is all scratch-made, from the various sauces to the meats on the rotisserie. 

With tons of vegan and carnivorous options too, there are dozens of toppings and sauces to customize your food with.

First off, choose whether you want to create a bowl or a wrap. In the case of bowls, you get to choose a base first, which includes options like greens, cauliflower rice, and more. Next up, select your protein – chicken/lamb shawarma, gyro meat, falafel, roasted veggies – what’s it going to be? Throw in toppings like spicy hummus, chickpea salad, and pickled veggies, then top it off with your favorite sauces ranging from vegan garlic sauce to tzatziki and tahini. And voila – you’ve got yourself a vibrant Mediterranean creation of your own.

If you’re pressed for time, consider getting one of their signature wraps that are stuffed with just the right ingredients for authentic flavors. Drop by any day from 11 am onwards to discover why everyone’s hooked on their food.

Address: 11205 John F Kennedy Dr, Hagerstown, MD

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6. House of Kobe 

Family-owned eatery serving sushi, Hibachi, and Japanese delicacies in a casual and family-friendly atmosphere 

Thanks to Owner Massy Hirai’s passion, House of Kobe was born in 1981, introducing authentic Japanese delicacies, sushi, and Hibachi to the neighborhood.

Since then, this place has been a cornerstone in the Hagerstown area, where people gather with their families regularly for good food in a comfy environment.

And although the atmosphere is casual at this bright venue, you’ll still find folded napkins on the tables, shiny glasses, and Japanese-oriented decor on the walls. It’s the little things like these that make this 41-year-old establishment so special.

Then as Hibachi grills are fire-lit around you when the talented grill masters put on a show, you’ll be surprised at just how much you’ll be enjoying yourself at this seemingly low-key eatery.

Whether you choose to sit at the sushi bar, hibachi grills, or the regular tables, you can expect excellent service and of course, fresh and authentically Japanese fare.

For sushi aficionados, this is the place where all your sushi and sashimi dreams can come to life. It tastes fresh out of the water every time, comes in sizable portions, and never fails to satisfy the patrons, with the Scallop Nadar and Monster roll being particularly good.

The Hibachi also comes perfectly cooked, with many options like ribeye, tofu, and even lobster. If none of that catches your eye on the menu, try the house specials like the Kobe NY steak, teriyaki mix, or a steaming bowl of shoyu ramen. 

You can also find plenty of vegetarian picks on the exhaustive menu. Pairing your meal with some of their premium and exclusive sake is a good idea too.

And although reservations aren’t needed for lunch, we definitely recommend getting one for weekend dinners. Find the chefs in action every day from 11 am onwards on weekdays and noon onwards on Sundays and Saturdays.

Address: 757 Dual Hwy, Hagerstown, MD

Tapanyaki, Japanese Cooking
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7. Mango Grill 

Lunch buffet and a la carte Goan and North Indian staples served in a small and cozy dining area

When the craving for soulful Indian curries hit, run – don’t walk – towards Mango Grill.

This 2014- established eatery specializes in Goan cuisine that highlights fish, coconut, and mild spices alongside Indo-Chinese delicacies, and boy can they whip up some good food! Get stuff a la carte or come for the lunch buffet to sample their expertly-made food.

With Mango colored walls (duh) and a buffet lined up in the small but bright dining area, the layout is pretty basic here. Even so, the atmosphere is cozy and comfortable, with Eastern music in the background and friendly servers attending to hungry patrons.

Since everything is made-to-order and with fresh produce, you can adjust the spice level and really taste those bold and loud flavors to spark up the taste buds. Start with the appetizers that explore the street food culture of India, featuring vegetable samosas and pakoras alongside a refreshing and tangy samosa chaat.

Next, hone in on the seafood specialties if you really want to experience Goa’s traditional dishes, such as the Fish Madras with coconut milk and curry leaves, or the Shrimp Pasanda swimming in a herb-infused pistachio-coconut milk sauce.

Other highlights from the menu are the tender and juicy Lamb Rogan Josh – a North Indian staple – or the spicy Hakka noodles.

There’s plenty of other stuff, including vegetarian and halal options, and you can also BYOB to toast to their rich and delectable food. 

Find them open for lunch from Tuesday-Friday, 11.30 am onwards, and noon onwards on weekends – no reservations needed despite this being one of the best restaurants in Hagerstown! 

Address: 11205 John F Kennedy Dr #201, Hagerstown, MD

Assorted curries on table
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8. District 

Brick-walled cafe serving breakfast, brunch, and innovative Tapas for dinner with live music and a patio 

Tucked away in a small alley, District is a hidden gem – literally and figuratively. This under-the-radar cafe (previously known as Plum) got a makeover a little over a year ago, with a completely new concept and menu.

Expect elevated, scratch-made fare with global influences at this multi-level cafe, with a sun-lit ambiance and a charming patio nestled in a narrow alleyway. The timeless design of all-brick walls and simple decor makes it the perfect setting for a casual lunch/brunch or an intimate dinner.

Thanks to the new ownership, the restaurant now offers brunch items and tapas for dinner – something that’s been missing from the Hagerstown dining scene.

The weekly changing brunch menu features an eclectic selection of stuff like breakfast tacos, biscuits and gravy, or chilaquiles.

Lunch comes with sandwiches that may look deceptively simple, but they’re enormous and filled with creative sauces and combinations of flavors. But if you want to experience this place in all its glory, come for the highly innovative small plates at dinner time.

This menu changes every month, with seasonal specialties and the occasional ribeye steak finding its way in every now and then. Some stuff sticks around though, like braised beef stuffed falafel, fried brussels with pistachio and white truffle, and fried cauliflower Manchurian. 

Top it off with a cocktail and live music, and you’re in for an unforgettable experience. Drop by any day between Tuesday-Friday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or brunch on weekends from 11 am – 2 pm. They’re more than often packed, so consider making a reservation. 

Address: 6 Rochester Pl, Hagerstown, MD

Selection of tacos
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The Best Restaurants In Hagerstown, MD: Final Thoughts 

With dozens of cute local restaurants in Hagerstown, MD, you’ll find dining here to be surprisingly satisfying and enjoyable.

Visit any of our selected eateries, and we guarantee you’ll leave impressed!

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