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The Best Breakfast In Fort Walton Beach According To Locals!

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It’s no wonder Fort Walton Beach is a family favorite vacation destination for Floridians – there’s so much fun stuff to do here! From water sports in the crystal clear turquoise water to aquariums and fancy resorts, there’s something exciting to do for every age group. 

But if there’s one thing that everyone wants on a vacation morning, it’s a hearty and filling breakfast. And luckily for those who love vacationing here, there are a whole lot of places offering a fantastic breakfast in Fort Walton Beach.

Whether you just want good food or want to fuel up for a day full of adventures, you can have a delicious breakfast from our list of what we believe are the best breakfast spots in Fort Walton Beach. Let’s dig in!

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Our Top Eight Picks For the Best Breakfast In Fort Walton Beach

1. Angler’s Beachside Grill

Located at the beginning of the Okaloosa Island Pier on the beachfront, Angler’s Beachside Grill is one of the best restaurants offering breakfast in Fort Walton Beach. It doesn’t just dish out delectable eats, but also offers some of the most scenic views too!

The seating on the deck overlooks the gorgeous beach, where the sand is white as sugar and the water green and sparkling – perfect for people and ocean watching as you wait for your meal. There are also plenty of tables and chairs on the inside along with booths, surrounded by fun surf decor and a pleasant, cheery atmosphere. 

Breakfast is only served on weekends here, but the fresh, mouth-watering eats along with the stunning view of the beach is worth seeking out!

On Saturdays, there’s stuff like omelets, biscuits and gravy, and French toast on offer, along with tea, coffee, and lots of juices. We recommend opting for the Big Breakfast Platter that has everything you could ever want for breakfast – three eggs, bacon, sausages, and potatoes, and a toast/biscuit on the side. Talk about a hearty breakfast! 

Sunday brunches are grand here, with lots of decadent items on the menu like breakfast quesadillas, chicken and waffles, and expertly made eggs Benedict. We especially love their seafood omelet, which comes loaded with fresh shrimp, crab meat, tomatoes, scallions, and lots of cheese.

But there’s also the enticing banana foster or fresh strawberry and cream French toast, so we won’t blame you if you feel like ordering more food than you can handle! 

Oh, and did we mention you can get incredible bloody Marys and bottomless mimosas on Sundays? So drop by on Sundays from 10 am onwards and on Saturdays from 8 am onwards, and do try coming back later for a beachfront dinner with live music! 

Address: 1030 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE

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2. Bon Appetit French Bakery and Cafe

On days when you’re not in the mood for a rich, heavy breakfast, head towards Bon Appetit for some light yet tasty breakfast picks.

This tiny little bakery and cafe is somewhat a hidden gem, serving fresh French bread and pastries, along with some scrumptious sandwiches and morning beverages. It’s more geared towards take-outs since there’s not much space inside, but the quaint interior does have a handful of chairs and tables, adjacent to a wide display of irresistible pastries and baked goods. 

Their breakfast menu isn’t very expansive, but the selection of pastries is wide and the breakfast croissants are fantastic!

Try their ham and cheese croissant – a large, buttery, flaky, and warm croissant filled with ham and soft cheese. Pair that with their cappuccinos or lattes and you’re all set to start the day. We’re also suckers for their almond croissant that’s filled with almond paste and topped with almond shavings and powdered sugar. Trust us, you’re going to fall in love with the baked goods here!

You can also try one of their enormous sandwiches made with freshly baked bread and filled with the toppings and sauce of your choice. 

For lunch, this place serves fresh and delicious Mediterranean platters from 10.30 am onwards, but otherwise, they open up at 7.30 am every day, except for Sundays when they’re closed. Oh, and while you’re there, don’t forget to get some of their famous macaroons to go!

Address: 420 Mary Esther Cut Off NW

3. Neighborhood Cafe

Affordable comfort food in a buzzy and homey atmosphere is what this little diner is all about. Located in a strip mall, away from the main drag, the Neighborhood Cafe is where the locals love to dine, not just because the food is delicious, but also for their great service and attentive staff.

It’s easy to miss this place with its no-frills exterior, but once you step in, you’ll love the brightly lit up, casual, and chic setting here. There’s even some bar seating available where you can watch the barista whip up your coffee.

What’s on the menu? Quite a lot actually! There’s savory stuff like their famous super-sized omelets and sweet delights like Belgian waffles and stuffed French toasts, along with Southern comfort foods like biscuits and gravy.

But we recommend their ‘Garbage omelet’, and as weird as the name sounds, this omelet is a fan favorite as it’s filled to the brim with veggies, ham, bacon, and cheese. It’s downright delicious!

And to satisfy your sweet tooth, try their decadent strawberry stuffed French toast with a strawberry cream cheese filling and syrup and powdered sugar on top. 

As busy as this place can get, it’s worth waking up early in the morning to try their warm, homey, and generously portioned breakfast platters. Drop by any day from 6 am onwards (7 am on Sundays) and you’re sure to leave with a happy, satisfied stomach!

Address: 417 Mary Esther Cut Off NW

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4. Asiago’s Skillet

Less than a mile away from downtown Fort Walton Beach is Asiago’s Skillet, located on Okaloosa Island. It’s one of the most popular and busy breakfast places in the area, and you can always count on them for a good breakfast and speedy service.

It’s always pleasant to dine in here, and there’s plenty of seating available inside. They’ve even got a bar area specially dedicated to hot sauce, and there are all kinds of brands available for you to spice up your meal. Pretty cool, right?

As for the menu, you’ll find loads of delicious stuff to choose from, spanning from healthy picks like fruits and yogurt bowls to heartier options like eggs benedicts. Our favorite though is the Crab Cake Benny, which is made with homemade, fresh crab cakes served on top of two potato cakes instead of an English muffin, alongside poached eggs, and a creamy hollandaise sauce.

The Steak Skillet is also worth trying – a sirloin steak topped with vegetables, asiago cheese, and eggs. What a way to start the day!

We also love the fact that every item is served in skillet plates here – after all, it’s Asiago’s Skillet, right? Oh, and if you’re getting potatoes as a side, don’t forget to say ‘shipwreck my potatoes’ to the waitstaff, which means they’ll drench them in gravy, bacon, and cheese! 

Wash down all that good stuff with some of their fantastic, oversized mimosas and bloody marys available daily, and you’ve got yourself a perfect start to the day.

Open every day from 6 am onwards, Asiago’s Skillet is a must-visit for breakfast at Fort Walton Beach, especially for those who like their plates loaded and generously portioned! 

Address: 110 Amberjack Dr

Diner-style Breakfast
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5. Mother Earth’s Cafe 

If it’s Southern, hearty, and delicious, you’ll find it at this humble little cafe. Located on Eglin Parkway, Mother Earth’s Cafe has been around for decades, feeding the neighborhood with homestyle food.

In fact, the place bills itself as ‘just like home’, and we couldn’t agree more! With a small, simple, and down-to-earth seating area that has old-school decor, this cafe feels super homey and comfortable – it’s just like walking into Grandma’s house!

Just like the vibes here, the food is heartwarming and comforting and served in big portions. And with a menu spanning Southern classics like corned beef hash and sweet treats like waffles, there’s something available for everyone here.

We particularly love the Spanish Omelet, which is loaded with tomatoes, black olives, onions, and peppers, with a side of salsa, toast, and homemade grits. They also have a wide array of hearty breakfast platters, and they’re just as good in our opinion. But what will really make you drool is their Joe Joe’s Breakfast Burrito – cheese, eggs, and sausage wrapped in a soft, warm tortilla and drenched in sour cream and salsa. A chaotic dish of deliciousness you’ll love! 

Oh, and they also do daily specials for lunch, with stuff like bacon avocado burgers and beef enchiladas on offer, so you know where to go when you’re craving a homestyle meal that tastes just as good as breakfast!

Closed on Sundays and Mondays, Mother Earth’s Cafe is open for breakfast the rest of the week from 7 am onwards.

Address: 512 Eglin Pkwy NE

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6. The Breakfast Place

The Breakfast Place is all about affordable yet delicious meals. Located on Beal Parkway, a bit off the beaten path, this friendly little diner is a locals’ favorite and to-go breakfast place for reliably good, simple, yet tasty food. The interior here is all wood panelings and furnishings made of polished wood, and the late 1900s decor along with the dimmed lighting makes the place feel super cozy and homey. 

You might find their menu to be a bit limited, but the stuff they do have is always cooked homestyle and comes out fresh and warm.

And if you’re going to have breakfast here, come with an appetite, because everything is oversized and plates are usually heaped! Take for example their pancakes. They’re thick, fluffy, and simply delightful, and a stack of just two will leave you full and ready to go. And if you’re feeling absolutely ravenous, try the steak and eggs, especially the ‘New York Strip’ that’s huge and juicy, topped with perfectly cooked eggs and two sides of your choice. 

In case you’re up early for the day ahead, the Breakfast Place has got your back, as they open as early as 5.30 am every day of the week!

Come back around for brunch/lunch, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with all the hearty stuff they have to offer then too. They’ve even got Bulgogi with kimchi on the menu!

Address: 789 Beal Pkwy NW

Pancakes with banana, walnut and caramel.
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7. Riptides Grill and Tiki Bar

Feeling fancy? Go ahead and splurge a bit at Riptides, one of the best spots for breakfast in Fort Walton Beach. Located inside the very chic and modern lobby of the Holiday Inn Resort at Fort Walton Beach, the vibes here are upscale yet relaxing, and the colorful upholstery and bright lighting inside are inviting and very pretty.

If you want to go al fresco, sit outside at their swanky tiki bar by the poolside, where you’ll often find a DJ playing fun beach-y music for the guests. You’ll also have the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico as the backdrop making the ambiance very picture-perfect and Instagram-worthy. 

The menu here goes two ways – choose the breakfast buffet, where you can eat all you want from a wide array of scrumptious savories and sweet delights, or opt for the made-to-order breakfast menu, which offers omelets, sandwiches, and pancakes.

For the ones who’d like to choose the latter, we recommend their Beach Fresh Wrap that comes with scrambled egg whites, provolone cheese, spinach, and mushrooms along with a side of ripe and juicy seasonal fruits – a healthy pick that tastes fantastic!

But Riptides’ breakfast buffet is where you can eat to your heart’s content, and there’s just about everything available – French toast, eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon, sausages, pastries, yogurt – you name it! And kids under 11 eat free! How great is that?

Drop by any day from 8 am onwards before you head to the beach, and we bet you’ll love enjoying the fun, fancy meals served in the beautiful ambiance here.

Address: 1299 Miracle Strip Parkway SE 

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8. Waffle House 

If you love yourself a waffle for breakfast, you know you can always rely on good ol’ Waffle House for that. No matter where you are in the country, you can always find a Waffle House near you, and luckily for Fort Walton Beach residents, there’s one located on Miracle Strip, right before you head to Okaloosa Island.

It’s slightly cramped for space and not the most impressive when it comes to the atmosphere – but hey, you’re here for a delicious breakfast, and we bet you’ll be happy you visited halfway through the meal! 

The menu is vast but easy, listing all the usual suspects of traditional American breakfast picks – omelets, biscuits, hash browns, and of course, their ever-popular waffles!

We think you should try the pecan chip waffle, which is plate-sized, light, and crispy from the outside, and topped with lots of pecans and maple syrup on the side. One bite into it and you’ll thank yourself for dropping by this place!

If you don’t feel like having something sweet, go for the flavorsome Fiesta Omelet, which is loaded with cheese, jalapenos, smoked ham, and tomatoes, with a side of toast and jelly and hash browns/grits – all for very affordable prices. Tip: get the extra sausage gravy on top for even more flavor! 

They also have some dark, rich coffee to accompany your breakfast, so if you’re looking for quick service and a delicious yet affordable meal, you know where to come. Oh, and did we mention that Waffle House is open 24 hours every day? Go ahead, dig into those enormous waffles at 3 am – no one will judge you here!

Address: 263 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE

Waffle stack
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Breakfast In Fort Walton Beach: Final Thoughts 

A lot of breakfast spots in Fort Walton Beach are small, no-frill places, but they’re definitely big on flavor, quality, and service.

Whether you want a fancy brunch or an affordable plate of comfort food, you can find it at one of these spots we’ve listed for breakfast in Fort Walton. Bon appetit! 

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