Shortlist: Eight Spots For Breakfast In Astoria That Locals Love!

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Thanks to the rising popularity of the Oregon Coast as a destination, Astoria is getting some much-deserved recognition as one of the most beautiful towns on the banks of the Columbia River.

This little, hip town may have only a small number of residents, but it has much to offer including pristine views, excellent fishing opportunities, many historical sites, and activities all year round. While it’s mainly renowned for its restored historic buildings, Astoria is also home to some fantastic boutiques, shops, and restaurants.

We know this town inside-out, but most importantly, we know the best spots for an excellent breakfast in Astoria, OR as well.

And now that the world is back on, it seems like the right opportunity for us to share with you our list of must-try places serving the best breakfast in Astoria.

Bon appetit!

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The Eight Best Breakfast Spots In Astoria: Food Worth Getting Out Of Bed For!

1. Street 14 Cafè

Imagine sipping on a hot freshly brewed cup of coffee after enjoying a walk down by the sea. That’s exactly what you can get at Street 14 Cafè, a cozy, little coffee shop located close to the coast.

So why else is this one of the best Astoria breakfast spots? Well come along at 7am sharp when they open and you’ll see why! This place is referred to as ‘Caffeine Heaven’ by some in town thanks to the wide selection of coffee they have, but it’s the mocha that always catches our attention – it has just the right amount of sweetness.

While coffee is a good start, breakfast requires something more substantial. And luckily this cute cafe makes all its food in-house.

There’s a wide range of options for breakfast, including classics such as English muffins which pair perfectly with their teas and coffee. There’s some mouth-watering vegetarian and vegan food options too; one of the most popular being the ‘veggie quiche’ with its flaky crust, zucchini, and poblano peppers.

This cafe’s atmosphere is ideal if you’re looking for a casual, laid-back way to start your day. On top of that, Street 14 is run by kind, friendly staff who make you feel at home. That’s one of the reasons people keep returning, and why Street 14 is so popular. In fact if you reside in Astoria, then there’s a good chance of bumping into a friend here!

Overall this is a warm, unfussy breakfast spot with helpful staff that’s perfect for living your best A.M. life!

Address: 1410 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon 97103

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2. Green Door Cafe

Green Door Cafe is a rare find in town as it caters to people with all kinds of dietary requirements and food allergies because it offers everything from vegan to gluten-free dishes!

This cafe belongs to a couple who are super considerate towards their guests. In fact Kendall, one of the owners, has even been voted as the town’s best server in the Coast Weekend newspaper several times!

Now to the main cause of their fame – the Green Door Cafe menu. Every item is worth a try! A couple of our favorites include the BLT sandwich and the cauliflower bacon chowder. We also LOVE their cauliflower bacon soup.

If you eat plant-based, try the vegan mushroom-cauliflower stir fry with added tempeh and the butternut squash mash. And if you are in the mood for something sweet, grab a slice of the vegan cheesecake or a chocolate chip cookie. They also have cafe mám coffee, delicious gluten-free brownies, and an insanely tasty strawberry chocolate cheesecake.

You can either dine in amidst the homely atmosphere and houseplants, or eat al fresco on their lovely little outdoor patio on those warm sunny days! Regardless of where you choose to sit, the service remains superb.

Address: 332 10th Street Astoria.

3. Coffee OR Waffle

Personally we think you should be able to have coffee and waffle…… Don’t worry guys, we get the joke, it’s a play on Oregon’s state abbreviation, ‘OR’.

But you should definitely get both the coffee and waffles when visiting this small, yet seriously popular, Astoria breakfast spot in the heart of downtown.

To describe it best, this is an independent local food truck that’s perfect for a quick pick-me-up. Open at 8am, you’ll also find lots of outdoor seating here so you don’t just have to grab and go.

Coffee OR Waffle stick to what they do best, and you’ll see that their detailed menu solely displays items based on their expertise: coffee and waffles.

For a true barista experience, try the freshly brewed coffee and espresso. They serve everything from a Hot Chai to an Americano made with Hemp Milk.

Then complete your breakfast with the thick, fluffy and warm handcrafted waffles you can get here. Instead of the traditional doughy consistency, these waffles are crispy on the outside and soft from the inside – they taste just as good as they look. And they look out of this world!

Two standouts that we think you should try are the ‘Waffle Bee’ made with honey, cinnamon and topped with fresh whipped cream, as well as the ‘Nutella Madness’ waffles which are just as mouthwatering.

When someone has devoted their life to waffles, you know those waffles are going to be good. So when you want a quick and tasty breakfast to start your day – alongside that caffeine fix – Coffee OR Waffle should be your go to place. That’s why it makes our list of the best Astoria breakfast spots.

Address: 385 11th street, Astoria, Oregon 9710

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4. Coffee Girl

Walking a little from downtown Astoria you will find another great earl morning spot, Coffee Girl, which is renowned as one of the best unique places in Astoria.

Off the beaten path, sitting at the mouth of the Columbia River in an old cannery building directly on the pier, Coffee Girl has been around for decades as a lovely little hidden coffee shop among old retired boats. It has one of the nicest locations you can imagine in town, and some of the best coastal views too.

The minute you enter, take a moment to look at the pictures that adorn the walls showing the origins of this place. This is a homey staple of Astoria’s breakfast scene, and it’s well worth the little exploration to find it.

A trip to this coffee shop is not only worth it for the magnificent views, but also for the food. From pastries to bagel sandwiches, you can find many delectable items on their menu. Our personal favorites are their bagels, quiche, scones, and the clam chowder which is served with thinly sliced panini toasts.

As you will have guessed from the name, they also have a large coffee bar with lots of espresso drinks. What could be better? Well Coffee Girl has coffee specials that update every month!

Whether you live in Astoria or are just passing by, this place is a must visit. In fact this is such an iconic Astoria coffee place that they even sell merchandise!

Address: 100 39th Street Astoria, Oregon

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5. Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe

With its unique selection of breakfast options, Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe serves everything from light portions to heavier meals. That means you can conveniently choose an item from their menu based on how hungry you feel that morning!

A few of the bakery’s renowned staples include ‘Breakfast Tacos’ made from organic corn tortillas, all perfectly crisped up. The ‘Huevos Rancheros’ and the ‘Breakfast Burrito’ are delicious too. The ‘Huevos Rancheros’ features rice beans and eggs while the ‘Breakfast Burrito’ comes with eggs, cheddar, and potatoes dipped in cheddar. The flavors are great and not too spicy as well.

Portion sizes are also another big bonus at Blue Scorcher as they are big enough to feed two people! And they cater to vegans and vegetarians too! Try the ‘Poet’s Bowl’ – straight out of plant-based heaven.

This laid-back breakfast spot can get busy as it’s popular, but even then the staff remain helpful, courteous and the service feels personalized.

So if you want to set up your day with delicious homemade food, then this is definitely one of the best Astoria breakfast places for you. The handbaked bread they make here is also some of the best in town, no doubt about that.

Address: 1493 Dane Street, Astoria

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6. Labor Temple Diner & Bar

Astoria is more than just a town with cute cafes and trendy food spots. And if you are yearning for something a little different, then you must try Labor Temple Diner & Bar. It is one of the most uniquely designed places you can find here thanks to its small-town charm style.

This place is a historic Astoria eatery that has served the residents of the town for decades. The building has barely changed during that time, and you’ll be enjoying breakfast in a 1930s-style diner in one of the most authentic establishments in the city. A place oozing with history that’s hosted burlesque dancers to rock bands – and now a very good Eggs Benedict.

If you are searching downtown for a bite to eat within budget, this place is worth a try! They serve breakfast in a small section of the actual restaurant, but locals turn out day in day out to enjoy it.

A favorite of ours includes the grilled cheese and tomato on French bread. Yum! The biscuits and gravy plus that Eggs Benedict we mentioned earlier are equally delicious. Or for a more filling breakfast, try the breakfast burrito with a side of potatoes. Other hidden gems from the breakfast menu include the chocolate chip pancakes, hash browns, and clam chowder. Finally, top off that breakfast with an Irish coffee or even a mimosa. They have a full-service bar open from 9am after all!

Overall, this is an interesting place with great ambiance, hearty, fresh, and delicious home-cooked meals with down-to-earth, friendly staff. It’s a place where conversation flows, where you’ll find cool local art, pinball machines, and a lot more. Simply put, it’s a must-visit when in Astoria.

Address: 934 Duane Street 97103, Astoria, Oregon

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7. Riverwalk Restaurant

As the name suggests, this Astoria breakfast hub sits in a small little corner just beside the river and coast. Situated on the docks with a convenient view of the flea market, and the opportunity to stroll the pier, Riverwalk is in a great location to enjoy a morning walk then grab some food.

Unlike many other well-known spots for breakfast, Riverwalk Restaurant is basically a one-man-operated show. But size isn’t everything. This cute, quaint, and wholesome spot is for those of us who enjoy eating a hearty breakfast in a small-town atmosphere.

The restaurant is small, with only a few seats, but the wood-lined walls give this place a cozy wood cabin type feel.

Now sometimes all you want is a hearty, classic breakfast full of calories. Well Riverwalk serves some terrific greasy meals and big breakfasts that are certain to fill you up in the morning. Though the menu is simple, it has some solid breakfast foods and drinks meaning you are guaranteed to find something you like.

Some of their breakfast menu standouts include the biscuits and gravy, and the Denver omelet with bacon on the side. The chicken fried steak is another hit with locals together with their fluffy pancakes, crispy hash browns and eggs.

So, if you’re looking to satisfy that craving you have for a classic diner breakfast then this is the place to go. It’s an under-explored gem of Astoria with incredible charm and humble origins.

Address: Pier 11 Mall, 77 11th St Suite C, Astoria, Oregon

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8. Astoria Coffee House and Bistro

If you’re a coffeeholic like us then Astoria Coffee House and Bistro is an excellent spot to visit. With an atmosphere like no other in town, you’ll be dining in a coffee house that has the cosy feel of an old book store.

As it has limited seating inside and out, this place tends to get full in the morning, but if you get there early you’ll be in for a treat.

They have a large selection of boutique coffee, tea and hot drinks, and for when you’re looking to avoid caffeine then the peppermint mocha is a great choice. It may seem like a cliche, but it really does seem like every drink and dish here is crafted with love as the barista and cook seem to really care about their craft.

As for a breakfast bite, they have pastries, bagels, lots of breakfast and lunch classics and even vegan baked treats. The vegan fried chicken sandwich with fries on the side tastes remarkable and is a local favorite. The breakfast burrito is another well worth trying too.

Address: 243, 11th Street, Astoria

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The Best Breakfast In Astoria: Our Final Thoughts

Whether you are someone who fancies a coffee on the go, or wants to take their time and have something more substantial, these are the eight best places for breakfast in Astoria, Oregon.

From camera worthy bowls of smoothies, handcrafted waffles to greasy plates of classic breakfast grub, we’re sure these food joints will have something that you’re going to love!


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