Belgrade Nightlife: The Best Bars, Clubs, Safety Tips, and More!

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In recent years, Belgrade has become famous as the region’s most vibrant nightlife destination. In neighboring cities, summer beach parties are enjoyable too, but they only last for a few months. On the other hand, Belgrade nightlife doesn’t seem to stop partying! No matter how warm, rainy, sunny, or cold the weather is, there will always be a Friday night in Belgrade.

The night feels like it’s for dancing and drinking here, so if you are looking for a good time, you will find it in Belgrade. This city offers everything from clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants with local music and more – and we’re going to show you the best spots right here!

We will also share with you our own Belgrade nightlife tips that we’ve picked up while drinking and partying in this cosmopolitan city. Dumic

But first, what you need to know about Belgrade nightlife

A dress code is required in almost allBelgrade nightclubs

Like other clubs around the world, Belgrade clubs have a dress code. If you aren’t dressed appropriately, you’ll most likely be turned away. Belgrade is more of a European hub than a beach destination, so appropriate clothing is required.

Security and ID

In Belgrade bars and clubs, thorough but fair checks are conducted at the entrance to ensure patrons are atleast thelegal drinking age – which is 18 in Serbia.

However some clubs haveolder age restrictions such as 21 and 23.That means you must check the club’s age restrictions before going. If you appear to be younger (lucky you!) then make sure you carry photo ID.

Entrance Fee

Most mainstream clubs have no entrance fees, but may require reservations. Alternative clubs often don’t require reservations, but sometimes charge an entrance fee.

In addition, most clubs charge for cloakroom use throughout the winter. Per jacket, it usually costs around 1.5 Euros.

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Belgrade Nightlife At Its Best

The nightlife in Belgrade is energetic, fun and packed with entertaining shenanigans – it’s one of our favourite European cities to enjoy when the sun goes down.

And now you can discover the hottest night spots in the capital of Serbia right here!

Below welook at the best tavernas, Belgrade bars, and then bestBelgrade clubs. Get ready to party!

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Some of the best kafanas (Taverns)

Kafanas are Serbian folk music spots with the aesthetics of traditional restaurants, and are the place to go to enjoy live music, a local atmosphere and cheap drinks. They areBelgrade’s answer to taverns and pubs, and are at the heart of the country’s cultural, economic, social, and political life. They’re also where you should start any Belgrade evening adventure! That said, kafanas can be lively drinking spots where you can easily spend the whole night.

Inouropinion visiting a kafana is the best way to experienceBelgrade. Someofour favorite kafanas are:

Ona Moja

This is a modern version of the classic kafana. There are checkered tabletops, cozy wooden furniture, and live music (expect energetic Balkan folk music) in the tavern’s interior.

Everyone who wants to start their evening in the right way should visit this excitingBelgrade bar. It’s a real local experience.

Address: Vojvode Šupljikca 31А

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Znak Pitanja

If you really want to get the whole Belgrade experience then spend a couple of hours eating and drinking in Znak Pitanja – the oldest tavern in Belgrade!

This isn’t the liveliest spot in Belgrade, but it may be the most authentic. The food is exceptional, the beer superb, and it’s all set in the atmosphere of a true Serbian Inn with live Starogradska folk music. If you’re looking for a place to eat, drink and get ready for your night out, come here.

Address: Kralja Petra 6

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Tarapana is another perfect venue to enjoy an authentic Serbian atmosphere. It’s a popular restaurant that also acts as a nightclub, and seamlessly blends the traditional kafana with a contemporary nightclub feel.

Situated in the heart of Belgrade, this renowned spot exudes a special appeal. There’s a friendly ambiance, great staff, and the music is typically contemporary Serbian folk – so a little different from other tavernas. Popular local performers perform here often as well.

Address: Kneza Miloša 9

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Some of the best Belgrade bars

Beer Pong Bar

This fun bar in downtown Belgrade is one of the city’s most popular evening spots! It’s famous for two things: An incredible selection of craft beers and spirits, as well as the range of fun drinking games you can play here – such as beer pong, table football (foosball) and darts!

If you want a relaxed, fun way to begin you evening, then this Belgrade bar is for you. They also have live music on some evenings, and have tournaments at the weekend. The tournaments are super fun, and a great way to meet people.

Address: Terazije 26

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Crispy Gastro Bar

This bar provides exceptional drinks and service, and probably has the best cocktails in town! The bartenders here know their stuff, so let them suggest cocktails and drinks to you – sometimes they even mix up new recipes on the spot according to your tastes.

It’s a cozy place with a warm ambience, and to top it off the food on offer is very good. So if you’re looking for some excellent cocktails served in style, then this bar is for you.

Riddle Bar

Sitting in the heart of the old town is another fantasticcocktail bar that’s definitely worth a visit. The mixologists that work atRiddle Bar really know their stuff.

You will find manylocals here, which shows it’s a good place and not a tourist trap. The prices are decent, the staff exceptionally friendly, and theoutside terrace has a great atmosphere.

Address: Skadarska 9

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Miners Pub

Another one of our favorite Belgrade bars is Miners Pub, which has a fantastic selection of very affordable Serbian craft beer.

The staff are some of the friendliest we’ve come across in Belgrade, and Miners Pub often has gigs at the weekend too. All in all, a great place to start your evening, or (as we’ve done before) a great place to spend your whole night!

Address: Rige od Fere 16

Samo Pivo

This Belgrade bar is popular with a young crowd, who come here for the outside beer garden (probably the best in Belgrade), great selection of affordable drinks, and the minimalist interior.

Expect a friendly atmosphere, and lots of beer! In fact the bar’s name translates as ‘only beer’ – so this place is perfect for beer lovers.

Address: Balkanska 13

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Some of the best Belgrade night clubs

The Bank Club

This club, which is located on the right bank of the Sava River, is relatively new but has already made a name for itself.

Opened in 2017, The Bank Club quickly became one of the city’s hottest destinations, and many Belgrade nightlife enthusiasts regard this river club as the best in the city. That’s why many celebrities frequent this venue regularly.

However if you are under the age of 23, you will not be allowed in. The prices are reasonable.

Address: Karađorđeva 2-4

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Kasina is located right in the heart of the city, and is a lounge bar during the day, but transforms into a fully-fledged nightclub in the evening.

Famous bands and DJs perform here every weekend -and it’s free! While you’re unlikely to find celebrities here, this club does tend to attract a young crowd and is perfect for dancing the night away and meeting people.

The price range is very reasonable.

Address: Terazije 25


This trendy club is probably the best place for dancing in Belgrade, and has a huge dance floor. The interior, vibe, lights, music (house and techno), and sound system is second to none and creates a real party atmosphere.

Opens at midnight and closes at 5am, expect lots of live music, friendly locals, and an energy that gets turned up the later it gets! Drinks can be a little expensive for Belgrade, but we thought the VIP package was worth it.

Address: Karađorđeva 46

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Klub 20/44

This party boat nightclub sitson the river, but it’s not a gimmick. This place is the real deal with great music, affordable drinks, and some of the best live performers Belgrade has to offer.

The cover charge can sometimes be a bit expensive, but you will see DJ jam-sessions like you’ve never seen before!

Address: Ušće bb Beograd

Is Belgrade a safe place to party?

Belgrade nightlife doesn’t really begin until midnight in the city, which means late-night walks for club-goers. Thankfully the streets are well-lit and safe at night in general. (Related: Is Belgrade Safe? Easy Tips to Avoid Trouble).

Downtown Belgrade is safe and it’s certainly safe to drink and mingle with locals in kafanas and nightclubs. In general it is safe to walk in downtown Belgrade late at night, but as always stick to main roads and streets with good lighting.

Also remember to be polite to staff and locals, and avoid confrontation. If you’re looking for a holiday romance be careful about who you approach and be respectful.

If Belgrade has neighborhoods to avoid, those are probably parts of New Belgrade. The architecture of the projects – called “blokovi” – make for an ominous atmosphere and have many dark corners. The paradox is that they are also one of the most expensive parts of the city in terms of square-foot value. So its reputation may be a thing of the past. But usually, there are no common reasons for travelers and tourists to visit that far into New Belgrade. 

Serbia’s capital is one of the transit spots for the migrant and refugee crisis and the area around the main bus station and Zeleni Venac neighborhood have become a congregation spot for refugees. As with all cases of people with little to lose and in a desperate situation, this can be an unsafe area, but migrants and refugees here tend to be friendly.

Dealing isn’t done openly in any part of the city, and other than at parties it’s very rare anyone would approach bystanders offering them anything uninvited. 

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Belgrade Nightlife Tips

  • “Kafanas” will be packed with beautiful women, but approaching them as a mixed group (men and women) can sometimes prove problematic. The same can be said for “splavs” – the raft-like clubs on the city’s two rivers. If looking for some vacation romance, it may be better to be seek out music spots other than the two above, though it should be fine if you’re just in a group of women.
  • Homophobia remains an issue in Belgrade, so looking for an LGBT romance in Belgrade isn’t advisable, regardless of how good someone looks. But there is an LGBT NGO hub in the middle of the city center, and Belgrade does have some gays clubs. 
  • To exclude the possibility of being ripped-off by a taxi driver, you could use a Uber-like domestic application like CarGo. The drivers are usually friendlier, better-versed in English, and have visible phone screens showing the suggested route on a map. 
  • You should keep an eye on your drinks at all times, and don’t start arguments or fights with locals.
  • Keep to well-known streets and establishment, and avoid badly lit alleyways.

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