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The 8 Beaches In Beverly You Must Visit: Tips, Why They’re Unique & More!

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You may not think of Massachusetts right away when it comes to beaches. But there are some great spots where you can enjoy the unique and charming beauty of the coast. In fact, Beverly is a small town that is very rich with a variety of beaches of different sizes, and each one of them is worth a trip!

Below we share with you a list of the most notable beaches in Beverly and what makes each one of them unique.

Disclaimer: Before we dive in to the rundown of our favorite beaches in Beverly, we’d like to highlight that some beaches in this area are private or have private sections.

We’ve marked these details in the descriptions below. But we encourage you to double-check as you arrive and make any necessary preparations for gaining access to them in advance such as asking permission. 

So let’s get started! Below are eight awesome beaches in Beverly that are well worth visiting, including information on their facilities, parking and what makes them unique.

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The Eight Best Beaches in Beverly For A Unique & Fun Day Out!

1. Dane Street Beach

Dane Street is one of the most easily accessible beaches in Beverly. Located only 5 minutes away from Downtown Beverly, it makes for a perfect spot for a spontaneous getaway.

It is a spacious, beautiful sandy beach and has the lush Lyons Park nearby where you can cool down in the shade of the trees.

The vastness of this beach also allows for some exciting summer activities such as volleyball or frisbee. And if you don’t feel like doing any sports, there are plenty of picnic tables available for you to relax at with friends and family.

This area is a fantastic spot for kids too as it hosts one of the biggest children’s playgrounds in the city!

However before you visit this lovely place, consider checking the tide charts. Especially if you plan to visit with kids, it’s better to pick a time when the tide is low. That way you will get to experience more shallow waters, making it safer for children to play and build sand castles.

Lifeguards also tend to be on duty in the summertime until 4:30 in the afternoon. So that makes this Beverly beach an extra safe spot to visit for a family outing.

Although the downside of visiting during low tide is having to walk quite a bit through the somewhat rocky shore to get far enough to be able to go for a swim. So if you plan to spend more time in the water rather than sunbathing, it might be a good idea to visit when the tide is higher. Feel free to bring your pets and let them enjoy the breeze of the sea too!

There are public restrooms and changing rooms available, as well as some free parking spaces. And if you don’t get a spot in the parking lot, there are plenty of spaces to park on the street!

At nearby Lyons Park you can enjoy access to water fountains too, while also enjoying a fantastic view of the waterfront and Beverly Harbor.

2. Woodbury Beach

Woodbury is a public beach in Beverly that offers great amenities and very easy access. It is located right near a public parking lot. So as long as you get there early enough, it should be easy to find a great spot right by the beach.

Out of the two beaches located around Lynch Park, this one is sandier and is a wonderful place to enjoy some summer sports like volleyball, soccer and frisbee. For an active day full of sports and swimming, you will likely find the water fountains here very handy too.

The beach is very well facilitated and you will have no trouble finding a bathroom, which is located close by.

Tables, benches and concession stands, coupled with the fact that you can park right next to the shore, make Woodbury a very convenient choice for those who want to have a nice picnic with a view of the sea.

Children will have an incredible day exploring the rocky parts of the beach too. Thanks to the many different animals like little crabs, snails, and sea stars that can be found.

The great thing is, you can spend a whole day at this beach and take advantage of the close proximity to Lynch Park at the same time. This park is favored by both locals and tourists, and is a peaceful and pleasant place to visit at any point during the year. There is a rose garden, green fields, benches and picnic tables that you can enjoy. As well as shade of trees which can provide a nice break from the hot sun at the beach.

While easy parking access can be a great benefit to some, it can also be a drawback if you want to have a more quiet and secluded experience. Woodbury has great parking but that also makes it one of the most popular beaches in Beverly, so it is bound to be a little more crowded.

However, there is another beach right nearby that can allow you to enjoy the park while also being a little more hidden from the holidaymakers (more on that below).

3. Independence Beach

Located within Independence Park, this beach is a great option for those who want to combine sightseeing, walking and lunch at a restaurant with a stroll down the sandy shore.

This beach is smaller in size but has a great view. It might not be your go-to spot for swimming compared to some other beaches in Beverly, but it has some great advantages of its own.

The trees in the park hide the beach away from the streets of the town. But despite that, you will still find yourself very close to Central Street and not too far away from a variety of restaurants.

Try some traditional Thai dishes at Siam Delight; treat yourself to some hand-tossed pizza at Cafe Salerno; enjoy some grill along with a sports broadcast at Fibber McGee’s, or stop by for a drink at the Lucky Dog Bar.

Independence Beach is the perfect option for those who want to explore the local area as well as enjoy the seaside.

And after a nice walk around the cozy park while listening to the sound of the waves, consider checking out Beverly Harbor Outlook. It’s a viewpoint surrounded by greenery with some benches to sit down and relax.

4. West Beach

This beach is privately owned and it is much more difficult to access in summer.

There is even a sticker system in place that requires visitors to pay for parking and request entry to the beach well in advance.

Yet the beauty and popularity of this beach explains the often long waiting list of vacationers hoping to enjoy the scenery and sandy shore. However, it is absolutely free to enter during the off-season!

So if you plan to travel to Beverly during the fall, spring or even winter months, West Beach is a great destination to spend some lovely time admiring a spectacular view of the sea.

It is also one of the most notable photo spots in Beverly because of the remains of a pier that has been destroyed by a storm. The wooden pillars weathered down by the water and the wind look like a modern art installation and make for some great photographs!

5. Rice’s Beach

Rice’s Beach is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Beverly.

While it is mostly private, there is a public pathway and 40 feet of the shore belongs to the city. That makes it accessible for all visitors to enjoy.

Stricter rules apply here: there are no sports allowed, no pets, no alcohol, and you should make sure you leave no litter behind.

It’s also not the most accessible spot. There is no parking close by and there is no wheelchair access for disabled people.

It’s a beach mostly frequented by locals, but since public access is not restricted, it is still possible to enjoy the beautiful view and the sandy shore here. The beach has both coziness and wildness about it, and it’s a great spot to admire sunsets and take wonderful photos. No lifeguards are present, so be extra careful if you decide to bring children.

Even though this beach may not be as visitor-friendly compared to other beaches in Beverly, it is a perfect hidden gem for a quiet unique seaside getaway. It’s a place where you can enjoy nature without the noise of the crowds.

No parking is available right next to the beach and you will need to walk to the sea. But your car can be parked near Lynch Park, which is not too far away!

If you can’t decide between the more convenient Woodbury Beach and the more peaceful Rice’s Beach, consider this option – brighten up your trip by going kayaking and paddle-boarding between each! Beverly’s Kayak Learning Center is located between the two beaches and right near Lynch Park. It can be great fun for the whole family, and kids will surely love exploring the coast that way!

Another great reason to visit Rice’s Beach is Hospital Point Lighthouse, which can be found right nearby. The area around the lighthouse is beautiful and the view from it is simply serene! The sea and the sky will look captivating both at night and during the daytime, and some locals enjoy watching sunrises from here. Free parking with around 8 spots is available near the lighthouse.

6. Brackenbury Beach

This beach is located right in between two private beaches, which makes it a good option for those who want to have a more quiet and relaxing time by the sea away from the crowds.

It is quite a long and spacious beach, which makes it perfect for sports and games. Or for bringing your dogs to run around and enjoy the sand and the waves.

Brackenbury has a unique trait you can’t find on other beaches in Beverly too – magnetic sand!

If you bring a magnet and run it through the sand, pieces of magnetite and black sand will stick to it, which would definitely entertain children and provide them with a great opportunity to get them excited about science. As there are no lifeguards on this beach (and it is quite big), pay extra attention to children playing in the water.

The lack of parking available for visitors and lack of amenities like bathrooms and changing rooms might not work for those who are looking for a more comfortable day at the beach. But at the same time there is more chance to enjoy nature without too many crowds that way. Brackenbury is a great place to hang out with your friends, spend some quality time with family, and bring your pets.

7. Sandy Point

If you’re looking for a small beach that is slightly tucked away from the public, Sandy Point is a charming little spot favored by locals. It has no amenities at all, but that’s what makes it such a peaceful hidden gem.

The surrounding area is very green, and you can have a picnic on the grass or build some castles out of sand and pebbles near the water. And if you bring children here they will most definitely enjoy hunting for shells, of which there are many.

Sandy Point is also one of the most dog-friendly beaches in Beverly, and the shallow water makes it a good place to swim for pets and children.

The views are truly breathtaking, and since it’s so close to other beaches like Independence Beach, Sandy Point would be worth even a quick stop to appreciate and take pictures of the scenery.

And if you are visiting during the winter time, the neighbouring houses get decorated before Christmas, which just adds to the unique charm of this small beach.

Street parking is free, so even though there are no food stands around, this beach will be very convenient to bring some food and drinks with you – and that should last you a whole day at this beautiful place.

Remember to also grab a trash bag with you as there are no bins available. All visitors must do their best to keep this perfect little beach clean.

8. Mingo Beach

If you’re looking for astonishingly beautiful views with free public access, Mingo Beach might just be the right option for you.

It is a beautiful spot that’s both sandy and rocky, so it might be a little bit more difficult for some people to get to, but the rocks add to the wonderful and wild look this beach stands out for.

Sometimes you might even be lucky enough to see some aquatic creatures like herring, ducks, black-backed seagulls, Canada geese and even seals that occasionally visit the coast. In fact we thing this place is one of the best beaches in Beverly for wildlife.

There are no lifeguards on duty, so take extra caution if you decide to go swimming. And as there is no parking nearby, you will need to park off-site and walk to the beach, which might make it a bit more difficult if you’re visiting with children.

However the spaciousness and charm of this beach makes it a perfect location to sunbathe, unwind and enjoy a good book.

To add to the beautiful scenery, make your day at the beach even richer by visiting the nearby Manninen Center for the Arts at Endicott College. Check the center’s website for regular announcements for public events and enjoy a day full of art and nature.

Beaches In Beverly: Our Final Thoughts

In this rundown of the most popular beaches in Beverly we collected the pros and cons of each one and gave you some tips on which might be perfect for you.

There are even more tiny beaches that we might have left unmentioned, and that’s why the coast of Beverly is such a wonderful place to explore and enjoy the sea views!

If you have more than a day to spend in this area, you will have plenty of options to choose: from kayaking and playing beach sports to birdwatching and visiting a local arts center. We guarantee that visiting the beaches in Beverly can be both relaxing and fun!

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