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Snakes In Bali: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Them

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Bali is a stunning province of Indonesia and is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. It is renowned for its hot climate and beautiful scenery, and has an array of natural wildlife and biodiversity to see.

Due to Bali’s reputation for its incredible wildlife, you might be wondering if it is also home to snakes.

The answer to this question is yes, there are snakes in Bali. The Indonesian province is home to around 35 known species of snakes.

Most are harmless to humans, however, there are a few types that are highly venomous and dangerous to us. For example, the king cobra, spitting cobra, and banded sea krait are all dangerous species you can find in Bali.

Below we will explore some of the snakes that Bali is home to, which ones are dangerous to humans, and what you should do if you come into contact with a venomous snake. (Recommended: How To Stay Safe In Bali).

Read on to learn more!

Panoramic view of volcano Batur on Bali, Indonesia in a sunny day

What Type of Snakes Exist In Bali?

As we noted, there are 35 different species of snake that live in Bali. Most of these are harmless to us and will generally avoid humans.

The snakes of Bali also tend to seek out dense forest areas and rice fields, so most tourists coming to this region will not encounter any snakes on their visit.

However, some of the snakes you can expect to find in Bali are also some of the most dangerous and venomous snakes known to man.

For example, Bali is home to the king cobra, spitting cobra, Malayan krait, and red-tailed green rat snake – all of which are harmful to humans. (Recommended: Wildlife and nature in Bali).

You might also be surprised to learn that not all snakes in Bali are land snakes. Bali has one of the most biodiverse coastlines in the world, with an abundance of sea creatures found along the coast.

As such, the banded sea krait – which is a sea snake – can be found along the Indonesian shores and shallow water as they tend to lay eggs on the land between rocks.

We will discuss some of these snakes in more detail below.

morning view in the rice fields with green rice and clear sky smoldering over the mountain range Himawan

What Dangerous Snakes Live in Bali?

Having discussed some of the types of snakes you can expect to find in Bali, it is worth mentioning the few snakes which can be highly threatening to human life. These are the dangerous snakes that you can come across when visiting the Indonesian province.

The King Cobra

This snake is perhaps one of the most famous snakes known to man, with a reputation for its threatening size and potent venom.

The king cobra is usually found in the forests of Bali, however, there are plenty of recorded sightings in cities and towns around Bali.

They can grow to around 18 feet and are able to lift a third of their body from the ground to come face-to-face with their prey.

King cobras are highly dangerous, not only because of their size, but their venom is incredibly powerful and the venom from one single bite is enough to kill 20 people.

King Cobra on brown sand.

Javan Spitting Cobra

While the spitting cobra is much smaller in size than a king cobra, it is just as deadly.

The spitting cobra’s venom is equally as toxic as a king cobra – causing paralysis, cardiac arrest, and death. The spitting cobra has an added advantage in that it can spit its venom up to around 2 meters away, often blinding its victims.

Spitting cobras are often mistaken for non-harmful snakes, so it is best to be cautious of all snakes when exploring Bali.

Red-tailed Green Rat Snake

As the name suggests, these are long green snakes with distinctive red colored tails. While they are non-venomous, they are extremely strong and kill their prey by constricting their necks.

They are considered dangerous to humans when they feel under threat. It is a good idea to stay on the lookout for this snake when exploring Bali – especially in wetland areas.

Malayan Krait

These snakes are usually white with black or dark blue bands across their bodies. Interestingly, their venom is ranked as the third deadliest snake venom in the world, so they are highly dangerous to human life.

Malayan kraits are nervous around humans and only hunt at night. Yet, most human fatalities caused by them are a result of accidentally stepping on them at night.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you exercise precaution when walking in Bali at night – especially in forests.

Does Bali Have Anti-Venom?

So, what should you do if you come into contact with a snake in Bali?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing Bali only offers anti-venom for wounds caused by the spitting cobra. This means that all other snake venom poses a significant risk to human life.

It is recommended that you seek medical attention immediately for any snake bites or wounds that occur in Bali as there are still some effective treatments available.

In any instance, it is best practice to exercise extreme precaution when visiting Bali, and always stay alert.

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