The Incredible Wildlife Of


There's many incredible animals in Curacao that are just as unique as the island

Flamingos make for impressive photos. On Curacao, you can find these lovely birds near the Sint Michielsbaai and the Jan Kok Salt Pans in Sint Willibrordus 



These rare, vulture-like birds, can be hard to spot. But look out for them near Bandabou or when trekking in Christoffel Park.

Swim With


Five of the seven kinds of turtle in the world's oceans are found in Curacao's waters.

And sunbathe With iguanas 

They will likely be the first animals you meet in Curacao

From the pretty troupial (above) to stingrays and tiny hummingbirds, discover more amazing wildlife & animals in Curacao, and where you can find them, by clicking learn more below.