Which is the Better Holiday?

Tahiti  vs  Hawaii

Tahiti  vs  Hawaii

With its laid-back vibe, gorgeous beaches & famous overwater bungalows, Tahiti may be best-suited to those seeking a romantic & luxurious getaway...

But if you're looking for adventure as well as tropical beaches than Hawaii may be the better choice. Hawaii is home to active volcanoes, fantastic surf, and dramatic landscapes...


Tahiti is known for its incredible all-inclusive resorts and gorgeous warm water that's perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Hawaii is the home of surf and many incredible outdoor activities - like hiking, zip-lining, ATV tours and more!


Home to some of the world's best beaches, warm water and iconic romantic over-water bungalows.


Better for outdoor lovers, home to lava flows, incredible mountains, and world-famous aloha culture. 

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