Which is the Better Holiday?

Punta Cana vs Cancun?

Punta Cana vs Cancun?

Punta Cana tends to more laid-back than Cancun and is less developed too. However it’s great for a resort staycation and is very family friendly...

In contrast, Cancun is energetic, busy, loud and very developed. There's also far more activities and nightlife options...

Incredible RESORTS

Both Cancun & Punta Cana have a fantastic selection of resorts. There's more rooms with sea views in Cancun; but Punta Cana is cheaper...


The beaches in Punta Cana are arguably prettier than the ones in Cancun too. But busier Cancun has more bars, restaurants and hotels.


More 'authentic' vibe, cheaper than Cancun, and incredible hiking if you venture away from the resorts.


Easy access to tourist activities, great hotel service, lively nightlife, and arguably better snorkeling and diving.

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