Which is the Better Holiday?

Puerto Rico or USVI?

Puerto Rico or USVI?

With little to no big hotel chains, the beaches in the USVI are pristine and preserved in their natural state, and overcrowding is rarely a problem...

Puerto Rico has more developed beaches, lots of watersports, and also tends to have more adventurous land activities...


The extensive coral reefs in both the USVI and Puerto Rico are home to hundreds of marine species. But Puerto Rico also has magical bioluminescent bays.


In the USVI, you get the classic tropical island experience, with less crowded beaches and turquoise-hued waters. On the other hand, Puerto Rico offers a more active beach vacation.


More 'authentic' vibe, cheaper than the USVI, and some incredible hiking and local cuisine.


Gorgeous beaches, relaxed atmosphere, a great shopping scene, and an arguably better honeymoon destination too.

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