Which is the Better Holiday?

Punta Cana or Montego Bay?

Punta Cana or Montego Bay?

Punta Cana is probably better for a relaxing trip on gorgeous beaches. It’s great for a resort staycation and is very kid friendly...

If you want a more adventurous trip, mingling with locals and enjoying fun nightlife, then Jamaica's Montego Bay may be better...

Incredible RESORTS

Overall, Punta Cana has bigger and more luxurious resorts than Montego Bay. Resorts are the main attraction when people go to this town.


One thing about Montego Bay is that it’s a local hotspot for parties. From beach parties to nightclubs, this is one fun town when the sun sets!


Excellent beaches, cheaper than Montego Bay, and incredible hiking if you venture away from the resorts


More authentic vibe, varied excursions, and arguably better food and culture opportunities. 

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