Which is the Better Holiday?

Cancun or  Puerto Vallarta

Cancun or  Puerto Vallarta

If a vacation for you means party time & lots of tourist activities on your doorstep then busy Cancun and its energetic nightlife would be perfect...

Quieter Puerto Vallarta is a more laid-back city. It also offers a more authentic Mexican experience, yet there's still plenty to see and do...


Cancun is a major tourist hub and is known for being a hive of activities, shopping & chain restaurants. It's also close to spectacular Mayan sites.   Puerto Vallarta, on the other hand, is right beside the jungle and perfect for hiking, ziplining & wildlife spotting.


Incredible nightlife, stunning beaches, more hotel choices, but busier and louder.

Puerto Vallarta

More laid-back nightlife, less hotel choices, but more of a Mexican vibe.

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