Which is the Better Holiday?

Cancun or  Jamaica

Cancun or  Jamaica

If a vacation for you means party time & lots of tourist activities on your doorstep then busy Cancun and its energetic nightlife would be perfect...

But if you're looking for adventure as well as tropical beaches then Jamaica may be the better choice. Jamaica is home to rainforests, rural villages, waterfalls & mountains...


Cancun is a major tourist hub and is known for being a hive of activities, shopping & chain restaurants. It's close to some ancient Mayan ruins too. Jamaica is home to many incredible outdoor activities - like hiking, zip-lining, river rafting tours and more!


Incredible nightlife, stunning beaches and warm water, and many all-inclusive hotels with ocean views.


Better for outdoor lovers, home to wonderful beaches that are less developed than Cancun, and many things to do.

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