Which is the Better Holiday?

British Virgin Islands or  U.S. Virgin Islands?

British Virgin Islands or  U.S. Virgin Islands?

With very few big hotel chains, the beaches in the BVI are pristine and preserved in their natural state, and overcrowding is rarely a problem...

The USVI has more developed beaches, is busier, and tends to feel less Caribbean and more American...


Neither the USVI or BVI are short of tourist attractions & fun activities. But the USVI is better for shopping, while the BVI feels more nature-orientated.


Between the two, the USVI definitely has the livelier nightlife. The BVI is more relaxed and a much quieter chain of islands, but there's still plenty of evening fun to be had.


More 'authentic' vibe, less developed beaches, and  lots of local cuisine to try.


Gorgeous beaches, a great shopping scene, and an arguably better destination for families too.

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