Which is the Better Holiday?

Bahamas vs  Puerto Rico

Bahamas vs  Puerto Rico

The Bahamas is home to some of the world's best beaches and resorts, so is likely the better choice if you're looking for that classic laidback beach vacation...

But if you're looking for adventure as well as tropical beaches than Puerto Rico may be the better choice. PR is home to rainforests, rural villages, waterfalls & mountains...


The Bahamas is a major tourist hub known for its incredible beaches, water sports, diving and fun all-inclusive resorts. Puerto Rico is home to many incredible outdoor activities - like hiking, zip-lining, kayaking tours and more!


Stunning beaches and warm water, many all-inclusive hotels with ocean views, and very tourist-orientated.


Better for outdoor lovers, home to wonderful beaches that are less developed than the Bahamas, and many things to do.

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