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When it comes to vacation, there are so many things to look forward to: all-inclusive resorts, native flora and fauna, and seeing the sights. Puerto Rico is certainly the place for a dream vacation for every member of the family.

At the same time, sometimes you want a true vacation classic – a waterpark. Thankfully waterparks and Puerto Rico go hand in hand!

Luckily, Puerto Rico has an excellent collection of quality waterparks to enjoy. They are spread out across the archipelago and smaller islands, and each one has something unique to offer.

So without any further ado, here is a list of the top ten best waterparks in Puerto Rico and their unique features!

children enjoying a waterpark slide

The Top 10 Best Waterparks in Puerto Rico For Fun in the Sun!

1. Coqui Waterpark

First up on our list is Coqui Waterpark. This waterpark is offered exclusively to guests at the El Conquistador Resort, so if you are looking for a place to stay in Puerto Rico you won’t find many options that are better!

The park spans 2.4 acres, making it a full-day activity and a stand out in a resort that is filled with excellent ways to pass the time. This is a very kid-friendly park with a variety of rides.

One important thing to note is that they do enforce height restrictions on the most intense waterslides, so children will need to be at least 48 inches tall.

Coqui Waterpark (and by extension the resort) is located in the town of Fajardo, about 30 miles outside of San Juan. The park includes four exciting waterslides, a rope bridge, lazy river, and a giant pool that spans over 8,500 square foot!

As its connected to the resort, it is also an incredibly safe location for families and children to wander. A restaurant and bar are included on the property, making this waterpark an excellent way to spend an entire sunny day in Puerto Rico!

2. Surf N’ Fun Water Park

If you’re looking for a family friendly park, you can’t do much better than Surf N’ Fun!

This park is located in San Germán and has aquatic activities for all ages. It is also very safe and kid-friendly, with children under the age of three getting in for free.

The attractions at Surf N’ Fun include a wave pool, lazy river, and area specifically for diving. They also have a climbing and rappelling wall, electric boats that shoot water, and surf simulators!

This park is clean, safe, and has food and drink available for moderate prices. They are open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday, as well as from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.

There are instructors and employees on-hand for the more intense activities, such as the surf simulators. There are certainly activities available for every member of the family!

Adults pay $19.95 for an all-day pass, and children pay $15.99. When you want family-friendly fun in an ideal location, Surf N’ Fun is the place for you!

3. Las Cascadas Water Park

This one is certainly a must-see! Las Cascadas Water Park is widely regarded as the largest and arguably the most popular water park in Puerto Rico.

This park is located in northwest Puerto Rico near Aguadilla, making it also a prime location to view other attractions in the area.

Throughout the park, there are rides and experiences for all age levels at a variety of intensities. There is also a designated Kiddie Area for young children to play while their parents can sit back and relax.

There is a lazy river, wave pool, and several waterslide attractions such as the Speed Slide. Height restrictions do apply to children.

As it is a public park, it can be quite crowded but there is security around to ensure safety.

They also have a famous “Crazy River” that imitates white-water rafting through a rapids simulator. The Speed Slide and the water tunnel are some of the most popular attractions with older guests.

Las Cascadas is an excellent getaway for the whole family, and one of the best waterparks in Puerto Rico.

4. Parque Acuático Piedra Dura

Don’t forget to swing by the Parque Acuático Piedra Dura, located in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico. This is also a very kid-friendly park with tons of great attractions. They even have a zip line that crosses the park!

There are electric boats equipped with water guns, a shallow pool meant to fit up to 200 people, and a nearly 24-foot rock climbing area.

There are also slides meant specifically for children that have no height restriction, as well as a “chorrito” area for kids with sprinkler-like attachments to run through.

Among the facilities, you will find a food outlet for snacks and drinks throughout the day, as well as gazebos around the park to provide some shade and chairs. These gazebos can even be rented out ahead of time for a birthday or similar activity.

There are clean bathrooms as well as lockers to protect your things while you have fun around the park too.

Anyone from ages 13 and up can expect to pay $15, while children ages 4-12 are $10. Children under the age of 4 are free.

5. Olimpia Water Park

This park is a segment of the Albergue Olimpico Sports Center, located in the city of Salinas. When planning your trip to Olimpia Water Park, consider purchasing an Olimpia Passport which will grant you access to the water park complex, a mini-golf course, and a rock climbing wall.

You can also consider simply buying a ticket to the water park, which has plenty of attractions of its own! There is a variety of slides, a wave pool, and a smaller pool which houses the only child-friendly water racers in Puerto Rico!

The Albergue Olimpico Sports Center also has lodging which allows access to not only the water park, but all training facilities in the center. A shooting range, tennis court, and gyms are just some examples of what the facility has to offer.

The park is open exclusively on Saturday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, making it a great example of a weekend getaway! Day passes are free for children 4 years or under. Seniors aged 60 and above will pay just over $9, and ages 4 to 59 years old will pay about $19.

6. The Water Spout

This park is located on the army base of Fort Buchanan, and the facilities can be used by active and retired employees of Fort Buchanan as well as their family members. If you are visiting a family member who works at Ft. Buchanan,

The Water Spout is an excellent place to spend the day! Children 3 years old and younger get in free. ID card holders, otherwise known as employees of Ft. Buchanan, pay $8. Their guests without ID will pay $10.

The Water Spout is both family friendly and handicap accessible. There is a general pool as well as two giant water slides. One of them, the Octopus Slide, is a closed 130-foot water tube ride! The other slide is open-air and measures about 125 feet long.

There is also a net crossing, lily pads, and professional lifeguards on duty at all times. There are also showers and lockers for all patrons, and a 15,000 square feet lounging deck with shady areas, tables, and chairs. Working at Fort Buchanan certainly has its perks!

7. Aquasol Barrazas

This is probably the most kid friendly option on this list. In fact, Aquasol Barrazas is geared entirely towards children!

It is located in San Juan, where the Atlantic surf can be tough for even adult swimmers. For completely safe and non-crowded aquatic fun, your kids will adore Aqualsol Barrazas!

The maximum water depth is only about 8 inches, so adults can splash and children will be completely safe at all times.

All areas of the park are suitable for both infants and toddlers. This particular park is so kid friendly that they even have swimming diapers available for you to buy!

There is a small café in the park for food and drinks, although it is important to know that no smoking or drinking is allowed in the premises.

Don’t worry, parents – San Juan is renowned for its restaurants and bars, so there is something for everyone!

During the day, take the little ones to run around to their heart’s content at Aquasol Barrazas. It is one of the best waterparks in Puerto Rico for children!

8. Arroyo’s Surfing Park

This aptly named park is located in the city of Arroyo and is great for family events! There are a variety of gazebos, pools, slides, and aquatic playgrounds. 

Arroyo’s Surfing is a perfect weekend getaway, open Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 6:00 pm!

It is handicap accessible, with free parking, showers, lockers, and quality dressing and bathrooms. There is also a designated smoking area. The large collection of activities makes this one of the best and most reliably enjoyable parks in all of Puerto Rico!

The park even has an excellent surfing simulator. In fact, it is the only one in all of Puerto Rico and only the fourth one in the world! This makes Arroyo’s Surfing Park one of the best waterparks in Puerto Rico for thrill seekers. Not to worry; lifeguards are always on duty!

This park also has a snack bar and lounge area to unwind with family after all of the fun. The park charges differently depending on if you are visiting during the busiest time of year (June to August) or the slower opening (August to May).

During the busy season, children pay $7 and adults pay $10. In the slower season, children pay just over $5 and adults pay just over $7.

9. Rancho Corozal Park

This park is combined with a restaurant, making it perfect for a full day of activities! Located in the beautiful town of Corozal, it is the perfect place for family recreation.

The restaurant facilities are a huge draw, and there are also rental spaces available if you have a bigger party and want to avoid being separated by the crowds. But the restaurants are not the only great places in Corozal! The waterpark has six pools, a winding lazy river, and thirteen different waterslides!

In addition to all those fun opportunities, there is an incredible giant water slide with a drop of over 260 feet! Any daredevils traveling in the area now know exactly where they should go!

If you want to spend a sunny day having fun on a variety of waterslides or simply floating around in the pool, Rancho Corozal Park is certainly the place to do it!

10. Ola Marina and Isla Chiquitines

The final item on our list is Ola Marina and Isla Chiquitines, Puerto Rico’s second most-visited water park!

The park is divided into two areas: Ola Marina for teenagers and adults, and the Isla Chiquitines for the small children!

La Isla Chiquitines has several smaller slides, aquatic playgrounds, and shallow pools to play in. This truly makes the park fun for the entire family! Ola Marina hosts the park’s famous wave pool, which is said to truly emulate the feeling of standing in the ocean!

There is a new addition to the kid-friendly park known as Villa Enchumbá, and it contains several waterslides and attractions meant specifically for younger children. This park is located in southern Puerto Rico near the town of Salinas.

Olimpia Water Park and the Albergue Olimpico Sports Center, another park on this list, are also located in the area. This makes it a great spot to hit multiple parks in one day!

Enjoy the Top 10 Best Waterparks in Puerto Rico!

No matter where in the country you travel to, Puerto Rico has some truly incredible things to do! This includes the fabulous and family-friendly waterparks included in this list.

Gather the family and head out for some aquatic fun – no beach necessary! Just be safe, have fun, and enjoy yourself as you explore the top ten best waterparks in Puerto Rico!


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