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Corfu is one of those islands we keep returning to because it has everything. From gorgeous beaches and warm water for swimming, to some of Greece’s most spectacular walking and hiking trails.

This island is home to breathtaking bays and villages, fantastic wildlife, spectacular peaks and panoramic views. Because of that, hiking and walking in Corfu is one of our favourite activities when we visit.

Here we share some of the best hiking trails in Corfu so you can enjoy hiking and walking on the island as much as we do. We’ve split them up into short, middle, and long distance, so there should be a route that suits everybody.

Happy hiking!


Walking & Hiking In Corfu: Three Fantastic Short Distance Trails

1. Porto Timoni

Regarded by many as Corfu’s best beach, Porto Timoni is well worth the 30 minute hike to reach it. You can access the beach – well actually it’s two beaches as it’s a double bay – by descending the path from the village of Afionas.

The path can be steep and a bit rocky in places, so it’s best to wear proper shoes, rather than sandals or flip flops. There’s no facilities at the beach either so take food and water with you. Remember your snorkeling equipment too – this is one of the best places in Corfu for shore snorkeling!

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2. Donkey Path Trail

This trail starts at Paleokastritsa and climbs up the hill to the pretty village of Lakones. The hike to the village is short (30-60 minutes), but steep in places and can be hard work – I guess that’s why donkeys were employed to traverse this shortcut between the two settlements!

You’ll come across goats and may see a snake or iguana, but the views from the top towards Paleokastritsa and the sea are breathtaking. Much of the trail is shaded too, which is an added bonus. This is probably our favourite short distance hiking in Corfu trail.

3. Loop around Old Perithia – Corfu’s oldest village

Old Perithia Village is believed to be one of the oldest permanently inhabited villages on Corfu, having been built in the 14th century during the Byzantine era. It remains one of the best preserved villages from that era, despite the fact only 4-5 people live in the village all-year round.

Walking around the village – which was built 650m up on the slopes of Mount Pantokrator – has become a popular short walk for locals and tourists alike, with the stone houses and ruins transporting you back in time.

It should take around 30 minutes to stroll around this peaceful village and its outskirts, but you can take longer by taking detours into the nearby mountain paths and roads. Despite the lack of permanent residents, there are a couple tavernas in the village making this a perfect lunch spot.


Walking & Hiking In Corfu: Three Middle Distance Trails

4. Cape Drastis Loop

This 4.5 mile (7km) loop near Peroulades is an easy hike but does involve 250 meters of elevation gain. However the reward for your hard work is gorgeous panoramic views across the ocean, and views below of the wave-carved cliffs at Cape Drastis.

The trail will take around 2 hours, and while some of it is shaded thanks to olive groves, make sure you’re well prepared with water and sun protection – like any hike in Corfu. You can see a map of the trail here.


5. Mount Pantokrator

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not hike up Corfu’s highest mountain? Mount Pantokrator is 906 meters high and you can actually start the hike at Old Perithia Village – allowing you to visit this stunning Byzantine village too.

Take the path going down in front of the pink church in the village until you see a large concrete block. To the left of that is a faint trail which will eventually take you to a picnic table after about 30 minutes. From there take the rocky road on the right for 30 minutes, and then there’s a road to the left which will take you to the top!

Watch out for cars as you can actually drive directly to the top – but where’s the fun in that! From the village to the peak and back down again will take around 2-3 hours, and the views throughout the hike are well worth the effort. There’s a little cafe at the top too, as well as a pretty monastery.

6. Agi Deka

Agi Deka (meaning ‘Ten saints’) is the biggest mountain in Corfu’s second mountain range, It stands at 576 meters tall and has a deserted monastery near the summit.

This hike is much more secluded than popular Mt Pantokrator, and starts at Stavros village, ascends to the summit, and then down to Pelekas village. It’s of moderate difficulty, around ten miles (16km) in length, and should take about 6-7 hours.

Expect pretty villages, ancient ruins, a chance to spot wildlife, and some lovely views across the island. You can see a map of the trail here. This is one of our favourite Corfu hiking trails due to the fact it’s little known amongst tourists.


Walking & Hiking In Corfu: An Incredible Long Distance Trail

7. The Corfu Trail

This is the ultimate long distance trail on the island, covering the length of Corfu at a distance of 136 miles (220km).

This spectacular walk takes you through landscape untouched by mass tourism, and through a variety of changing scenery – gorges, beaches, olive groves, mountains and plateaus. It is the best route if you want to see Corfu at its most natural.

The trail can take around 1-2 weeks, and will require either camping on the way or sorting out accommodation. You can find more information on the Corfu Trail here. (Related: Camping in Greece).

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