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Volunteering has to be one of the best ways to see, experience, and learn about a country or city. That definitely rings true in Freetown and Sierra Leone.

However it’s not that easy to find volunteering opportunities and volunteer roles in Freetown and Sierra Leone without already being in the country. That’s where we have come in to help!

We have compiled some of the best volunteer roles available to help your volunteering adventure in Sierra Leone begin!

multi-ethnic volunteer group raising hands against blue sky

Charities And NGOs In Freetown & Sierra Leone Where You Can Volunteer Today!

1. Advocacy Initiative for Development

This organization based out of Freetown is on the lookout for volunteers who can help with the variety of projects they carry out with youth and women in Freetown and throughout Sierra Leone

All levels of experience and skills are welcomed, all they ask for is an enthusiasm to learn, and a want to work hard and get involved.

However they do want a one month volunteering commitment.

To find out more, it’s best to visit their office at 17 Circular Road, 3rd Floor, Freetown.

2. ChildHelp Sierra Leone

ChildHelp works directly with some of Sierra Leone’s, and Freetown’s, most impoverished children, helping them and their families by providing access to education, food, clothing, medical care and a lot more.

On top of that, they also provide free legal aid to children in need, as well as help street children.

If this sounds like an organization you would like to volunteer with, then get in contact with ChildHelp on their website by visiting here. They are looking for all sorts of volunteers, for any length of time and with any skills and experience.

Silhouette of small child walking

3. EducAid

This amazing education charity runs a network of free schools and teacher training programs throughout Sierra Leone.

Their vision is “is a democratic, dignified and prosperous Sierra Leone, where poverty is eliminated by educated citizens who are able to develop their personal, social and economic wellbeing.”

Think your skills and experience could be an asset to EducAid? Then you should definitely get in touch as while they’re looking for people willing to teach, the organization is also open to other potential volunteering roles.

Check out their website here.

4. Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Working at Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary is a dream volunteer position in Sierra Leone for many people, as you will get to work with an amazing organization, helping some incredible animals.

The sanctuary is located not far from Freetown, and cares for over 100 chimpanzees.

Along with rehabilitating chimpanzees, Tacugama is also very active with conservation efforts in the region, as well as educating the local population about these amazing animals.

Tacugama are always looking for volunteers that are willing to get stuck in to a variety of activities at the sanctuary. To find out more, check out their website by visiting here. If you love animals, this could be the perfect place to volunteer in Sierra Leone.

Close up portrait of a 10-month-old baby chimpanzee smiling

5. We Yone Child Foundation (WYCF)

This NGO has two schools in Freetown, where they tend to the educational needs of over 1000 primary school aged children.

Bringing education to those who need it, WYCF is always on the look out for volunteers to come to Freetown and work with them. From teaching classes, to working one-on-one with children who are struggling. They also have non-classroom volunteer roles such as helping with office work or developing proposals. WYCF wants volunteers all year round.

Volunteers are a big part of this organization, and they are happy to have people of different nationalities come and join them for as long as they wish.

To start your volunteering adventure in Freetown with WYCF, you can check out their website here.

6. Youth Partnership for Peace and Development

Based in Freetown, this NGO is – in their own words – a “youth-led development organization working in partnership to bring sustainable solutions to some of societies growing challenges.”

They’re looking for volunteers for any length of time, and who can help with fundraising activities, IT and communication, education and women empowerment projects, and much more.

They say they are open to any and all volunteers who are willing to give it their all.

The best way to get in contact is to go to their head office in Freetown, at 1st Floor, 18 Priscilla Street.

Freetown, Sierra Leone

7. Zaindriss

Headquarted in Freetown, Zaindriss is committed to improving the “quality of life for residents in Post-Ebola Sierra Leone.”

They provide health care, safe drinking water, immunizations for children, and modern farming initiatives, among many other things.

In particular they’ve asked for volunteer teachers, and medical professionals in the past. You can find out more about their mission by checking out the Zaindriss website here. It’s a great place to volunteer in Sierra Leone.


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