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Have you ever wanted to volunteer in Bangladesh? Or have you already visited the country, and told yourself that next time you return you will give something back to this wonderful country, and its welcoming residents?

Well you have found yourself in the right place.

We’ve done the hard work and compiled some of the best volunteering roles and opportunities in Bangladesh, so read on, check them out, and let your volunteering adventure begin!

Area of Dhaka, the Capital of Bangladesh

1. Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST)

BLAST does important work throughout Bangladesh providing legal services, and legal representation, to some of the country’s poorest and most marginalized people.

They also carry out a variety of projects that cover varying issues, including women’s health rights and child protection.

They are always looking for volunteers to help them, be that someone with technological skills to help with admin and computer tasks, or lawyers and student lawyers who are willing to volunteer their time and expertise.

If this sounds like a volunteering opportunity that matches your skills, get in contact with BLAST by visiting their volunteer page by clicking here!

2. Bidyanondo

Based in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, this NGO carries out a variety of projects throughout the country, and relies on hundreds of volunteers to keep operations running smoothly.

Among other things, Bidyanondo has education and orphanage projects, and supports refugees in Bangladesh.

They are a little unclear about what skills and experience they are looking for in volunteers, and indeed what volunteering may involve, but they encourage potential volunteers to get in touch. You can find their volunteer registration page by clicking here.

multi-ethnic volunteer group raising hands against blue sky


This organization runs 12 schools in Bangladesh, and have a variety of volunteering opportunities available for anyone who is willing and hard working enough!

So what are they looking for? Well people to teach in classrooms, as well as individuals who can help with teacher training.

JAAGO are also keen for volunteers with special skills, for example in art, dance, drama or music, to volunteer their time to teach those skills to children in their 12 schools.

Sounds like something you’d love to do? Then get in touch with them on their website by clicking here.


IMANA Medical Relief is carrying out humanitarian work with Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, providing critical health and medical care to those who desperately need it.

Currently they are reaching 400/500 people in need a day, and are always looking for volunteers.

In their words, they are looking for “volunteers from the following specialties: Family Practice, Internal medicine, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Ob-Gyn and Psychiatry. Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and final year Residents from above-listed specialties.”

Do you have the experience they need? Then learn more and get in touch with IMANA by clicking here!

Hospital corridor and doctor as a blurred defocused background

5. Film4peace

Based out of Dhaka, this organization is working to promote peace in Bangladesh through films.

Their aim? To promote a peaceful and inclusive society for sustainable development. They put on film festivals, charity drives, and carry out community service.

If that sounds like an organization you’d like to volunteer in Bangladesh with, you should get in touch! Their website can be visited by clicking here!

6. Maria Cristina Foundation

This NGO helps over 100 children in Dhaka to attend school, and they provide things such as tuition costs, transport, school materials and meals, to those that wouldn’t be able to afford education if it wasn’t for the Maria Cristina Foundation.

So what sort of work will you be doing with the foundation?

Well there’s a variety of things volunteers are needed for! That includes helping to hold handicraft workshops, doing one-on-one English tuition, as well as gathering data, writing progress reports, or even organizing fun activities for the children and their families that the foundation helps.

If you want to volunteer in Dhaka with this fantastic NGO, then check out their volunteer page by clicking here 🙂

7. MedGlobal

This international NGO is doing incredibly important work supporting the medical needs of Rohingya refugees in refugee camps in Bangladesh, and is looking for medical professionals to volunteer.

They deliver urgent and primary care to refugees most in need, and serve upwards of 250 people a day – a third of which are children.

MedGlobal need medical professionals to volunteer their time in Cox’s Bazaar, and are looking in particular for those who work in internal medicine, family practice, GPs, nurses, specialists and paramedics.

If you fit the skills needed, then get in touch with MedGlobal – you can apply to volunteer in Bangladesh with MedGlobal by clicking here.

Surgeons team working with Monitoring of patient in surgical operating room.

8. Medical Teams International

Similar to MedGlobal, Medical Teams International is doing important medical work with Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and is also looking for medical professionals to volunteer their time and skills.

As they say: “Our team cares about the whole person. Often that means sitting with mothers, fathers, and grandparents through their emotional pain as we treat their physical pain. Offering comfort and compassion amid grief and loss.”

They are looking for Physicians (Family Practice, Pediatrics OB/GYN), Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, and Midwives in particular. A typical volunteering commitment is 8 weeks.

To get in contact and set up a volunteer stint in Bangladesh with Medical Teams International, then click here!

9. The Sreepur Village

An absolutely crucial project, The Sreepur Village offers a safe haven for destitute single mothers and their children, whilst providing them with training to get them back on their feet.

The families live here for three years, getting all the help they need, in a safe, welcoming, and empowering environment.

Volunteers are needed year round, to help with admin work, media advocacy, research work and more.

This organization really is doing amazing work, and you should read all about how they are changing lives for some of Bangladesh’s most vulnerable women and children by visiting their website. To get there, and to find out more about their volunteering opportunities, click here.

10. Volunteers Association for Bangladesh (VAB)

Since forming in 1998, VAB has helped 50,000 young adults and their families overcome poverty in Bangladesh, empowering school children with invaluable education opportunities.

They partner with dozens of schools throughout Bangladesh to provide quality education, run workshops, and English camps.

They are also on the look out for volunteers and interns all year round.

Does VAB sound like an organization you would like to volunteer in Bangladesh with? Then get in touch with them by visiting their website here.

Or if you’re interested in volunteering in other countries around the world, check out our pages on volunteering in Iraq, Palestine, Somaliland, and South Sudan, among others!


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