60+ Unique & Fun Things To Do In Chichester: Perfect For A Day Out!

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This charming city in the UK’s West Sussex is full of history and vibrance, and thankfully there are many exciting things to do in Chichester throughout the year.

It carries a unique ancient history that has been influenced by the Roman Empire, and mementos of that time can still be found now. Yet at the same time, this city has a modern atmosphere and plenty of spots for shopping and dining.

Once you go out of the city center, the natural beauty of the region is exuberant, and there are many outdoor activities Chichester has to offer.

We want you to enjoy Chichester as much as we do, so below we’ve compiled 60+ of our favourite things to do in Chichester. Enjoy!

Aerial panorama of downtown Chichester, England, UK

60+ Things To Do In Chichester For A Fun Day Out

1. Pallant House Gallery

Wonder what to do in Chichester on a rainy day? Pallant House Gallery is an excellent option to spend the afternoon at, or even an entire day!

The enormous collection of British art here dating back to 1900 and up to the present day will show you how Western culture has changed over the course of a century.

2. Chichester Festival Theater

This playhouse is one of the most exciting theatres in the UK and one of the must things to do in Chichester.

Their range of high-quality productions includes dramas, musicals, original material and community events. Don’t forget to stop by its cafe, have dinner at the restaurant, or just a drink at the bar!

Empty red armchairs of a theater ready for a show
iStock.com/Giancarlo Restuccia

3. Fishbourne Roman Palace

The palace displays recreated Roman gardens, which are among the oldest in the whole of the UK! It also hosts the largest collection of mosaics in the country – all of which are exceptionally well preserved.

Take a guided tour to learn about the history of Chichester and West Sussex!

4. West Dean Gardens

One of the largest restored gardens in the UK, West Dean invites you to take a relaxing stroll through the peaceful Edwardian pergola and enjoy the beautiful orchards, the Sunken Garden and Victorian-era glasshouses. Don’t forget to book tickets in advance for guaranteed entry.

5. Chichester Cathedral

This magnificent cathedral has been at the heart of Chichester for over 900 years. Now it is not only a site of religious worship but also a space for exploring art, culture, and music.

An impressive programme of events welcomes visitors to appreciate the rich history and the breathtaking architecture of the cathedral.

The Cathedral at Chichester from West Street on a sunny early spring day.

6. Tinwood Estate Vineyard

The birthplace of the best English sparkling wines, this vineyard provides daily tours around its beautiful properties.

You can get a chance to talk to the winegrowers and find out about the grape growing process. A tasting session is also available – with a gorgeous views of the vineyard!

7. Bishop’s Palace Gardens

A perfect place to unwind in the beauty of nature – this garden is full of a variety of plants and overlooks the cathedral and ancient Roman structures.

In spring, the flowers start blooming, and many exotic plants are on display all year-round.

It’s a charming getaway from the busy streets of the city and one of the best things to do in Chichester!

8. Kingley Vale

This woodland trust site is a sanctuary for some of the most ancient trees in England and one of the most impressive yew forests in the whole of Europe.

If you’re lucky, you might see some of the rare local birds, such as woodpeckers and red kites! Immerse yourself in this 300-acre oasis of unique fauna!

9. Goodwood House

The home of the Dukes of Richmond, this glamorous and yet cozy estate is open to visitors from March till October.

Explore the art collection and the beautiful interiors, take an informative hour-long tour and enjoy a delicious afternoon tea along with some lovely music at this charming place.

10. The Novium Museum

This museum was built over an ancient Roman bathhouse and is now home to over 500,000 artefacts, displaying the rich history of the Chichester district and its Roman heritage.

One of the most exciting items is the “Mystery Warrior,” the remains of a warrior discovered in 2008. They include a helmet, a sword, and a shield – making it one of the most exciting recent archaeological finds.

11. Itchenor Ferry

Take a ferry at Itchenor for less than an hour-long boat ride to Bosham and admire the view of Chichester from the water! The service is excellent and friendly, and it will be a great change from exploring the city on foot.

12. Chichester City Center

Chichester City Center is a vibrant area that’s both historic and and modern.

Admire the old town walls, the cathedral and the gardens while also shopping at all kinds of chain stores and local shops, as well as visiting some nice restaurants! But bear in mind that parking here is limited and expensive.

13. Chichester’s Market Cross

This unique architectural landmark was built around 1500 and is located in the city center, so don’t forget to check it out while you’re there.

It is made of Caen limestone and has an incredible structure and details unique to the period and the county, an incredible piece of history that still connects four main roads.

14. Priory Park

This spacious and lovely park is the perfect place to sit down and relax in the afternoon, if the weather allows!

It is very well kept and has a lot of history to it – it used to be a Sussex County Cricket ground where local matches were held. There is also an ancient Roman wall at the edge of the park and recently a Roman bathhouse had been discovered underneath!

Chichester Guildhall, an ecclesiastical building in Priory Park Chichester, West Sussex, England. Rare example of a complete 13th-century Franciscan church.  With Chichester cathedral spire in the distance

15. South Downs Planetarium and Science Centre

This 96-seat auditorium projects 4,500 stars onto a dome, creating a magical and unique experience of gazing upon the movement of celestial bodies.

There are astronomers providing live commentary and helping visitors learn more about the cosmos. This one is definitely not to be missed!

16. Boxgrove Priory

For a trip outside of Chichester’s city centre, consider visiting Boxgrove Priory – a perfect place for a leisurely stroll among the ancient walls of the old church.

You can also stop by the new one and admire its architecture and the peaceful atmosphere that surrounds this lovely spot in the countryside.

17. Oxmarket Contemporary

One of the perfect things to do in Chichester on a rainy afternoon is to pay a visit to Oxmarket Contemporary – a hub for artists, designers, and all kinds of crafts makers, as well as a registered charity.

Regular exhibitions display exciting works of modern art, and a series of events celebrate the local art, music, and entertainment scene.

18. Goodwood Breakfast Club

One of the most unique and exciting things to do in Chichester on a Sunday morning is attend the breakfast club at Goodwood, where you can enjoy a delicious meal while also attending a showcase of incredible retro cars.

Find out more about the events at Goodwood – one of the most famous motor circuits in the UK!

19. Saltern Way Cycle Route

If you feel like doing some exercise while you’re in Chichester, this path is a great option with easy access and stunning views of the estuary.

You can come cycling here – the route is very well marked and facilitated – but if you don’t feel particularly sporty, you can also just enjoy a walk.

couple do selfie on the sunset with bikes landscape

20. New Park Center

This community center is located in a preserved Victorian era building and hosts a variety of events. It also has a unique little cinema theater where they show both mainstream and art house films. The lounge and bar area are very nice as well as the lovely cafe!

21. The Trundle

Also known as St Roche Hill, this place offers excellent panoramic views of Chichester, Goodwood, and the south coast of Sussex. The nature around here is beautiful and as you go up the hill you will see herds of sheep passing by. A free car park is available.

22. Candida Stevens Gallery

This gallery should definitely be on the list of things to do in Chichester for those who love art. Curated exhibitions explore the most important and relevant themes of today through the lens of the best emerging artists in the UK.

23. St John’s Chapel

This 19th century chapel is a rare find – an Anglican place of worship with interiors that are very well preserved, providing the chapel with its unique atmosphere. The most notable feature is a triple pulpit, which will be interesting for architecture lovers.

24. Draper’s Yard

This market is open on select Saturdays, and before going it will be worth checking out their Facebook page.

Even though it is rare, it is a lovely thing to do in Chichester! You can try traditional homemade Cornish pastries here and enjoy a wonderful friendly atmosphere.

25. Chichester War Memorial

The memorial was built to honor those who lost their lives during World War II and the contribution this region has made. It is a great way to learn more about the history of Chichester. The little garden surrounding the memorial is a peaceful place to enjoy a walk.

26. The Showroom Chichester

This theater is a hub for true theater lovers and those passionate about the performance arts.

It brings exciting new production on a tour for the public of Chichester and also hold public events, talk, and lectures discussing the role of theater and the future of the art form.

cinema audience bathed in red light watching a performance
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/aerogondo

27. Dance Theatre Space

The home of contemporary dance in Chichester, this theater brings the most vibrant and inventive events and showcases the most exciting dance performances in the UK. Visit for an evening to remember and enjoy the beauty and energy of dance!

28. Chichester Ship Canal Trust

Explore the historical center of Chichester in a unique and relaxing way, and take a boat tour down the historic canal.

You will enjoy gorgeous views of the city and the Cathedral while listening to an informative tour by the friendly and knowledgeable guides.

29. Jungle Paradise Adventure Golf

A mix between gold and adventure park, this activity is one of the best things to do in Chichester with the whole family! You would need to travel about 2 miles outside of the city, but this park is great for children of all ages and has great disabled access too.

30. Chichester HarSPA

If you’re feeling tired after days of exploring the city, this is one of the best options for relaxing and recharging.

The spa is situated inside of a boutique hotel and is slightly hidden away – a perfect city getaway! Enjoy a massage, treatment, or immersive spa and steam room in this beautifully designed wellness center.

Women relaxing and drinking tea in robes during wellness weekend

31. Chichester Escape Rooms

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Chichester with a group of friends, escape rooms are a wonderful option!

There are three different rooms with varying levels of difficulty, all of them giving 60 minutes for your team to find the escape. Visit the website to find out more about the rooms and bookings!

32. Surfs SUP Watersports

Located next to Bracklesham Bay, Surf SUP Watersports provides an opportunity for you to try out paddle boarding, windsurfing and windfoiling, or rent the equipment if you are an advanced user.

The coaches are very friendly and you will have lots of fun trying out these water activities for the first time!

33. Chichester Cinema at New Park

A charming theater frequented by true cinema lovers, this place offers a great way to spend a cozy evening immersed in a the latest films as well as hidden gems!

The cinema also hosts the Chichester International Film Festival every year – a place to explore and connect with the art form and the community.

34. Lordington Lavender

Located near South Downs, the lavender fields here are open to visitors every July for a small fee. You will find yourself in a sea of fragrant lilac flowers – an absolutely stunning space!

Make sure to bring your camera to capture this site of natural beauty. There is also a shop where you can buy quality lavender-infused beauty products.

35. Bar 54

For an evening with a special and unique atmosphere, head out to Bar 54 – a charming independent cocktail bar with a menu of original drinks made of fresh ingredients and a nice selection of music playing in the background. The place has a cozy and friendly vibe and beautiful lighting!

bartender making cocktail
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/iMaximFesenko

36. Chichester Tour Guides

Guided tours are a great option for those who want to dive deeper into the history of Chichester and its surrounding areas.

The friendly team of Chichester Tour Guides will offer you a great walking tour of the city or even a whole day trip! Find out more about booking on their website.

37. Forster Racing School

Seeking some unusual and adventurous things to do in Chichester? You can’t go wrong with Forster Racing School for a thrilling and exciting day.

Sign up for rally driving courses and experiences or a drive on a quad bike, and the school’s qualified instructors will teach you everything you need to know!

38. Air Arena

Book a time at Air Arena – Chichester’s newest trampoline park – to have a fun and bouncy day with friends or family!

This spot can also boast a climbing wall, basketball, and many more games that people of all ages can enjoy. This is certainly a place full of energy and one of the most exciting things to do in Chichester for kids.

39. Chichester Sailing

You can enjoy this catamaran journey whether you know how to sail or not – there is a wonderful crew who can help you out!

You can take a tour around the Solent and to the Isle of Wight or simply explore the Chichester Harbor. The catamaran can take up to 6 guests.

40. Tenpin Chichester

Bring your A-game to an exciting bowling match at Tenpin Chichester- a place with great atmosphere and great alleys!

A perfect way to spend a fun-filled day with friends or family, this spot also offers arcade games and pool tables, as well as food and drinks.

Tenpin balls with blurred alley in background
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/RushayBooysen

41. Le Salon Du Chocolat

This lovely shop is full of delicious chocolate treats for every taste and an option to make customized orders for a special occasion.

A special feature of this place is that it offers chocolate making workshops where you can learn all about this intricate and fun process! Free parking is available.

42. The Classical Riding Academy

For a unique outdoor experience in Chichester, consider booking a class at the Classical Riding Academy. The animals’ wellbeing is a top priority at this school, and experienced instructors know how to teach students to build a harmonious communication between the horse and the rider.

It is a friendly environment accessible to people of all ages and skill levels.

43. Beyond The Mud

For a one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure, Beyond the Mud mountain biking school is a great option. You can explore Chichester’s hills and woods with professional instructors while enjoying both nature and exercise. There are beginner and advanced tours available, as well as kids’ mountain bike coaching.

44. Cineworld Cinema Chichester

Home to all the latest entertainment films, Cineworld offers great theaters with an excellent sound system, comfortable seats, and IMAX screening rooms for an unforgettable visual experience.

Enjoy some popcorn and a fun blockbuster on an evening out with friends or family.

45. The Earl of March

Enjoy dinner with a view at this marvelous restaurant overlooking the South Downs. The 18th century building provides a unique atmosphere, and if you’re visiting in the summer you can get a chance to dine in their beautiful garden.

The rich menu offers authentic and beautifully presented dishes and an impressive selection of wines.

46. Church of St Mary

This church is located on the outskirts of the city, which adds to its quiet and peaceful appeal. It has a beautiful surrounding area and a lovely interior.

While you’re visiting it, you can also embark on a country walk to Dell Quay and enjoy the beauty of Sussex countryside.

47. Gribble Inn

A brew pub located in a quiet and somewhat hidden spot, Gribble Inn offers a range of great beers and real ales in traditional styles, and it has its own brewery on site!

You can enjoy a drink and a hearty delicious meal in the garden while enjoying the sunshine. The staff are very friendly and welcoming too.

beer with friends outdoors
Photo for illustrative purposes only: iStock.com/William87

48. Caroline’s Dairy Handmade Ice Cream

A perfect spot to visit on a hot day, this cozy ice cream spot is wonderful for foodies and dessert lovers. Taste a variety of flavors of ice cream and sorbets that the locals absolutely adore!

49. Bucket and Spade Holidays

This small but charming family-run destination boasts a great location for those who want a bit of a countryside getaway and a relaxing time camping. This camping ground has great facilities and is very well kept.

You can enjoy nature in a quiet, tucked away spot while also being close to the bay and other amenities such as shops and cafes.

50. Blessed Yoga

To take a break from the hustle if city life, enjoy a yoga session on a deck at this beautiful oasis of calm and peaceful energy.

The spot is frequented by locals and has a wonderful welcoming spirit and a friendly community of yoga practitioners. Whether it’s your first time or not, you will have a wonderful session at this center.

Even More Things To Do In Chichester….

As you can see, there are plenty of both indoor and outdoor activities Chichester has to offer – from historical sites to boat tours, camping sites, art galleries and water sports.

Here is a quick round-up of ten more things to do in Chichester that are worth mentioning:

  • Camping at Wicks Farm Holiday Park.
  • Visit St Nicholas’ Church in West Itchenor.
  • Enjoy a Chichester Harbor Coastal Walk.
  • Explore Bosham Tranquility park.
  • Visit Graylingwell Chapel.
  • Dine and drink at Anglesey Arms.
  • Take pictures at Halnaker Windmill.
  • Have dinner at the awarding winning White Horse restaurant.
  • Stop by at the Murray and Nelson monument.
  • Visit the Chichester Country Music Club.


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