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While in the Canary Islands I took the journey from island to island on the Fred Olsen Express because I was keen to reduce my traveling time as much as possible – after all I was there to explore, eat good food, hike beautiful routes, and explore charming towns.

Taking only 50 minutes, traveling with the Fred Olsen Express reduces the travel time between La Gomera and Tenerife by nearly half compared to other options, giving you more time enjoying your holiday. It also means you can travel to La Gomera for just a day trip and not feel like you’ve spent half your time traveling by ferry!

The Fred Olsen Express has a very modern fleet, including the words first trimaran ferry which was but into service in 2005.

Expect a fast but bumpy journey on the Fred Olsen Express

But expect a bumpy journey

The Fred Olsen Express between Tenerife and La Gomera is a catamaran, and while that makes for a quicker journey than a sturdier one hulled ferry, that doesn’t mean it will be smoother. In fact on the Fred Olsen Express you can definitely feel each wave, even in relatively smooth seas.

When the sea isn’t calm, get ready for “the seasick express”

If you tend to get seasick easily, you should probably prepare yourself for a not-so-nice ride. Especially on windy days, the waves can get pretty high and the trip will feel awfully long. Of course you can bring medication, take ginger supplements or get acupuncture wristbands – and if worse comes to worse there are paper bags at every seat. Because it can be very handy.

You can also try and avoid traveling in the dark, because you won’t be able to see the horizon and the seasickness could get even worse. This is all speaking from experience when traveling with the Fred Olsen Express – and it was easy to observe that many others didn’t feel great either.

The Fred Olsen Express can take you to the incredible El Hierro island

Some practical information

When traveling from El Hierro:

  • You can catch the bus, which runs from Valverde directly to the ferry. The company is transhierro and the bus station is located at the very south end of the town. When you can see the football pitch take a right turn, and continue for about 100 meters up the hill and you will find the little bus station. You can buy the tickets on the bus. The bus to the ferry runs specifically for the ferry departures, so you know that it is in the bus drivers best interest to get there before the ferry leaves. The trip from Valverde takes around 20 minutes, as the bus has to drive ‘down’ to ferry terminal, which is quite a descent.
  • There is a nice ferry terminal, where you can get food and souvenirs.

When traveling from San Sebastian:

  • The ferry terminal is located very conveniently within walking distance from the town. There are nice beaches next to the ferry port to hang out or have a last swim in the ocean before taking off. From the terminal it is a bit a walk out to the ferry dock, but not too bad.

When traveling from Los Christianos:

  • The ferry port is rather busy with 14 departures each day as it connects El Hierro, La Gomera and La Palma.
  • The ferry terminal is therefore also rather big, you can find food and waiting rooms there.

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