Tenerife is a popular holiday destination for a reason, with great weather and stunning beaches. However this island has so much to offer, with many things to see and do that tourists often know little about. Here’s our recommendations of some of the best things to see in Tenerife!

1: The Pyramids of Güímar

Did you know Tenerife has it’s own pyramids?

The six pyramids built with lavastone near the town and valley of Güímar are one of the island’s real curiosities. The pyramids have caused controversy, with some claiming they were built many centuries ago during a crossing between the ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilizations.

The reality, however, is that they were probably built around the mid 1800s by agricultural workers. Whichever story you believe in, Tenerife’s very own pyramids are well worth a visit!

2: See Flamenco at the Piramide de Arona

There’s another type of pyramid you should visit too – the state of the art Piramide de Arona in Santa Cruz!

At this auditorium you can watch incredible flamenco dancing, often combined with Operatic performances. It will be in Spanish, but you don’t need to understand the language to appreciate the dance’s beauty.

3: Anaga Rural Park

While most visitors head to Mount Teide, some of the best views can be found at this park in Tenerife’s northern tip.

If you’ve read our guide to camping in Tenerife, you will also know that the island is a great hiking destination. That’s especially true at Anaga, where there are dozens of spectacular trails to enjoy.

4: Cueva del Viento

This places makes our things to see in Tenerife list because of its other-worldly feel. Cueva del Viento is a cave system formed by lava – the largest such structure in Europe!

Created 27,000 years ago and 18km long, it’s also the most complex volcanic tube in the world. Thankfully, you can take a guided tour. Look out for fossils and the over 190 species of insect that live here!

5: Lava swimming pools

In Tenerife you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to swimming – with great beaches, and holiday resorts. However past volcanic eruptions have also created natural swimming pools, where the lava has flowed into the sea.

Find some of the best pools for swimming by the coast in the pretty town of Garachico in the island’s north. Not only are they beautiful spots, but experiencing the waves rushing in and out of the pools is very special.

6: Take the cable car up Mt. Teide

Spain’s highest point, Mt. Teide volcano, just can’t be missed. However you don’t need to hike up this mountain. You can also take a cable car!

The cable car takes you near the summit of the volcano. Expect incredible scenery and panoramic views during the 8 minute ride to the top. NASA also describes Teide as being the third best place in the world to view stars!

The cable car upper station is also the starting point for three fantastic hiking routes. The hiking trail, Route No. 10, will take you to Teide’s peak, but a permit is needed to hike this route. The permit is free, and you can apply for it on this website.

7: See the stunning Masca Village

This tiny village is one of the highest in Tenerife, and the surrounding landscape gives a Macchu Picchu feel to it.

The hike you can do to the village – which takes around 4 hours – really adds to the whole experience. Expect breathtaking views, and some of the best Instagram photos you can get! You will also see a lot of Tenerife’s flora and fauna on the way.

8: See whales and dolphins

Smack bang in the Atlantic Ocean, it’s no wonder Tenerife is a fantastic place to go whale watching.

There’s nearly 30 species of whale living in the waters around the island, however Tenerife is also special for another reason. There’s a colony of whales here that don’t migrate – only four locations in the world can claim such a phenomenon.

Therefore there’s the chance to spot whales at all times of the year! That’s one of the main reasons why the island’s whale population makes our list of things to see in Tenerife.

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