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For many people, Southport may seem like just another city in the UK. But if you know this city, you’ll know that Southport has its fair share of adventures, sights, and exciting activities just waiting to be experienced!

So if you find yourself in Southport, perhaps on a weekend getaway, then you may just be surprised by the many fun things to do here.

Here’s some of our favourite unique and fun things to do in Southport:

50 Fun & Unique Things To Do In Southport: No More Boredom!

1. Become A Detective

Being an actual detective may require a lot of qualifications, and paperwork. But what if you could be one just for a day?

Puzzology Escape Rooms is the very first Escape Room experience in Southport. There, customers play a game where they’re trapped in a room. They have to race against the 60 minute clock to eventually solve the mysteries that would bring their own escape and freedom. Fun and thrill packed into one rewarding experience!

photo of man arriving home

2. See The Sculptures At Crosby Beach 

There are about 100 human sculptures lined by the beach is what makes Crosby Beach – which is a short drive from Southport – so fascinating. 

Some tourists put hats and scarves on them, so why not visit and get your own picture with these sculptures.

3. Immerse Yourself In the World of Art

If you are an art lover, then you’re going to love Southport because you can visit The Atkinson, and have a good time looking at ancient paintings, watching plays at the theater or even enjoying some historical and classical music!

It is sure to be both relaxing and refreshing and it gives you a chance to learn about history and the arts too.

4. Enjoy A Leisurely Stroll

Perhaps, you’re thinking a stroll is nothing special. Well, a relaxing stroll at the famous promenade and beach in Southport would definitely prove you wrong. Why not collect some shells while at it!

Take a stroll along Southport Pier for lovely seaside views too, and even the chance to spot the North Wales coast on a clear day.

5. Watch Miniature Trains

This one would be perfect if you have kids and want to go on a family outing. On the other hand, it could also work if you’re an adult with a young soul.

The Model Railway Village in Kings Garden, Southport is an amazing attraction for kids or young adults who love trains. They get to enjoy locomotives riding about in the 1.5 acre miniature but beautiful landscape.


6. Mingle With The Locals

As much as you’re in Southport for a touristy experience, it would also be great to mingle with the locals and experience Southport like you’re from there.

You could shop for local goods for literally anything you need. If shopping is not your cup of tea, there are several malls around, and shopping villages with pubs and bars where you could kick back in, and make some new Southport friends.

7. Play Some Golf

Southport is perfect for a golfing holiday, or if you’re just someone who loves golf. Several golf courses exist in the region, but the Royal Birkdale Golf Club is the most recognised as it regularly hosts The British Open Championship.

close up photo of golf ball

8. Go Boating

Southport is home to a little lake – a wide body of water that simply spells out serenity and relaxation.

You could decide to go boating on the gentle waters without fear of waves or currents stirring you elsewhere, or you could just sit on the banks of the lake and stare.

It’s a beauty to behold, both for the eyes, and the mind, and definitely one of the best things to do in Southport!

9. Visit A Theme Park

Southport Pleasureland is your surest bet if you’re looking to get your heart pumping and experience a thrill!

In fact Pleasureland is home to at least 100 rides that can push you to the edge of excitement. It’s also suitable for kids and adults alike.

10. Walk Amidst Beautiful Gardens

In Southport, there is a Botanical Garden that will take your breath away. It has a Victorian-Style appearance, and displays beds of colorful flowers amid a dreamy atmosphere.

Guests can walk along the paths and admire the variety of beautiful plants and flowers.

11. Visit Unusual Museums

Sure, Southport has several museums where you could learn and discover new things, but one of the most extraordinary is arguably the British Lawnmower Museum in Shakespeare Street, Southport.

It’s exactly how it sounds. It’s a museum where you can see some of the most famous lawnmowers to ever exist, including ones originally belonging to Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Aren’t you even a little bit curious now?

lawn mower vehicle on grass

12. Enjoy Musical Fireworks!

If you are in Southport around late September, you could attend the British Musical Fireworks Championship. It’s as fun and exciting as it sounds.

It only happens once a year, so a lot of people turn up for the event to watch actual professional fireworks professionals compete against one another.  This is definitely one of the most unique things to do in Southport!

13. Treat Yourself To Relaxing Spa Treatment

If you just want to relax and be treated like a king or queen, then you’re in luck because Southport has massage parlours! These local studios are known for their beautiful and refreshing ambience, as well as the amazing staff that can help to ease all of your stress and tension. 

On that note, you should definitely check out some of the local massage studios like Mayflower Thai Massage and Spa and Lavender Beauty and Spa.

14. Discover Your New Favourite Dry Gin At Remedy

Is it a restaurant? Is it a bar? No one really knows for sure. But what is well known is that Remedy has a wide selection of gin that you can sample and perhaps discover a new favourite one that you like. 

They even have rooms for the night to lay your head when you drink too much. Now, that’s customer service. 

lemonade on brown surface

15. Go On An Adventurous Trail

Feeling adventurous? You can embark on this self-guided trail with historical markers for you to learn from.

On the walk, you’d get to see historic monuments and signs that point out interesting locations on the trail.

16. Take A Day Out To Feel Like A Child Again

If you’re feeling a bit restless or bored in Southport, why not visit any of the indoor play centres like Inflata Land, Southport.

There you get to swing around, jump and do as many tumbles and somersaults as you have in your head in a safe and supervised environment. There are obstacle challenges where you can be the main character in your own mental movie.

17. Go Bowling With Your Friends

The game of bowling is a certified fun experience, especially when done with friends. And Tenpin Bowling is one of the fun things to do in Southport if you’re visiting with a group!

With computerized scoring systems, as well as standard lanes and a great atmosphere, you and your friends will be in for an amazing time.

sport alley ball game

18. Try Out A New Sport

Ever heard of FootGolf?

Yes, it is exactly how it sounds.

Kicking balls into holes rather than goal posts. It may be unusual, but it’s great fun.

And as an extra bonus you get to tell everyone else that you’ve played a new sport. Perhaps, it will be verified for the Olympics one day…..

19. Explore An Old Book Store

It doesn’t matter if they call you a geek. You enjoy reading books or being a collector of legendary texts.

If you broke into a smile as you read that, then you should definitely visit Broadhursts in Southport. They have four floors of books – new and second hand. They even have rare books that are hundreds of years old! This is definitely one of the best things to do in Southport!

20. Try Some Traditional Greek Street Food 

Don’t let the term ‘’street food’’ discourage you. Right there in Southport Market, you’d find Pitamu – a traditional Greek food street vendor. Their stall is popular amongst locals and tourists alike. 

Experience and connect with Greek culture by trying out some of the delicious food on the menu.

grilled meats on skewers

21. Treat Your Kids To A Day Of Fun At PlayTown

Your kids are going to love you more than they already do if you take them to Playtown Southport. Tasty snacks, full meals, cartoon characters, and lots of fun can be and here!

Your children will have the time of their lives as they mingle with others while you watch and smile like the super parent that you are. 

22. Visit The Flower Show

Take a day out to observe the Southport Flower Show. Grab a group of your friends or family and admire the variety of flowers and plants. You can even buy some to take home if you like. 

23. Go Swimming

Go for a swim at Victoria Leisiure with your family. Perfect for a hot day. There is also a fitness centre where you can get in a good workout. 

person swimming on body of water

24. Go On A Treasure Hunt

Adventure is one thing, but going on a hunt for treasure is a whole other ball game. And if you desire a good treasure hunt, why not try Treasure trails in Southport!

With that game you can use your critical thinking skills to solve mysteries and decipher riddles and puzzles that’ll lead you to an enticing treasure.

Are you up for it?

25. Go Vintage Shopping!

Switch up your wardrobe with some amazing vintage clothes from Susan Vintage Wears.

The best part is that you can even shop for these vintage wears from the comfort of your hotel, home, or on the beach as she’s on Etsy. The entire collection is right at your fingertips!

26. Attend A Circus

There is nothing as entertaining as seeing clowns doing impossible tricks and floating around the air like birds, alongside animals doing impossible things.

From knife throwing to dangerous acrobats as well as stunt riders. The thrill and fun is electric. 

The Big Kid Circus is the perfect circus to check out – they often come to Southport so keep an eye out to see if they’re in town when you visit!

27. Challenge Your Climbing & Skating Skills

Why not try your luck at climbing, or even skating?

You can do that – and even more! – at the YMCA Sefton in Southport which is full of fun activities for children and families.

toddler climbing on wall

28. Enjoy A Movie!

Enjoy a blockbuster movie at the cinema in Southport. With fast ticket machines and several screens of multimedia movie magic you’re guaranteed fun.

29. Treat Your Taste Buds At The Pavillion 

Whether you’re looking to grab a quick breakfast, lunch or even dinner, The Pavilion is definitely a great spot you should be consider.

With freshly cooked delicious meals accompanied with drinks or coffee, The Pavilion Cafe, Bistro and Bar offers customers an amazing experience of friendly customer care and fantastic food and drinks that will have you wanting to return the next day!

30. Visit An Art Gallery

Southport actually houses a variety of art galleries! From historic art, to abstract art, to modern art, there’s plenty of art to gaze at.

Whatever type of art you’re into, Southport offers it. So all you have to do is pick a gallery (or two) and enjoy!

31. Go Birdwatching

Marshside is an amazing wetland site that houses some of the best wildlife in the entire region – and it’s in walking distance of Southport center! 

If you’re lucky enough to visit in the summer, you can spot some nesting birds like Avocets and Lapwings. The sky is also filled with geese and wigeons (a type of duck) in the winter. 

It’s a beautiful sight to see!

flight sky bird blue

32. Take Your Dog To A Doggie Restaurant

There is good news for dog owners in Southport. At Wagging Tail, Southport, you can drop by with your dogs and have them treated to amazing food off the dog menu, like doggy doughnuts and pupcakes!

Humans are also not left out either. This restaurant also offers amazing deals for both their human and dog guests. 

33. Visit Southport’s Secret Bar

Is mystery fun? Well, before you respond, you should probably check out what is maybe Southport’s best kept secret. 

The only thing you should know about the bar is that it’s called ‘The New Hideout’ and it’s off the beaten path, yet still in the city center. If you find it you’ll find a fantastic drinks menu (lots of wine and local beer), vinyl records to play, and a great welcoming vibe!

34. Go On A Bus Tour 

You must have figured out by now that the city of Southport is an exciting and interesting place. So many historical buildings and so many sights to see and experiences to be had. 

And during the summer months there’s sometimes an open top bus tour! Even if there isn’t, you could always make your own on the regular public transport.

35. Enjoy Some Fish And Chips

Whether you’re with your friends or even family, you could always treat yourself to some delicious fish and chips at the seaside. It’s a British institution after all!

fish and chips on the white plate beside the glass of beer

36. Go Skateboarding

Southport Skatepark is free to use, you can stay as long as you want, and there’s ramps, quarter pipes, a jump box and more!

37. Try Surfing!

Get your surf on at Southport! It doesn’t even matter if you don’t know how to surf as there are skilled and experienced instructors in town. Have fun, and pick up a new skill! This is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Southport!

38.  Walk Through A Serene Forest

Looking to escape the busy city life? A walk through the trails of a forest would do wonders to calm you down.

The Velvet Trail is a great spot for this, after all isn’t getting back into nature something we all need to do more often?

39. Get Lost In Virtual Reality

Want to experience an alternate reality? Then why not get lost in the fun of the arcades!

There’s arcade games for both adults and kids at Silcock’s Funtime Amusements in Southport – it’s great fun!

40. Take The Bus To Neighbouring Towns

Ok we admit it, we’re cheating. But there’s lots of interesting big cities, as well as quaint coastal towns, near Southport. Why not take the bus and do some cheap sightseeing?

41. Play More Golf

If you love golf, then you should check out Southport Old Links Golf Club

Tee off on a fantastic golf course, meet other golf buddies and have a bit of healthy competition. 

And afterwards enjoy an obligatory pint in the club house!

42. Order Fresh Chocolate

The Cocoa House is probably one of the coolest places in Southport. With a quaint laid-back atmosphere, this cafe is a lovely chill spot especially if you want some alone time. 

But one of the most distinct things about Cocoa House is that it is the only place in Southport where you can order some chocolate and then watch it be carved from a five kilo bar, then brought fresh to your table. Chocolate lovers rejoice!

chocolate beside raspberry

43. Enjoy A Glass Of Fine Wine

Tipple Bar and Eatery offers small but delicious treats like cakes, snacks and cold meats. But perhaps, the most interesting thing about Tipple, and what draws the crowds, is that they serve some of the finest ale, spirits, coffee and of course wine, around. 

This spot is perfect for meeting with friends over a nice glass of wine and some cake. Bliss.  

44. Feel Like Royalty At The Grand

Perhaps one of the most sophisticated locations in all of Southport is the exclusive and classical The Grand

Visit to discover true luxury and what it feels like to be treated like royalty as you step into the historical glitz and glamor that The Grand has to offer. 

Enjoy fine dining as you sip champagne and then close your eyes and enjoy the classical music that serenades your ears.

45. Sip On Some Fine Wine While Getting A Haircut

The Barbers Parlor and Fine Wine has revolutionized what it means to get your haircut. 

Perhaps getting your hair done or getting a haircut is the most mundane thing to you, but not at this place. 

Here, customers are treated like guests and the finest bottles of wines are burst open while you wait your turn. Not bad!

46. Hire A Bike & Explore 

Rather than take the bus, you can simply hire a bike and enjoy a tour of the town at your own pace!

black and white hardtail bike on brown road between trees

47. Enjoy Stunning Views From England’s Smallest Inn

Surrounded by a beautiful lake, the  Lakeside Inn is reported to be of the smallest pub in England!

Although there’s not much room inside, why not grab a pint, sit outside and enjoy the views of the water. This is definitely one of the most unique things to do in Southport!

48. Window Shop At The Wayfarers Arcade

Wayfarers Arcade is perhaps the most photogenic shopping centre in all of Southport.

It has independent shops and they sell everything from cosmetics, to pottery, fashion, and much more. Buy or window shop, either way, you’ll have a fun time!

49. Support Local Artists

Support local Southport artists by visiting Southport Contemporary Arts. The art centre was established to give Southport artists a platform and a chance to showcase their work. They host exhibitions from time to time as well, so keep an eye out for those when in town!

50. See The Rare Red Squirrels In Formby Woods

A few miles south of Southport is Formby Woods where there’s some lovely walking trails. But perhaps one of the best (and cutest) things about walking through the woods is the fact that you man see some rare red squirrels!

a red squirrel gnawing a conifer cone