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Aberystwyth is a lovely Welsh town located right near the sea. It is surrounded by hills and the Cardigan mountains, so it’s an absolute treasure for those who want to explore the natural beauty of Wales.

The city center has a lot to offer as well – with theaters, libraries and a variety of restaurants and bars.

To help you out on your next trip to this town, here’s a list of 60 of our favourite things to do in Aberystwyth. Enjoy!

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60 Fun, Unique & Budget Friendly Things To Do in Aberystwyth

1. Vale of Rheidol Railway

Enjoy this scenic railroad tour across the Rheidol Railway and admire the natural beauty of the vast fields, woodlands and mountains. During the journey you might also be able to spot some birds of prey such as a red kite! 

2. Aberystwyth Cliff Railway

This railway is the perfect way to admire the city from above and to capture some mesmerising views with your camera. It’s a short ride but it’s absolutely worth it!

3. Bwlch Nant yr Arian Forest

This natural park is located quite close to Aberystwyth and is a stunning place with walk trails and routes for runners and bikers. The visitor’s center holds daily feeding of red kites, so you won’t miss out on a chance to see these beautiful birds. 

Feet sneakers walking on fall leaves Outdoor Autumn season

4. The National Library of Wales

Located in a beautiful building that’s full of history, this library also has one of the most incredible views of Cardigan bay. Apart from browsing their impressive collection of books, there are also numerous events and exhibitions held regularly.

5. Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum

This museum is located at the heart of Aberystwyth in a building that used to be a theater during the Edwardian era. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Aberystwyth with the whole family, and a great way to learn about the historical and cultural heritage of Wales.

6. The North Beach

Enjoy a lovely stroll along the beachside promenade or rest on the sandy shore while admiring the beautiful view of the sea.

The sunsets and sunrises look beautiful from here, and if you’re in the mood for some shopping, there are plenty of little shops nearby. It is guaranteed to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things to do in Aberystwyth!

The beach at Aberystwyth in Wales

7. Aberystwyth Arts Centre

This place is a hub for art lovers and anyone who is interested in attending a multitude of exciting events. One of the biggest art centers in the country, this space offers live and broadcast theater, cinema, live music, exhibitions, courses and much more!

8. Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill is a perfect viewpoint spot from which you can appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the Welsh landscape.

The walk up the hill is fairly easy, and you will enjoy the nature around you as you ascend. However, a train ride on the cliff railway is also available.

9. Aberystwyth War Memorial

One of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, this war memorial is dedicated to the people who lost their lives during both World War I and II. You will be surprised by the grandeur of this monument and its beauty is definitely going to impress you.

10. Hafod Uchtryd

A lusciously green forest, this estate is a well-preserved space that exemplifies the 18th century’s natural landscape. With the beautiful Cambrian Mountains towering over the woods, the view you will find here is quite breathtaking. Enjoy a day full of exploring this historically and ecologically unique spot!

A path through a forest at sunrise in Forest of Dean District, England, United Kingdom
iStock.com/Cavan Images

11. Silver Mountain Experience

The Silver Mountain Experience is not your regular outing, and it’s one of the most unique things to do in Abeystwyth for the entire family!

A tour into the original setting of a silver-lead mine will show you some interesting details about the mining life. To add to that, the spectacular backdrop of the Cambrian Mountains makes it even more worth the visit. 

12. Magic of Life Butterfly House

Explore a magnificent tropical show while walking amid fluttering colorful butterflies. Along with a variety of these butterflies, there were also different species of caterpillars, beetles, and leaf bugs for you to see and learn about.

Free tours with a guide are offered and the space is dog-friendly. After your visit to the butterfly house, be sure to check a well-established native butterfly garden that is located outside.

13. St. Michael’s Church

Architecture lovers will enjoy visiting this vibrant Anglican church that is tucked away on the west Welsh coast. The current building was constructed in 1890, and you can still see the remains of earlier structures beside the park and in the parking lot.

Appreciate the beautiful stained glass windows and listen to both modern service songs as well as traditional hymns while immersing yourself in the history of Aberystwyth.

14. Cambrian Safaris

This tour is one of the most exciting things to do in Aberystwyth outdoors! You can take Land Rover Discovery excursions of Wales and the Cambrian Mountains and see the vibrancy and beauty of the nature of Wales.

Take a moment to take in the breathtaking landscape, animals, and local history. The knowledgeable and reliable guides will organize a meeting place or pick you up from anywhere you prefer. 

15. Ceredigion Coast Path

Enjoy the scenic walk from Aberystwyth to Borth along the magnificent coastal path. It is hilly at times, but not too tiring, and if the weather is good you will have a lovely time enjoying the views of the sea that the hills offer.

As you reach Borth, you can relax and have a refreshing drink at the Sands cafe while waiting for the bus to take you back to Aberystwyth. 

Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, West Wales, UK, popular tourist destination

16. Bwlch y Geuffordd Gardens

The Bronant Bwlch y Geuffordd Gardens is a great spot to go to and is one of the off the radar things to do in Aberystwyth – and more exciting for it!.

Everyone can find something interesting here – the garden is a kids’ adventure and fantasy garden and is open every day. Adults will also find the place charming and relaxing!  In addition, it features a sculpture park, a lavish flower garden, and a water garden.

17. Rheidol Power Station

Visit Statkraft’s Rheidol Visitor Center in Cwm Rheidol, which is just 10 miles away from Aberystwyth. At the center you will be able to watch a video on the history of the Rheidol Hydro Electric Scheme as well as enjoying a tour of the Hydro-Power Station that includes the wind sites.

The lovely cafe offers a variety of drinks and food. Here you can appreciate the views while learning something unique about this part of Wales!

18. Aber Adventures

AberAdventures teaches surfing along the stunning Mid Wales coastline. From absolute beginners to professional competitors, this school offers surfing training at all levels and customizes each lesson to the needs of the student.

In addition, they rent out kayaks and surf gear, which are great to enjoy and explore the Welsh coastline at a leisurely pace.

19. Aberystwyth Marina

On the 23 acre harbour site, the marina lies at the center of the ancient fishing port. Over the past ten years, the neighborhood surrounding the marina has rapidly grown into a business and residential hub, and the marina contributes to this thriving environment.

Additionally, there are a few restaurants and cafes around, so you can enjoy a nice meal with a marina view!

20. Cambria Tours

If you’re looking for knowledgeable guides to show you around Aberystwyth and beyond, this company is a great option. They offer tours for big and small groups, provide genealogy tours for those wanting to explore their Welsh heritage and even night tours for those interested in astrology!

Whichever tour you choose, you are guaranteed to have a pleasurable and educational experience.

21. Ultimate Xscape Aberystwyth

To unlock your escape in Ultimate Xscape Aberystwyth, you must utilize a number of thinking talents and skills. Your group will have 60 minutes to solve the riddles, decipher the codes, and finally escape.

This activity is one of the most fun things to do in Aberystwyth with friends, family, or coworkers! Enjoy this team-building adventure together!

22. Aberystwyth Golf Club

Aberystwyth Golf Course is a spacious facility that will not only provide you with an excellent round of golf but also beautiful vistas that you will never forget. This location is excellent because of its beautiful views of Cardigan Bay.

golf club and ball on green

23. Commodore Cinema

This old-fashioned little cinema is a great way to enjoy more rare films for those who aren’t interested in multiplexes. The charming atmosphere and friendly staff will make it a memorable visit. Enjoy the drinks and snacks offered at the bar!

24. Ambassadors Aberystwyth

If you are looking for some nice souvenirs to bring home and also in the mood for some dessert, this is the place to be! This lovely ice cream shop with a wide variety of flavors is beloved by locals and tourists alike, and after you do some shopping you can treat yourself to a cone of delicious local dessert.

25. Kanes

For a nice evening and a chat over some drinks, head to Kanes bar – a charming little place with friendly staff. They offer a wide variety of ciders, a nice and cosy interior and some good music to add to the unique atmosphere of this spot.

26. Crys Melyn Cycling

If you enjoy both sightseeing and exercise, this will be one of the best things to do in Aberystwyth. Crys Melyn Cycling provides bicycle different kinds of excursions in West Wales.

Family bike tours, cycling vacations, and routes that take you to the best spots to observe the breathtaking Welsh scenery. Guided and independent tours are available, and you can also rent bikes or e-bikes here. 

27. Rainwild Spa Aberystwyth

This day spa retreat is located on the Aberystwyth coastline and delights its guests with a whole menu of relaxing activities. Try out some massage, beauty treatments, holistic spa rituals and a jacuzzi pool.

For those who want to take a break from active sightseeing but still appreciate a sea view, visiting this spa will be a perfect option.

Women relaxing and drinking tea in robes during wellness weekend

28. Why Not Bar & Lounge Ltd

A great bar by night and a restaurant offering delicious food by day, this spot should definitely be on your list of gastronomical things to do in Aberystwyth. The food menu is impressive and the drinks are among the best in town!

29. The Inn On The Pier

Get a drink at one of Aberystwyth’s top pubs with your loved ones. Along with the drinks you can also enjoy some daily newspapers, happy-hour cocktails, and, of course, unmatched views of Cardigan Bay.

This place welcomes visitors with children and is dog-friendly. Inside you will find the PLAYDIUM digital jukebox that you can use to put some songs on even with your smartphone! 

30. Adventure Hire Wales

For those who want to embark on a solo adventure to discover the beautiful nature around Aberystwyth, this is the perfect spot to go to for equipment rentals and good advice.

They specialise in mountain bikes, paddle boards and wetsuits, as well as other sports gear. If you’d like a guide to join you or simply some travel tips, the friendly staff will be of great help!

31. VR Land

For one-of-a-kind experience with the whole family, head out to this virtual adventure spot. Here you can experience a different kind of reality through the virtual headset, and enjoy both games and more relaxing visual experiences. 

32. Trail Rides Wales

For extreme sport lovers, the motorbike ride among the Cambrian Mountains will be an experience to remember. You can enjoy both the trails and off-road adventures into the beautiful Welsh landscape, and Trail Rides Wales will provide the best bikes and weather-proof clothing for the travellers. 

33. The Book

This massive statue of an open book is a spot you can stop by while exploring the city center. It could be fun for little children to see it, and a great spot to take a quick picture at. 

34. Sophie’s

This cafe is beloved by locals and visitors for its friendly atmosphere and delicious food. Enjoy traditional Welsh meals, nice salads and a few options for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets. The friendly staff will make your experience here lovely!

35. Pen Dinas Hill Fort

Pen Dinas is a large hill overlooking the bay on which a very notable Wellington monument can be found. This place used to be an ancient fortress of great significance, and today you can access this historical spot by foot through a variety of marked trails.

It’s a great way to get in touch with Welsh history while enjoying a hike and the beauty of nature around you.

36. Little Italy

Bring family or friends to this great dinner spot that offers authentic dishes of Italian cuisine in a charming and warm space. If you’re bringing a big group of people with you, be sure to book because this place is quite popular!

wood fired pizza on table

37. Tan Y Bwlch Beach

The vast and wild beauty of this beach will impress you. It’s a great open space that offers an unmatched view of the sea and the sky.

Great for a family day out and dog friendly, it is a great spot to relax and reconnect with nature. To add to that, the beach is a great location to spot some beautiful and rare local birds.

38. Penparcau Beach

This small and quiet stony beach is the perfect place for a peaceful getaway, a relaxing walk and for taking great photos of the unique scenery. Sunsets are especially beautiful from this viewpoint, so make sure to bring your camera if you’re visiting during those hours.

39. Y Costi

This cozy little cafe provides a much needed break while trekking up to Constitution Hill. Enjoy some refreshments, great coffee and some great desserts (vegan options available too!) 

40. Little Devil’s Café

With a convenient location in the city centre and not too far from the train station, this cafe is a great spot for some breakfast, lunch or even just a quick coffee. They make great eggs in all kinds of styles and provide vegan takes on traditional breakfast recipes too. Not to mention the friendly atmosphere and staff!

group drinking coffee

41. Penparcau Park

Even though it’s a bit further out of the city center, this park is quite spacious and has all the necessary amenities for a family day out. Children can enjoy the playground while adults can take a nice stroll and organise a picnic on one of the tables.

42. Clarach Bay Holiday Village

If you want to escape the city for a bit and have a different kind of holiday experience, this might be the right option for you. The Holiday Village provides spacious territory and accommodation right near the sea. There are activities for the whole family – playgrounds, parks, an arcade, an ice cream stand and much more!

43. St Padarn’s Church

Located in the outskirts of Aberystwyth, this church is an interesting destination for its unique architecture. If you are travelling around the region by car, this would be a great stop.

44. Aberystwyth Cricket Ground

A picturesque and spacious location with great facilities and friendly staff, this place is perfect for playing some cricket. For those who don’t play, the local cricket club’s matches might be a great way to get introduced to this popular sport. 

45. Black Lion Aberystwyth

Head to Black Lion for a traditional Sunday roast or a nice hearty lunch – the menu is full of delicious options. There is a beer garden and the location is very peaceful and quiet. 

46. Ridiculously Rich by Alana

This is the spot to go to if you are craving some delicious, indulgent and unique desserts. The cafe uses the recipes of its founder Alana Spencer and creates some fun and experimental cakes and sundaes. 

47. Aberystwyth Town Football Club

Another good way to connect with Aberystwyth culture is to attend a match at the local football club. The local fans creates a great atmosphere, and food and drinks are really good too!

48. Queens Road Bowling Club

This outdoor club holds traditional bowling games and always welcomes new members. They also offer training and the knowledgeable members can explain the rules of the game. If you’re not up for playing, it is still entertaining to watch and overall it’s a great space to socialise and meet a lot of local people!

49. Aberystwyth Bandstand

This is a perfect vantage point for observing sunsets. Different local musicians also use this spot for performances, providing some soundtrack from your sunset watching.

50. Arad Goch

This local theater is a hub for creatives and a place for young people to learn about and showcase performances. It is open to the public and produces 5 plays a year, so be sure to check their website and see what’s on when you visit.

The plays are in Welsh, so you will have a fantastic opportunity to get immersed in the culture and traditions of Wales.

51. PD’s Diner

A heart-warming diner right by the sea, PD’s Diner is a beloved spot where you can enjoy some good fish and chips, a nice burger and a great cup of coffee. Enjoy a lovely day in the sun with their outdoor dining!

Fish and chips with beer

52. Royal Pier Arcade

Food, drinks, and entertainment for the whole family can be found at this lively seaside spot. There are many games kids will enjoy while the adults can play a game of pool, darts and table tennis. This place even becomes a dance club at night!

53. Doppelgangster

The Doppelgangster is an international project that brings experimental theater exploring the most poignant modern topics to its audiences. They use a variety of techniques that are meant to engage the audience in a new way. 

54. Antalya Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for some dolma and some Turkish coffee, this place will be a great dinner spot for you. Enjoy the great atmosphere and service with your friends or family!

55. Paprika Restaurant

Try some delicious Hungarian food in this lovely, well-decorated restaurant. You will get to see some traditional Hungarian clothing displayed at the entrance, and at the end of your dinner, make sure to try some tasty chimney cakes for dessert. 

56. Athro Lounge

This restaurant and bar offers a great menu of food and drinks in a lovely space with a warm and charming design. Long opening hours are a bonus, and the staff are friendly and welcoming. They also have menus for different types of diets!

57. Medina

This Mediterranean restaurant is an absolute gem. Food lovers will enjoy their rich menu of delicious European dishes, and the interior and atmosphere of the place are very warm and welcoming.

58. The Libertine

A cocktail bar right near the seafront promenade, this place is a wonderful option for a lovely evening with friends. Enjoy some classic cocktails as well as some original signature drinks!

59. Aberystwyth Farmers Market

Try some local produce and some organic fruit and vegetables at this local farmers market. It’s open every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. 

60. Local Nature Reserves and Wildlife Sites

This natural park will impress you with its beautiful views! You also might get a chance to see some wild horses there. An ideal place for a good walk and some quality time with nature. 


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